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Air Liquide and PDC Machines Commit to Hiring Veterans Through Joining Forces Initiative

On May 11, the Department of Energy (DOE) highlighted two FCHEA members taking part in the Joining Forces Initiative, an effort led by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to hire veterans.  Air Liquide and PDC Machines were both recognized for their achievements in veteran and military spouse hiring. 

PDC Machines Kareem and Sayed Afzal with First Lady Michelle Obama at White House Ceremony 
Source: DOE

Air Liquide has pledged to make veterans 10% of the annual hires, and PDC Machines aims to make veterans or military spouses 8-10% of its workforce by 2020.  The DOE also has developed tools and held webinars for veterans looking for opportunities in the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry.

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California Officials Inaugurate First Hydrogen Fueling Station in Santa Barbara

On May 13, Santa Barbara's first hydrogen fueling station was dedicated in an opening ceremony, attended by a range of California officials.  It is the first public station on the central Californian coast, allowing fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) owners to refuel between Los Angeles and the Bay area traveling on Highway 101.

California and Automaker Officials Dedicate the Santa Barbara Fueling Station Source: CAFCP

Attendees include officials from the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, California Governor's Office, Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition, and California Fuel Cell Partnership, as well as representatives from FCEV automakers.

For a link to the media advisory, click here

FuelCell Energy and ExxonMobil to Pursue Carbon Capture Technology
On May 5, FuelCell Energy and energy company ExxonMobil announced an agreement to jointly pursue carbon dioxide capture technology through a new application of carbonate fuel cells.  FuelCell Energy reports that this technology could substantially reduce costs and potentially lead toward large-scale application globally.

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Anglo American Platinum Announces Launch of Hydrogenious Technologies' First Commercial Hydrogen Storage System and Plans to Enter U.S. Market with Partner United Hydrogen

On May 4, Anglo American Platinum announced that  Hydrogenious Technologies, a German hydrogen storage startup, has launched its first commercial hydrogen storage system.  The system features a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer to generate hydrogen from solar power and Hydrogenious' Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) to store the hydrogen.

Hydrogenious recently signed a deal with United Hydrogen Group (UHG), a hydrogen distribution company in the United States, which will supply several hydrogen storage system products to UHG and enable Hydrogenious to enter the United States market.

Anglo American made an investment in Hydrogenious Technologies' first financing round in 2014 as part of its commitment to support early stage technologies and applications that use or enable use of platinum group metals.

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Capitol Hyundai Of San Jose Celebrates First Fuel Cell Customer Delivery In Northern California

On May 2, Hyundai Motor America announced that Capitol Hyundai of San Jose, its first fuel cell dealer in Northern California, has delivered its first Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle to a customer.  Hyundai reports that since its launch in June 2014, Tucson Fuel Cell drivers have accumulated more than one million miles on the streets of California, eliminating more than 400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle outside of Capitol Hyundai of San Jose California (Source: Hyundai)

Hyundai has delivered more than 100 Tucson Fuel Cells in the United States since its introduction.

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ITM Power Announces Launch of its First London Hydrogen Refueling Station as Part of HyFive Project

On May 10, ITM Power officially launched its first publicly available hydrogen fueling station in London at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington.  The station was opened to the public by Andrew Jones MP, UK Transport Minister, and was supported by automakers Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and Symbio FCell, a Renault partner.

Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda FCEVs at hydrogen fueling station launch in UK Source: ITM Power

The station is the first of a planned network of three stations in the United Kingdom as part of the HyFive project, funded by the UK's Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU).

Officials from ITM Power, UK Government, and various automakers participate in ribbon cutting Source: ITM Power

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In addition to the station opening on May 10, ITM Power announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Good Energy, a renewable energy supply and generation company, to explore green energy tariffs for hydrogen production at its fueling stations across the country.

The companies will consider strategies for sourcing low-carbon energy at the hydrogen fueling stations, including direct renewable generation onsite, grid balancing, and renewable energy contracts.

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Air Products and NSPE Team Up to Commercialize Their First Retail Hydrogen Fueling Station in Japan

On May 18, Air Products announced that, in partnership with Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipeline & Engineering Co. (NPSE), it had completed its first retail hydrogen refueling station in Tokyo, Japan.

Air Product's and NPSE's Tokyo Based Retail Hydrogen Fueling Station Source: Air Products

The Tokyo hydrogen station is the first of multiple planned hydrogen refueling stations between Air Products and NPSE.  The Tokyo station uses Air Product's SmartFuel hydrogen technology and fueling protocol license.  

The two companies are constructing a second retail hydrogen refueling station in Hokkaido, Japan, which is planned to come online in September 2016. 

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myFC Fuel Cell Charger JAQ Becomes IEC-Certified in Europe

On May 13, myFC confirmed that its portable fuel cell charger, JAQ, has been certified by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC), making it CE-approved for European markets. 

myFC JAQ portable fuel cell charger Source: myFC

The IEC Certification ensures the fuel cell charger is compatible and harmonized with a variety of regulations both in the European Union and internationally.  myFC expects to ship the first devices following the complete certification.

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Shell Creates Green Energy Division to Invest in Wind Power, Includes Hydrogen Activities 

On May 13, Shell announced it had formed New Energies, a consolidated division to invest in renewable and low-carbon energy pathways  such as wind energy.  The new division includes Shell's hydrogen activities, as well as biofuels and other electrical projects.

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Hyundai Plans to Launch Next-Generation Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in 2018

On May 18, Hyundai Vice-Chairman Yang Woong-Chul announced that the automaker will launch a next-generation fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) in 2018, as a successor to the Tucson ix35 FCEV, which launched in the U.S in 2014. 

Hyundai Tucson FCEV, Hyundai's first mass-market FCEV Source: Hyundai

According to Hyundai, the new model will be a sport utility vehicle (SUV), in contrast to other FCEV models.

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McPhy Displays Hydrogen Refueling Solution at ACT Expo

On May 2, McPhy Energy North American announced that it will showcase its SimpleFuel refueling solution at booth 1712 at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California on May 3 - 5.  McPhy's SimpleFuel refueling solution integrates on-site hydrogen generation, compression, and dispensing technologies for a variety of hydrogen fueling markets and applications.

For a link to the full press release, click here.

Plug Power Showcases Stationary Power Products at UTC Telecom and Technology Trade Show

On May 4, Plug Power announced it would showcase its stationary fuel cell and hydrogen product solutions at booth 637 at the UTC Telecom and Technology trade show in Denver, Colorado on May 3 - 6.  Plug Power highlighted its GenSure fuel cell solutions for telecommunications, railroad, utility, and government-users.  The GenSure product suite was formerly know as ReliOn.

For a link to the full press release, click here.

City of Long Beach to Test Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

On May 24, the City of Long Beach announced it had acquired a Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) for testing as part of the city's fleet.

Toyota Mirai FCEV being tested by the City of Long Beach Source: Long Beach

The Mirai FCEV will be tested for six months across several departments as part of the city's Motor Pool.  The City of Long Beach has converted its diesel and natural gas fleet vehicles to all renewable fuels, which comprise approximately 18% of the City's fleet.

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Honda Installs Hydrogen Station, Photovoltaic System at Tokyo Headquarters

On May 17, Honda announced it had installed a Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS), paired with a Power Creator water electrolysis system and a 20 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic array, and its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. 
Honda's Packaged Smart Hydrogen Station Source: Honda

The SHS will be used to generate and supply emissions-free hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) owned by Honda at its headquarters.

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Construction Commences on 20 Megawatt FuelCell Energy Power Plant in South Korea

On May 26, FuelCell Energy announced that construction is commencing on a 20 megawatt (MW) fuel cell power plant in Seoul, South Korea.  FuelCell Energy partnered with POSCO Energy, a power production company, to construct the plant on a 1.7 acre site.  

POSCO Energy will sell both power and usable heat produced by FuelCell Energy's fuel cells at the park,  enough to power an estimated 43,000 homes, as well as heat for an additional 9,000 homes.  Construction is anticipated to take 9-10 months, and the plant is estimated to be in operation by the end of 2016. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Honda Provides Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit

On May 26, Honda exhibited the Clarity Fuel Cell, its next-generation fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) at an exhibition as part of the Group of Seven (G7) Summit, being held on May 26 and 27 in Ise-Shima, Japan.  The exhibition is part of the Japanese Government's efforts to showcase innovative technologies to the world.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Source: Honda

Honda provided the Clarity FCEV, along with autonomous driving vehicles, to various ministers attending the Summit for ride and drive opportunities. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Government Launches 2 Million Competition to Promote Roll-Out of Hydrogen-Fueled Fleet Vehicles

On May 10, the UK Government announced the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Fleet Support Scheme, a 2 million ($2.89 million) fund to encourage businesses to adopt FCEVs.  The fund will cover up to 75% of the cost of an FCEV for businesses, as well as three years of maintenance. 

The fund, launched by the UK Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), aims to put up to 100 more FCEVs on the country's roads in the next year. 

For a link to the full press release, click here.

Air Products Launches Hydrogen Services Business to Support Customer-Owned Hydrogen Plants

On May 17, Air Products announced a Hydrogen Services Business as part of its larger Plant Support Organization.   The Hydrogen Services Business will help customers improve reliability and productivity of hydrogen plants, including Steam Methane Reformation (SMR) issues. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

FedFederal Program News

NETL Researcher Wins Carnegie Science Award For Outstanding Innovation In Energy for SOFC Work

On March 16, the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) announced that its researcher Dr. Shiwoo Lee was awarded the
Innovation in Energy award by the Carnegie Science Center for his work on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs).  

Dr. Shiwoo Lee, pictured here with NETL's Fuel Cell Test Stack.

Dr. Lee was recognized for his work in critical efficiency improvements for SOFC technology.  Dr. Lee and his research colleagues developed a one-step infiltration technique that deploys engineered nano-materials to active sites within a SOFC's cathode, thereby increasing the durability and efficiency of the cell.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Energy Department Announces City of San Francisco as Climate Action Champion, Embracing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

On May 20, Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) announced that the city of San Francisco has been selected as the first Climate Action Champion to pursue hydrogen and fuel cell technology projects for local transportation solutions.  The DOE awarded $4.75 million in funding to increase deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), as well as for education and outreach efforts.

Using the funding, the San Francisco Department of the Environment will conduct training for hydrogen and fuel cell stakeholders in the Bay area, such as harmonization of building codes and regulations, and FCEV community education. 

The White House launched the Climate Action Champion Initiative in 2014, inducting an inaugural class of 16 communities that had strong commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

U.S. Department of Energy Safety, Codes, and Standards Vacancy Posted

On  May 2, the U.S. Department of Energy Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) posted a vacancy announcement for a position in the Hydrogen Safety, Codes, and Standards program.  The position will analyze the impact of new and proposed legislation, Executive Orders, other regulations, and new codes and standards on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies; assist in the evaluation of hydrogen and fuel cell safety, codes, and standards; support the codes and standards development process; and prepare communications products. The position is open to all U.S. citizens.

View the full announcement for DOE-SE-16-EE-00699-DE at the USA Jobs website. The closing date is May 10, 2016.

UpcomingUpcoming Events

17th Annual Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Project Review Meeting

On July 19 to 21, the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) will hold the 17th Annual Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Project Review Meeting, held at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriot Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

For a link to the full event, click here

Fuel Cell Panel Featuring FCHEA members at Distributed Energy Development & Deployment Summit

On June 1, the Distributed Energy Development & Deployment Summit will take place in Washington, D.C.  The Summit will provide a platform for Federal, State and Local-Level representatives to outline their distributed energy deployment programs and plans to move towards a decentralized, resilient and modern grid. 
The event will also bring utilities and renewable energy developers together with system integrators, financiers and representatives from distributed energy enabling technologies like fuel cells, energy storage, microgrids and smart cities to tackle the technical and financial challenges of developing the grid of the future.

The summit will feature a panel on fuel cells for microgrid applications on June 1, moderated by FCHEA President Morry Markowitz, with representatives from Bloom Energy, Doosan Fuel Cell America, and FuelCell Energy. 

For a link to register for the event, click here

DSI Announces the 4th Annual Military Mobile Power Summit 

On June 12, DSI will hold the 4th Annual Military Mobile Power Summit.  
The Summit will focus on the efforts to advance military mobile power and energy capabilities, including fuel cells.  This event will highlight the initiatives to reduce the DoD's energy footprint, while maintaining force structure and capability.

Anyone interested in participating in the 4th Annual Military Mobile Power Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute's website at for more information.

For a link to register for the summit, click here

Electric & Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium Release Call for Speakers

The Electric & Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium, which takes place in Cologne, Germany  from November 9-10, will bring together R&D engineers and heads of design and engineering from around the world to discuss, debate and analyze the growing possibilities and future developments for the hybridization and full electrification of construction, industrial and off-highway vehicles, including fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEVs).
Interest in presenting at the conference, as well as attending, is expected to be extremely high, so if you would like to be considered as a speaker please submit your proposal immediately or no later than April 29, 2016.
For a link to submit a proposal, click here. For a link to the full event, click here
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Request for Papers, Proposals, and Information
Request for Information - Innovative Electric Mobility (E-Mobility) Services

On May 10, the California Energy Commission (CEC) released a Request for Information (RFI) for Innovative Electric Mobility Services.  The purpose of the RFI is to solicit projects for potential funding through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP).

For a link to the full RFI, click here

AIChE TEP Division Call for Session Chairs and Keynote Speakers for 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco

The America Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Transport and Energy Processes (TEP) Division invites you to attend our Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for November 13-18th, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. 

We are offering many sessions in sustainable energy generation and storage technologies, including fuel cells, hydrogen, and electrochemical technologies. 

We also are recruiting session chairs and keynote speakers, so please feel free to nominate yourself or a colleague for one or more of these roles. Also, if there is a particular session that is not on this list below that you would like to develop and
run (i.e. find speakers for, etc.), please feel free to volunteer as a session chair for a new session that you would like to spearhead.

More information can be found online here.

ARPA-E Announces $30 Million in Funding For New Technologies to Produce Renewable Liquid Fuels

On April 26, the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) announced up to $30 million in funding for a new program for technologies that use renewable energy to convert air and water into cost-competitive liquid fuels, including hydrogen. 

 ARPA-E's Renewable Energy to Fuels through Utilization of Energy-dense Liquids (REFUEL) program seeks to develop technologies that use renewable energy to convert air and water into Carbon Neutral Liquid Fuels, which can be stored, transported, and later converted into hydrogen or electricity to provide power for transportation.  

REFUEL will allocate up to $5 million to small business through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR). 

For a link to the full press release, click here
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