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New York Senator Charles E. Schumer, Congressmen Paul Tonko and Chris Gibson Visit Plug Power

On February 1, New York Senator Charles Schumer visited Plug Power's facilities in Latham, New York to perform their one millionth refueling from a GenFuel hydrogen dispenser into a GenDrive fuel cell unit.  

New York Senator Charles Schumer (Right) and Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh (Left) at Plug Power Headquarters (Source: Plug Power)

During the visit, Senator Schumer held a press conference and highlighted support to renew the federal investment tax credit (ITC) for fuel cell technology, which is set to expire at the end of this year.  For a link to the Senator's full press release, please click here.

On February 16, Congressmen Paul Tonko (D-NY) and Chris Gibson (R-NY) visited Plug Power in Latham, New York, and received a full tour of the manufacturing facilities.

From right to left: Congressman Paul Tonko, Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh, Congressman Chris Gibson Source: Plug Power

Following the tour, the Congressmen gave remarks along with Plug Power CEO, Andy Marsh.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Air Liquide, Hydrogenics Join New €15 Million Power-to-Gas Project to Develop Hydrogen Mobility Network in Denmark
On February 23, Air Liquide and Hydrogenics announced they had joined HyBalance, a €15 million ($16.4 million) power-to-gas project in Denmark led by a consortium of European companies.  

HyBalance will aim to demonstrate how hydrogen fuel, created by proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer technology, can be used for a variety of applications, including industry and mobility. Funding for HyBalance was provided by the European Union's Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU), as well as the Danish ForskEL program, which aims to develop sustainable power generation in Denmark.

Hydrogenics will provide technology for a 1 megawatt (MW) PEM electrolyzer in Hobro, Denmark for the demonstration.  Air Liquide will leverage its network of five hydrogen refueling stations, which are part of the existing Copenhagen Hydrogen Network (CHN).

HyBalance is expected to begin operations in 2017.

For a link to the press release, click here

Lexus to Launch Fuel Cell Electric Flagship Sedan Around 2020 Based on LF-FC Concept 

On February 18, Toyota revealed that it intends to launch a full-size fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) under the Lexus brand around 2020.  The FCEV will be modeled off the Lexus LF-FC concept, which was unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.

Lexus LF-FC Concept Source: Toyota

The future Lexus FCEV will feature a high-output fuel cell power train, all wheel drive, and automated driving technologies.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Hyundai Tuscon FCEV Drivers Accumulate More than One Million Miles in California

On February 9, Hyundai declared that Tucson fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers had accumulated more than one million miles on roads in southern California.

Hyundai Tucson FCEV Source: Hyundai

Tucson FCEVs, which emit only water vapor, effectively replaced more than 385 tons of CO2 emissions since they began leasing in 2014.  Hyundai engineers received periodic mileage figures from Tucson drivers in order to assess fuel cell stack maintenance. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Intelligent Energy Launches 5.25 Million Embedded Fuel Cell Mobile Phone Power Project

On February 8, Intelligent Energy announced it signed a 5.25 million Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with a smartphone OEM to develop embedded fuel cell technology for smartphones.  Intelligent Energy reports that its fuel cell-powered devices have the potential to power smartphones for up to a week on a single charge. 

Intelligent Energy Embedded Fuel Cell Prototype iPhone Source: Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy's Consumer Electronics Division will work closely with the OEM to develop specific smartphone applications, building on existing Intelligent Energy embedded fuel cell prototypes.  This JDA follows Intelligent Energy's announcement in November that it had reached an agreement with an OEM. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Consortium of McPhy Energy, PDC Machines, and Other Partner Selected as Finalist for U.S. Department of Energy $1 Million H2 Refuel H-Prize Competition

On February 4, McPhy Energy announced that its SimpleFuel consortium, made of PDC Machines and IVYS Energy Solutions, were selected as the only finalist for the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) H2 Refuel H-Prize Competition.

This competition sought solutions to develop an affordable small-scale hydrogen refueling system for homes, retail sites, and other locations to refuel hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

McPhy Energy and its partners will have until July 2016 to deploy their 5kg/day 700 bar home scale refueling system for testing.  Data collection will end in October 2016, and if the system meets the technical criteria, the consortium will be awarded the $1 million prize.

For a link to the full press release, please click here.

FuelCell Energy Announces Carbon Capture Study With Cenovus Energy

On February 16, FuelCell Energy announced a contract with Cenovus Energy Inc. to complete the preliminary front-end design and engineering for a fuel cell system to capture CO2 from flue gas.  Cenovus is an integrated Canadian oil company, and is the lead partner in a joint-project to assess the benefits of fuel cells for carbon capture.

The system will be located at a 14 megawatt natural gas-fired cogeneration plant at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.  Flue gas is created by boilers used to create steam in oil sands production.  FuelCell Energy's system would separate and concentrate CO2 from the flue gas while also destroying nitrogen oxide (NOx) and creating clean, usable power from natural gas.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Fuji Electric Acquires N2telligence to Strengthen Fuel Cell Business

On January 13, Fuji Electric announced that its European subsidiary, Fuji Electric Europe GmbH has concluded an agreement to acquire a 70% stake in N2telligence GmbH, a fuel cell business headquartered in Wismar, Germany.

Fuji Electric currently has a commercial line of 100 kW phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) systems and through this acquisition of N2telligence will expand the company's fuel cell business, adding to Fuji's engineering capabilities through patent licensing and distribution networks, as well as establishing a local production presence in Germany.

For a link to the full press release, please click here.

Energy Secretary Moniz at the 2016 Washington Auto Show

On January 21, Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Ernest Moniz provided remarks and toured some of the exhibits at the 2016 Washington Auto Show.  On February 1, DOE published a video highlighting the Secretary's activities at the Auto Show, including brief remarks on fuel cell technologies and a showing of the Honda  Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle. 

For a link to the video, please click here.

Shell Hydrogen's Thomas Bystry Takes Over As New Chairman of CEP
On February 9, the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) named Shell Hydrogen's Thomas Bystry as its new Chairman.  The CEP is Europe's largest demonstration project for hydrogen mobility.

In his role, Bystry will work to significantly expand hydrogen fueling infrastructure through the region, help accelerate hydrogen fuel cell technology, and bring a renewed focus on making the CEP a leading expert in the industry.

For a link to the full press release, click here.

HyFive Project Announces Eighth Hydrogen Fueling Station in Denmark

On Jaunary 21, the HyFIVE Project and H2 Logic, a Denmark station provider, announced the eighth hydrogen fueling station in Aarhus, Denmark.  This station completes a cross-country corridor of hydrogen fueling locations for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), and allows owners to drive across the entire country.   

In addition, the municipality of Aarhus received two Mirai FCEVs and 8 Hyundai Tucson FCEVs, followed by an educational seminar on the technology. 

Hyundai Tucson FCEV at Denmark Fueling Station Source: HyFive

HyFive is a Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) funded project to remove pre-commercialization barriers of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Europe.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Honda Announces Two Thirds of Vehicles Will Be Plug-in or Hydrogen Electric by 2030

On February 24, Honda President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo announced in a press conference that two thirds of its vehicles will be plug-in, or hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) by 2030. 

To view the Honda press conference in full, click the video below:

For a link to the full article, click here

Linde Receives CEC Grant for Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance

On February 23, the California Energy Commission (CEC) announced a $220,000 grant award for Linde as part of the 6th notice of proposed awards.  The grant funding falls under "Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure" as part of the California Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP).  

Linde will use the grant funds to  construct, upgrade, or support hydrogen refueling stations that expand the network of publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations to serve the current population of FCEVs.

For a link to the full announcement, click here

ITM Power Announces Completion Of 5.8 Million In Fundraising

On February 16, ITM Power announced the completion a placing investment and open offer, resulting in the raising of 5.8 million ($8.27 million) in funds. 

The company previously announced the placing and open offer for new ordinary shares on January 29. 

For a link to the full press release, click here.

Toyota to Begin Testing Renewable Hydrogen Power at Production Facilities in Japan

On February 10, Toyota revealed that it will begin tests of hydrogen as a power source at its production facilities in Japan within the next year.  Solar and wind energy generated in the Fukouka Prefecture will be used to generate renewable hydrogen, which will then be stored for use in fuel cells. 

Toyota will aim to power air conditioning, and heating for paint drying, as well as fuel cell forklifts used around the facilities.  In addition, any excess hydrogen can be used to fuel Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

For a link to the full article, click here

CEC & ARB Issue Joint Report on Hydrogen Infrastructure Progress Under Assembly Bill 8

On February 22, the California Energy Commission (CEC) and California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced a joint report, which publishes findings through December of 2015 on hydrogen fueling infrastructure progress in California through funds granted by Assembly Bill 8 (AB8).  The report concludes that through 2023, funding from AB8 should attact private investment capital needed to ensure self-sustaining fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market. 
Hydrogen fueling capacity in kilograms per day using NREL data Source: California Fuel Cell Partnership

The report details a range of other findings on station deployment progress, including that in 2016, more than 50 hydrogen refueling stations will be open with capacity for more than 10,000 FCEVs.  A total of 100 stations are expected to be completed by 2020.

A summary of findings is available on the California Fuel Cell Partnership's website here.
For a link to the full report, click here

Areva H2Gen Appoints Cyril Dufau-Sansot as New President

On February 18, Areva H2Gen announced that it had appointed a new President, Cyril Dufau-Sansot, with an effective term date of January 1, 2016.

Under his leadership, Areva will continue to develop its industrial components manufacturing, including proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis hydrogen generators, helping make it an international player.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Toyota Unveils Mirai FCEV at 2016 Indian Auto Expo

On February 23, Toyota unveiled the Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) at the Indian Auto Express Expo, held outside of New Delhi, India.  Toyota does not have plans to launch the Mirai in India at this time.

Toyota Mirai FCEV Source: Toyota

For a link to the full article, click here

United Kingdom Energy Secretary Visits Intelligent Energy Headquarters, Coincides with India Telecommunications Announcement

On February 1, United Kingdom Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd visited Intelligent Energy's headquarters in Loughborough to meet with the company's engineers and innovators.

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd (Middle) at Intelligent Energy headquarters 
(Source: Intelligent Energy)
The visit coincided with an update from Intelligent Energy that its first fuel cells delivered as part of a 1.2 billion deal with an Indian telecommunications company have generated more than 10 MWh of power in three months.  These systems have avoided more than 55 tons of carbon emissions in replacing previously used diesel generators.

For a link to the full press release, please click here.

Scottish Fuel Cell Association Announces Launch of Roadmapping Exercise for the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Sectors

On February 22, Innovate UK, the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Transport Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA), UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UKHFCA), and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) launched a roadmapping exercise to drive hydrogen and fuel cell growth through 2025.

The road map will help allign activities related to both stationary and automotive fuel cell applications.

For a link to the full press release, click here

FedFederal Program News

U.S. Department of Energy Launches $40 Million Effort to Improve Materials for Clean Energy Solutions, Including Fuel Cell Catalysts

On February 24, the Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Energy Materials Network (EMN), a $40 million initiative to tackle barriers to commercialization in clean energy technology by utilizing the unique resources and capabilities of National Laboratories.  

ENM is made up of  four industry and academia consortia, one of which is the Electrocatalysis Consortium (ElectroCat), which will focus on fuel cell catalyst technology.  ElectroCat, led by Argonne National Laboratory and Los Alomos National Laboratory, aims to help develop platinum group metal (PGM) catalyst alternatives for use in fuel cells, including iron or cobalt-based catalysts.

For a link to the full ElectroCat website, click here.  For a link to the full press release, click here

DOE Holds Webinar, Releases Presentation Slides on Sustainable Transportation Budget for Fiscal Year 2016

On February 22, the Department of Energy held a webinar on the Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) request budget for Sustainable Transportation within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).  

Deputy Assistant Secretary Reuben Sarkar and Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) Director Sunita Satyapal provided details on specifics within the budget during the webinar, including highlights of the hydrogen and fuel cell technologies budget request.

For a link to the full presentation slides, click here

DOE Announces Webinar on Hydrogen Leak Detector DetecTape

On March 14, the Department of Energy's Fuel Cell Technologies Office (DOE FCTO) will hold a webinar titled "DetecTape - A Localized Visual Detector for Hydrogen Leaks" from 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST.  

The webinar will provide details on DetecTape™, a color-changing, self-fusing silicone tape designed to detect hydrogen gas leaks in fuel cell, transmission, storage, and generation facilities.  Data from the past 13 months of DetecTape testing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will be available as well.

For a link to register for the webinar, click here

DOE Webinar Provides Update to the 700 Bar Compressed Hydrogen Storage System Cost Projection

On February 25, the DOE presented a webinar titled "Update to the 700 bar Compressed Hydrogen Storage System Cost Projection" from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST. During the webinar, the DOE presented results on a cost-benefit analysis of on-board compressed hydrogen storage systems.

The goal of the webinar was to familiarize participants with the approach used for cost estimates, to explain what processes and materials are used to manufacture composite storage vessels, and to discuss the improvements in hydrogen storage systems that have led to cost reductions.

Upcoming Events

2016 International Battery Seminar & Exhibition: Fuel Cell Symposium Registration Open

This 16th international meeting continues the Knowledge Foundation's event series on the advancement of fuel cell technology. This symposium targets end-users, developers and manufacturers of fuel cell devices across fuel types, system architectures, and power ranges. 

This year's event focuses on fuel cell systems development for automotive, consumer and stationary applications and will focus on the technical advancements, strategies for commercialization and regulatory updates from the government, academic and industry stakeholders. Don't miss this opportunity to hear the latest developments from these key players within the industry on how they are achieving success.

For a link to the agenda, and to register for the event, click here

FCHEA Members Eligible for Discount at 2016 Renewable Energy Policy Forum 

Register now to attend the 2016 ACORE Renewable Energy Policy Forum in Washington D.C.  FCHEA Members can save 20% on registration with the code 

This year's National Renewable Energy Policy Forum takes place as seismic developments in national and global policies are reshaping the renewable energy marketplace. In December, Congress enacted a major new tax package offering long-sought stability to the wind and solar power industries. Just two weeks earlier, 129 nations at the COP21 meetings in Paris reached agreement on an unprecedented global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Taken together, these developments are a source of immense promise for the future of renewable energy in the U.S. and around the world.

For a link to the full event, click here

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Expo Issues Call for Speakers and Topics

The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Expo invites submissions for speakers and session topics for its upcoming conference to be held September 13-15, 2016, in Novi, Michigan.

Topics include light and heavy duty electric vehicles, electric bus platforms, technology integration, and more. 

Submissions are due by February 29, 2016.

For a link to the submissions page, click here

Nanotech 2016 Conference and Expo, May 22-26, 2016

Join us in Washington, DC for the 18th annual Nanotech 2016 Conference & Expo, co-located with the TechConnect World Innovation Conference, convening over 3,000 academic, government and corporate leaders to address the next phase of nanotechnology impact from lab to marketplace.  Representing the world's largest technology acceleration program, with thousands of multi-disciplinary research submissions annually from over 75 countries, the program includes over twenty-five U.S. Federal Funding Agencies, and hundreds of Corporate Technology Prospectors.

Fuel cell and hydrogen energy topics for abstract submission include: 
  • Fuel cell technologies & applications
  • Advanced materials for fuel cells
  • Membrane technologies
  • Hydrogen generation & production methods
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Case studies & best practices 
FCHEA Members can take 10% off registration with discount code 16FCHE10.

For a link to find out more about TechConnect, click here.

Discount Available for FCHEA Members  for ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2016 Registration

Register now to attend the 2016 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit to be held February 29 - March 2, 2016, in Washington, DC.  This annual conference focuses on bringing the latest energy innovations out of the lab and into the market place in order to address America's energy challenges.  

FCHEA Members can use the code FCHEA16 for $100 off your registration.

The Summit gathers 2,000+ of the top energy industry experts from government, academia and business for a 3-day program offering informative seminars, practical solutions for breakthrough technologies, and critical networking opportunities.  
Meet with key representatives from government agencies who are actively supporting energy development as well as investors looking to partner with new technologies.  The Technology Showcase displays more than 300 transformational energy solutions from ARPA-E awardees and a highly selective group of companies and research organizations. 

Get involved at
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Request for Papers, Proposals, and Information

DOE Releases Request for Information on Critical Materials, Including Fuel Cell Platinum Group Metal Catalysts

On February 10, the Department of Energy released a Request for Information (RFI) on Critical Materials in the energy sector, including platinum group metal (PGM) catalysts, which are used in fuel cells.  The RFI results will be used to updated the Critical Material Strategy Report, released previously in 2010 and 2011. 

Topics of interest include material intensity, market projections, technology transitions, primary production, supply chains, and recycling. Respondents are also encouraged to provide additional information that is relevant to assessing material criticality in the energy sector.

RFI responses are due by 5:00 PM EST April 11, 2016.

For a link to the full RFI, click here

New York Counties Make $1 Million of Alt-Fuel Grants Available

On February 10, the Genesee Region Clean Communities made $1 million in federal grant funding available for alternative fuel vehicle fleet purchases in the Rochester, New York region.  Qualifying vehicles include fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. 

Fleet operators have until 5:00 PM EST on March 18 to submit their applications

For a link to the full application, click here

First Air Liquide Essential Molecules Challenge

On January 19, Air Liquide launched its first Essential Molecules challenge, encouraging teams to submit proposals for scientific breakthroughs, including the generation of hydrogen from water using solar energy.

The proposal, titled Sunny H2 in a Bottle, will award up to three teams with a €50,000 ($54,100) prize and a 4-year contract with Air Liquide with total financing of up to €500,000 ($541,100).

Submissions are due by April 26, 2016.

For a link to the full request for proposals, click here

Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium 2016 Call for Papers

On December 3, Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium 2016 issued a Call for Papers for its conference taking place on November 9-10, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. 

Proposal topics include fuel cell powered aerospace applications, including high-temperature fuel cells, as well as fuel cells for cabin power. 

Submissions are due by February 29, 2016.

For a link to the full page, click here

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