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Plug Power Rolls Out Fuel Cell-Powered Ground Support Equipment at Memphis International Airport FedEx Super Hub

On April 10, Plug Power, joined by Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-9) and FedEx officials,  announced that it had officially launched fuel cell-powered ground support equipment (GSE) at the FedEx 'Super Hub,' located at the Memphis International Airport.  

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh, Congressman Steve Cohen, and FedEx officials with one of the GSE vehicles

Plug Power, in partnership with FedEx and CharlattAmerica, rolled out 15 hydrogen fuel cell powered GSE vehicles at the airport as part of a $2.5 million grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) and a $15 million grant from the Transportation Investment Generating Economy Recover (TIGER) program funded by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  CharlattAmerica is an international, battery-powered airport equipment manufacturer. 

The GSE's will join a fleet of over 1,500 other vehicles at the FedEx Super Hub, which handles on average 2 million shipments a day.   The GSE's are also capable of hauling 40,000 pounds of luggage and other packages as well. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Toyota Announces 'Fueled by Anything' Campaign, Video, with Help from Nuvera

On April 21, Toyota unveiled the first in a series of videos as part of the 'Fueled by Anything' campaign, which is meant to highlight to the public how hydrogen can be derived from a variety of sources.  

Fueled by Bullsh*t | Presented by Toyota Mirai
Fueled by Bullsh*t | Presented by Toyota Mirai

In the first video, Toyota explores how the Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) really can run on bullshi*t.  With the help of Nuvera's PowerTap hydrogen generation technology, Toyota was able to create hydrogen fuel for the FCEV from biogas derived from cow manure.  Toyota partnered with American documentary and film maker Morgan Spurlock for this first video in a series promoting hydrogen fuel.

New York Times Profiles Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and FuelCell Energy's Success

On April 22, the New York Times published a story on Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and his work with FuelCell Energy to bring stationary fuel cells to the Connecticut city.  FuelCell Energy's 14.9 megawatt (MW) stationary fuel cell system, built on a brownfield site, is currently providing power to 15,000 of the 54,000 homes in Bridgeport.  

Bridgeport Fuel Cell Installation Source: New York Times

The city of Bridgeport has several other FuelCell Energy installations under construction, including a 1.4 MW system at the university of Bridgeport, and a 2.8 MW fuel cell at an old landfill site.  

For a link to the full New York Times article, click here


Proton OnSite Delivers Electrolyzer for First Power to Gas Project in the U.S.
On April 13, Proton OnSite delivered the first power to gas (P2G) energy storage project in the United States.  As the first of its kind, the demonstration will provide data on the dynamics of electrolyzers in a renewable energy system.  The project will test two Proton electrolyzers, rated for 7 kilowatts (kW) and 60 kW, as a means of generating hydrogen from a local photovoltaic source.  The project was launched earlier this month by Southern California Gas Company, located in California, with support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

The produced hydrogen will be injected into a simulated natural gas pipeline system, located at the National Fuel Cell Research Center in Irvine, California.  There, the hydrogen will be combined with CO2 to form methane for use in power generation, and to provide hydrogen fuel for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).


M1 unit of the Proton OnSite M-Series Electrolyzer

Proton OnSite also recently launched its M-Series megawatt (mW)-scale electrolyzers to meet growing energy storage demands around the world.  The technology was on display this past week at the Hannover Messe H2FC Show in Hannover, Germany. 

For a link to the full press release, click here 


Hydrogenics Awarded $4.4 Million in Projects from the California Energy Commission

On March 30, Hydrogenics announced that it has been awarded two projects valued at $4.4 million by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as part of the Medium and Heavy-Duty Technology Demonstration program.  The CEC's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (AFVTP) is designed to develop and deploy alternative and renewable fuels and advanced transportation technologies to help meet California's goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and oil dependence.

For the first project award, titled "Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Demonstration for Drayage Truck," Hydrogenics will integrate its CelerityPlus fuel cell drive system into a Class 8 Drayage truck for short distance cargo transport.  Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTSI) will demonstrate the fuel cell-powered drayage trucks on the Alameda Corridor as well as in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. 

For the second project award, titled "New Flyer Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Demonstration for Bus," New Flyer, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty buses, will integrate Hydrogenics' CelerityPlus into fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) for a 12-month demonstration.  SunLine Transit will operate the bus over its regular route in the Coachella Valley.

For a link to the full story, click here.


CenturyLink Marks Earth Day by Commissioning Bloom Energy Fuel Cells

On April 13, CenturyLink announced the installation of a 500 kilowatt (KW) Bloom Energy fuel cell system to provide critical power for its Irvine, California data center expansion.

The Bloom Energy Servers support CenturyLink's escalating power demands for network and IT infrastructure, and will generate reliable power to ensure maximum up-time at CenturyLink's data center as they expand its capabilities. 
For a link to the full press release, click here.

Carmel Valley Planning Board Approves San Diego's First Hydrogen Fueling Station

On March 26, the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board voted 12-1 to approve the installation of a 805-square-foot FirstElement hydrogen fuel pump at the Shell Station on Camel Valley Road and Interstate 5.


 The California Energy Commission (CEC) has provided FirstElement with a $27.6 million grant to build 19 hydrogen stations throughout the state as part of a 68 station award.  In addition, FirstElement is also receiving financial support for hydrogen refueling infrastructure from Toyota.

For a link to the full story, click here.


ITM Power Awarded 2.89M to Build Two New Hydrogen Refueling Stations in London

On March 28, ITM Power announced it had been awarded a total of 2.89 million as part of the Hydrogen Refueling Stations Infrastructure Grants Scheme, a program run by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), part of the U.K.'s Department of Transport.  ITM Power will build two new hydrogen refueling stations in London, and upgrade four existing stations. Both new stations will incorporate on-site hydrogen generation using the ITM's Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) HGas electrolyzer platform. 

ITM Power will be working closely with automakers to determine strategic locations suitable for fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) roll-out, one of which will be built on-site at a major global fuel retailer. The project is also receiving additional financial support of 1.7 million by the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) to provide early-stage support for the operation of these stations; this support is in its final stages of negotiation.

This award comes from the first stage in the roll-out of hydrogen refueling stations resulting from the UKH2Mobility initiative. The initiative was recently announced by OLEV with 7.5 million total funding - 2 million available for FCEVs, 2 million for hydrogen station upgrades and 3.5 million for new stations.

For a link to the full press release, click here.


Intelligent Energy-led Consortium to Deliver Range-Extended Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Fleets

On March 27, Intelligent Energy announced it will lead a UK industry consortium to develop a new class of fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles.  Integrating fuel cell technology into battery electric vehicles, vehicles with significantly improved range and rapid refueling will be produced. The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), a UK transportation public-private partnership, has agreed to a 6.3 million grant as part of the 12.7 million project. 


Intelligent Energy and Consortium Partners Source: Intelligent Energy


In addition to Intelligent Energy, the partners comprise Frost EV, Frost Electronics, Milibrook, CENEX, British Gas, and DHL. The project initially targets captive and commercial fleet operation, providing a package that can be integrated into vehicles as an end-of-line fitment at original equipment manufacturers, through a new-vehicle conversion facility, or by retro-fitting at approved centers. 

For a link to the full press release, click here


Ballard Inks Deal to Supply Next-Generation Fuel Cell Power Product for Eight Buses in China

On April 15, Ballard Power announced it received an order to supply its FCvelocity-HD7 fuel cell power modules for eight fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) across China.  As part of a 2011-launched energy program involving 48 cities, China has set an objective of reducing the number of vehicles in cities, as well as expanding available, environmentally friendly public transit. 

A goal of the program is to deploy over 1,000 clean energy buses in each participating city.  In China, FCEBs are eligible for a subsidy of $150,000 through 2017, and hydrogen fueling stations are eligible for subsidies of $650,000 per station installation.

For a link to the full press release, click here.

Australia's First Hydrogen Refueling Station Opens at Hyundai Office in Sydney


On April 1, Hyundai opened Australia's first hydrogen refueling station was opened in Sydney, as part of an effort to create a hydrogen highway from Melbourne to Sydney. 


Hyundai Tucson FCEV in Sydney, Australia Source: Hyundai 


The station, located behind Hyundai's head office in the Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park, will be available for public use.

For a link to the full story, click here.


Air Liquide Installs Hydrogen Station at France Logistics Hub


On March 27, Air Liquide announced that it had installed a hydrogen fueling station at the FM Logistics Neuville-aux-Bois facility located in Olreans, France.  The station will support 10 fuel cell powered forklifts at the facility, with plans to replace all 84 with fuel cell-powered models. 


The installation is a pilot project  as part of the Hydrogen and Warehouse Logistics (HAWL) project, funded in part by the European Union.  


For a link to the full article, click here


Johnson Matthey Fuel Cell Leads Project on Closed Loop Recycling of Precious Metals in Fuel Cells 

On April 10, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, along with recovery specialist Axion Consulting, and non-woven materials manufacturer Technical Fibre Products (TFP), announced a project to recover precious metal from fuel cells reaching the end of their lifespan. 
The process extracts perfluorosulfonic acid from a membrane electrode assembly  of proton exchange membrane fuel cells.  As the process generates a metal-rich material for further refining, there is also no loss in platinum yield, a valuable rare-earth metal.  
Evaluation is currently underway by Axion Consulting on developing a take-back system for end-of-life fuel cells including fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), forklift trucks, mobile phone masts, and small portable power packs.
For a link to the full story, click here.
Applied Research Center in South Carolina Tests Hydrogen Fueling Dispenser, in Partnership with NIST

On March 24, the Applied Research Center, in partnership with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began testing hydrogen fueling standards at the Sage Mill Fueling Station, located in Aiken County, South Carolina.
The tests will ensure that future customers at the hydrogen station will have standardized fueling experiences and ensure the ability of the station to accurately fill a tank with hydrogen.  
For a link to the full article, click here


FuelCell Energy to Install 1.4 Megawatt Fuel Cell at Flagship Pepperidge Farm Bakery in Bloomfield, Connecticut


On April 1, FuelCell Energy announced an agreement with existing customer Pepperidge Farm, one of the nation's largest bakers, to install a 1.4 megawatt (MW) Direct FuelCell (DFC) power plant at its bakery in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


FuelCell Energy will manufacture, install, and service the fuel cell.  The new power plant will supplement the existing DFC power plant that was installed at the bakery in 2008, and the agreement also includes the multi-year extension of the service contract for the existing DFC power plant.

The new 1.4 MW system will be installed adjacent to the existing fuel cell plant, and together will meet approximately the entire energy needs of the facility.  This project was awarded a grant under the Connecticut Low and Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit (LREC) program, which distributes renewable energy credit payments for each megawatt hour (MWh) of power produced. 

For a link to the full press release, click here

Hyundai FCEVs Join Transport for London Fleet

Transport for London (TfL) has added two Hyundai ix35 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to its fleet to undertake a number of tasks, including carrying out site meetings and checking bus route diversions. 

This follows the announcement of a 6.6 million infrastructure development plan by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.  The two FCEVs were purchased by TfL a part of the HyTEC project, which aims to create three new European FCEV deployment centers in London, Copenhagen, and Oslo to demonstrate the day-to-day use of FCEVs and encourage mainstream use. 

For a link to the full story, click here.

Intelligent Energy Closes Acquisition of BIC Assets

On April 7, Intelligent Energy announced its acquisition of portable fuel cell and disposable cartridge assets of BIC.  BIC's embedded fuel cell technology complements existing technology assets of Intelligent Energy by providing additional disposable cartridge and volume production assets, elements critical to the market development of embedded fuel cells.

Intelligent Energy is aiming towards mass-market availability of embedded fuel cell technology to power applications and consumer electronic devices, including PCs, laptops, and smartphones. 

For a link to the full press release, click here.

ITM Power Awarded 1.79 Million for 0.5 Megawatt Electrolyzer Tidal Energy Storage 

On April 16, ITM Power announced that it had won a competitive contract to supply a integrated hydrogen system at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Eday, Scotland.   

The hydrogen storage system, composed of a 500 kilowatt (KW) proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer, will be paired with an experimental tidal energy project, which uses movements between low and high tide near the shore to generate power.

Excess electricity generated by the tidal system will be stored as compressed hydrogen gas.  The hydrogen will then be used to both supply critical fuel cell backup power to the EMEC facility, as well other offsite energy storage projects.

For a link to the full press release, click here

Comcast Celebrates Earth Day by Announcing Bloom Energy Fuel Cells in Berlin, Connecticut

On April 21, Comcast announced that Bloom Energy fuel cells had begun powering their New England Regional Headquarters in Berlin, Connecticut.  The 400 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell system should provide up to 80% of the facility's total energy load, and will generate more than three million kWs each year. 

The Bloom fuel cells are installed with uninterruptable power modules (UPMS), which will enable the facility to maintain operations through grid disruptions.  The fuel cells will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 1.93 million pounds per year, equivalent to 185 cars or 121 homes.

For a link to the full press release, click here
Plug Power CEO Taking Tour of Country to Meet with Fuel Cell Investors

On April 22, Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh announced the 'PowerTrip Tour,' where Plug Power will travel from city to city to meet with individual shareholders to talk about their fuel cell material handling technology, revenue goals, and long-term plans.  

The tour will kick off at Plug Power headquarters near Albany, New York, and travel to New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, and Washington.

To view additional PowerTrip tour info, click here.  For a link to the full article, click here

Air Liquide Holds Steam Methane Reformer Start-up Ceremony Outside Cologne, Germany

On April 17, Air Liquide held an official start-up ceremony for its new Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) at the Chempark Dormagen site near Cologne, Germany.  The Air Liquide-owned and operated SMR will supply hydrogen gas to Bayer MaterialScience's new large scale toluene diisocyanate  plant.  

The plant has an annual production capacity of 22,000 tonnes of hydrogen and 120,000 tonnes of carbon monoxide.  Connected to Air Liquide's Rhine-Ruhr pipeline, the plant will also allow the company to provide other customers in the basin with hydrogen.

For a link to the full story, click here.

Hyundai Tucson FCEV Functions as Power Plant at TU Delft in Netherlands


on April 8, TU Delft, a university in the Netherlands, announced that it had received a Hyundai Tucson FCEV as part of a project to use cars as mobile power plants.


TU Delft Hyundai FCEV
TU Delft is collaborating with several industry partners, including shell, in order to create a sustainable green village within the university.


For a link to the full article, click here


Colorado Students Unveil FCEV for Shell Eco-Marathon


On April 4, students from the STEM/Engineering Program at Wheat Ridge High School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado tested a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) that will be entered in the Shell Eco-Marathon competition in Detroit, Michigan.  The team of 13 students have been working on the FCEV since September.

Wheat Ridge High School Students with Designed FCEV 

The competition took place on April 10, 2015.

For a link to the full story, click here.

FedFederal Program News
H2USA, DOE Announce New Tools for Development of Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure 

On April 21, H2USA and the Department of Energy (DOE) announced the release of two new tools to aid support the deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The first, the Hydrogen Refueling Stations Analysis Model (HRSAM), was developed at Argonne National Laboratory, and will help to assess the impact of station design on economics and incorporates the station's capital and operating costs based on key design variables such as station capacity and mode of hydrogen delivery. 
The second, the Hydrogen Financial Analysis Tool (H2FAST), was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and provides in-depth financial analysis including cash flow and return on investments based on key financial inputs such as capital cost, operating cost, and financing mechanisms. 

The Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Research and Station Technology (H2FIRST) , which supports H2USA by addressing critical technology barriers in hydrogen infrastructure, has also published two reports. The first, the Reference Station Design report, regards hydrogen fueling station design analysis. The second, the Hydrogen Contaminant Detection Report, summarizes hydrogen contaminant detection capabilities at stations. 

For a link to the full story, including links to both tools and reports, click here 


Department of Energy Awards $4.6 Million to Advance Hydrogen Storage Systems 

On April 8, the Department of Energy announced up to $4.6 million for four projects focused on developing advanced hydrogen storage materials with the potential to enable longer driving ranges and to help make fuel cell systems competitive for different sizes and platforms. 


Ames National Laboratory will receive up to $1.2 million to investigate the development of reversible, high-capacity, silicon-based hydrogen storage materials. 


The California Institute of Technology will receive up to $1 million to develop high-capacity hydrogen sorbent absorption materials to allow for more optimal system design and improved total performance.


Texas A&M University will receive up to $1.2 million to develop low-cost hydrogen sorbents that will allow for more optimal system design and improved total performance to make sorbent systems a more viable option for practical applications.


Finally, the University of Michigan will receive up to $1.2 million to develop "best-in-class" hydrogen sorbent materials, with a focus on achieving simultaneously high volumetric and high gravimetric densities.


For a link to the full press release, click here. 

Department of Energy Releases First Quadrennial Energy Review Report

On April 21, the Department of Energy (DOE) released the first in a series of planned Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) documents. 

The purpose of the document is to examine the existing system of national transmission, storage and distribution (TS&D) that are vital to energy infrastructure and to identify vulnerabilities. The document also proposes policy recommendations and investments to strengthen and modernize where appropriate. 

While the second QER document is expected to focus more on specific technologies, fuel cells and hydrogen were mentioned several times in the report. Specifically, the report made note of hydrogen in regards to energy storage, alternative fuel vehicles including fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), hydrogen derived from biomass, and hydrogen pipeline infrastructure. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the report language in regards to fuel cells and hydrogen energy, view our PDF on the FCHEA website here


Upcoming Events


Fuel Cell Seminar Announces 2015 Call for Abstracts
The Call for Abstracts is now open for the 2015 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition, which takes places from November 16-19, 2015. 
Every year the Fuel Cell Seminar seeks abstracts for session speakers and poster presentations from academics, professionals, and others to be featured throughout our conference.
Topics for submission include Fuels and Renewable Energy, Fuel Cell Industry Status and Analysis, Fuel Cell Applications, Fuel Cell Technology Development, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Related Technologies for Energy Storage, and Fuel Cell Education and Training.  
More information on these topics and their sub-categories is available here.

Before submitting your Abstract, please read through the Guideline instructions available here.

Abstracts must be submitted online using the link here.  
If you'd like to be an exhibitor at the Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition, view the Exhibitor Prospectus here
To sign up for the Fuel Cell Seminar mailing list, click here


European Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition

The European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Piero Lunghi Conference - EFC15 - is going to celebrate its 6th anniversary in beautiful Naples, Italy, from 16 to 18 December 2015.


This conference offers three days with prominent academics, researchers, students politicians and entrepreneurs, in the field of fuel cells.  The topics include Materials, Modeling, Lab Tests, System Design, Fuels and decarbonizing society, Fuel Cell Applications, Fuel Cells operated in reversed mode, Marketing and Policy pathways to full commercialization of Fuel Cells, and Cross-cutting Issues.


A series of special sessions will be held in parallel with the core event: Safety, Regulations codes & standards in Fuel Cells; Microbial Fuel Cells; Dissemination of European projects on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen.


The call for abstracts is now open. Selected paper will be published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.


The event offers also opportunities to those who want to promote their products and activities. For more information, please visit the website at

Alternative Clean Transportation Expo Registration


Join the Fuel Cell Hydrogen & Energy Association at the 2015 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, set for May 4-7, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.  ACT Expo is North America's largest clean fleet event, representing all weight classes and alternative fuel types-electric, hybrid, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, renewables and more. 


ACT Expo partners with leading industry associations to develop the four-day program, including the Propane Education and Research Council, the Electric Drive Transportation Association, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, Carbon War Room, NGV Global, Business for Social Responsibility, and the U.S. DOE Clean Cities team, among others.


Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, organizer of ACT Expo 2015, invites you to join 3500+ clean transportation stakeholders to see hundreds of leading vehicle, fueling and technology suppliers in the Expo Hall, experience real-world AFV projects at offsite tours, and learn from peers in fleet-focused educational sessions. 


Learn more and register at


12th Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Wall Street 


The 12th Annual REFF-Wall Street Conference, taking place from June 24 - 25 at the Grand Hyatt in New York, New York, is the premier renewable energy financing event in the U.S.  Attendees of this event include CEOs and other senior company officials, lenders, investors, investment bankers, private equity investors, venture capitalists and other top transactional professionals in renewable energy finance.

The  conference will connect the principal players in the renewable energy finance and development communities, providing valuable insights into the latest financing developments across the industry in areas including securitization, green bonds and yieldcos. The event will also highlight how policy developments will affect the financial community, charting the way forward for the renewable energy investment for years to come.


More information can be found on the REFF website here.

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Request for Papers, Proposals, and Information

New York Governor Cuomo Announces $160 Million Investment in Clean Energy Projects, Including Fuel Cells 


On April 7, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $160 million investment in clean energy projects, including the installation of fuel cells and other renewable energy projects. The funding is being made available as part of the state's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy, and to support public-private partnerships.  


For the first time ever, fuel cells will qualify for 20-year contracts under the investment. Support will be provided by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) as part of New York's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). 

Application packages are due Friday, May 8 by 5:00 PM EDT.    

For a link to the full press release, click here.


ESTAP Announces Webinar on Funding Opportunity Announcement for Resilient Electricity Delivery Infrastructure Initative


On April 7, the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) will hold a webinar on the $3.5 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Resilient Electricity Delivery Infrastructure (REDI) Initiative. The webinar will feature presentations by DOE officials administering this solicitation, with time for questions from the audience.


Through this solicitation, the DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability will support the deployment of Smart Grid and Storage technologies and tools to advance climate preparedness and resiliency.  Municipalities are eligible to apply for up to $600,000 for the deployment of industry (commercial and pre-commercial) technologies, and up to $1 million for the deployment of laboratory technologies.


Applications for the REDI FOA are due May 4. For more information, click here.


For a link to the full announcement, click here. To register for the webinar, click 

FEMP 2015 Funding Opportunity Announcement

On March 6, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) issued a funding opportunity announcement (FOA) titled the Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT), Fiscal Year 2015.  The FOA will cover two topic areas; combined heat and power (CHP) and renewable energy installations, including biomass, waste-to-energy, and landfill gas projects.


The anticipated total funding level for AFFECT is $2.85 million with anticipated funding per award to be between approximately $50,000 and $1 million. Letters of intent (LOI) are due by April 6, and full applications are due by May 20. 


To apply for AFFECT submit application materials through the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) Exchange.


For a link to register for the webinar, click here.  For a link to the full article, click here.


Marine Corps Releases Request for Information for Expeditionary Energy Concepts Demonstration 


On January 27, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) posted a Request for Information (RFI).  The RFI seeks industry participants to demonstrate technologies addressing the USMC's energy, waste, and water capability gaps for the Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) event.  


Eligible technologies include hybrid and all-electric vehicles, batteries and other energy storage technologies, and fuel cells up to 10 kilowatts (kW) in capacity.


The Marine Corps is interested in fuel cell power systems that meet the following specifications:

  • A power output of up to 10 kW, with a target output of 3 kW
  • Ability  to operate on a safe solid or liquid fuel, including but not limited to zinc, aluminum, JP-8, and other alternative fuels
  • Transportable via light tactical trailer (NSN:2330015435794)
  • Fuel savings over the 3 kW Tactical Quiet Generator (~24% fuel efficiency at 100% load)
The E2C is a week-long demonstration event where a team of USMC engineers will collect data on and analyze potential technologies.

For a link to the full RFI, click here 


SARTA is Currently Seeking Proposals for Hydrogen Fueling Station for Fuel Cell Electric Buses 

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) in Ohio is currently seeking proposals for hydrogen fueling station for fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs), as well as hydrogen supply for a hydrogen fueling station. 

Registered vendors can access the proposal "bid packet" at bids or contact Julie at 330-430-2275 or


To become a vendor with SARTA, click here. 


NYSERDA Accepting Funding Applications for RPS Customer-Sited Tier Fuel Cell Program 

On January 5, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced a set of two funding opportunities for customer-sited fuel cells - one for a fuel cell system rated 25 kilowatts (kW) or less, and another for systems over 25 kW.   NYSERDA is making up to $50,000 available for fuel cell projects as part of the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).  

Funding will be available until December 31, 2015.

For a link to the full Project Opportunity Notices (PON) for small and large fuel cell systems, click here and here, respectively. 


Part 1 Applications for $4 Billion DOE Loan Program Due April 1


April 1 marks the next deadline for industries to submit their Part I application for the DOE's $4 billion in available loan guarantees for EERE Projects.  As a part of the President's Climate Action Plan, the DOE has allocated $4 billion in loan guarantees to promote EERE projects that avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies are eligible for the EERE loan program.  The five technology areas of interest under the solicitation are:

  • Advanced Grid Integration and Storage
  • Drop-in Biofuels
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Enhancement of Existing Facilities
  • Efficiency Improvements 

DOE has due dates for the loan program on a rolling basis as follows:


Part I Due Dates

Round 3 - April 1, 2015

Round 4 - August 5, 2015

Round 5 - December 2, 2015


Part II Due Dates

Round 3 - July 1, 2015

Round 4 - November 4, 2015

Round 5 - March 2, 2016


For more information on the EERE loan program, click here.


In addition to the $4 billion loan guarantee program for EERE projects, DOE is also accepting applicants for its $8 billion Advanced Fossil Energy Projects solicitation and $16 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program.


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