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Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Industry News


Seven UTC Power Fuel Cell Systems to be Installed in Greater Seoul Area


On November 27Samsung Everland of South Korea announced the purchase of seven UTC PureCell Model 400 fuel cell systems.  The fuel cells, expecting to be operational by the spring of 2013, will provide 3.08 MW of electricity to the greater Seoul area and thermal heat to the district heating business.  The systems will be located in the Gyeonggi province at the Bundang facility owned by Korean South East Power Co. Ltd., a public utility company in South Korea.  The fuel cells will help Korean South East Power meet South Korea's renewable portfolio standard by providing clean, highly efficient energy to the local power gird.


UTC Power's press release is available online here.


FuelCell Energy to Deliver Fuel Cell Power Plant for Microsoft Data Center Project


On November 19, FuelCell Energy announced a demonstration project with Microsoft to power a data center at a Cheyenne, Wyoming water reclamation facility with a fuel cell power plant.  The 200-kW fuel cell system will be fueled by renewable biogas generated onsite from the water treatment facility.  Microsoft will use this installation to evaluate the use of fuel cell systems for future sustainable data centers.


The city of Cheyenne has applied for a $1.5M grant through the Wyoming Business Council to fund the development of infrastructure to support the project. The application was recommended by the Business Council board on November 6.  A final decision will be made by the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board on December 6.


FuelCell Energy's press release is available online here.


The story has also been picked up by several news services includingWall Street JournalTalking Points MemoWiredMIT Technology ReviewBloombergCNN, and engadget.


Nokia Siemens Networks Evaluating Ballard Power Backup Fuel Cell Systems for Japanese Telecommunications Network


On November 19th, Nokia Siemens Networks announced that they are currently testing deployment of Ballard Power Systems backup power fuel cells to support their mobile telecommunications network in Japan.  Nokia has installed a demonstration unit at a test facility which has been evaluated and approved by both Japanese operator NTT DOCOMO and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).


Capable of providing 4.5 kW of electricity for 40 hours on a single tank of fuel, the fuel cell system offers a substantial reliability advantage over battery backup power and diesel generators, while also greatly reducing size, weight, noise, and environmental impact.


Ballard Power's press release is available online here.


Hydrogenics Awarded Contract to Deliver 100kW HyPM-OH to Hawaii Military Base


On November 1, Hydrogenics Corporation announced the receipt of a contract to develop, fabricate, and deliver a 100kW outdoor containerized fuel cell system.  Once operational, the system will provide power generation to the Joint Military Base at Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. The contract was awarded by the High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (HCATT), and the U.S. Air Force Advanced Power Technology Office (APTO).


Hydrogenics' press release is available online here.


Plug Power Announces Receipt of $2.5 million Award from DOE for Ground Support Equipment


On November 20, Plug Power announced a $2.5 million dollar award from the Department of Energy (DOE) to modify electric tow tractor ground support equipment (GSE) to function with GenDrive fuel cells in airport applications.  15 GSE vehicles will be deployed in Memphis, Tennessee and Oakland, California at FedEx Express airport hub locations, and studied for productivity, efficiency and environmental benefits. 


Plug Power's press release is available online here.


Linde's BOC Launches Fuel Cell-Powered Lighting Package


On November 1, BOC, a member of the Linde group,  launched a new fuel cell-powered Hymera lighting package for off-grid lighting applications.  


The lighting system is being launched as an emission-free alternative to traditional battery or diesel generators.  The Hymera lighting system is fueled by a single 10kg cylinder of hydrogen and can provide nearly 24 hours of uninterrupted light.


BOC's press release is available online here.


Air Products Announces Long-Term Hydrogen Supply Agreement with OCI Beaumont


On November 7, Air Products announced a long-term agreement with OCI Beaumont, LLC to supply 25 million standard cubic feet of hydrogen per day to OCI's integrated methanol and ammonia plant.  


Air Products will supply hydrogen via the recently completed Gulf Coast Connection Pipeline (GCCP) that connects two sections of the Gulf Coast hydrogen system.  The 600-mile pipeline spans from Houston to New Orleans and provides 1.2 billion standard cubic feet of hydrogen per day to refinery and petrochemical customers.


Air Products' press release is available online here


Proton OnSite 1 MW PEM Electrolyzer to Launch by 2014


On November 16, Fuel Cell Today reported that Proton OnSite has announced the development of a 1 MW proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer system.  Proton OnSite claims this will be the world's largest PEM electrolyzer system and plans to launch the product in 2014.


The Fuel Cell Today article is available online here.


ITM Power Part of Consortium Receiving €3.79 Million Award for Development of Advanced Refueling System


On Wednesday, November 28th, ITM Power announced the confirmation of a €3.79 million award from the European Union Joint Technology Program.  The award, to be shared by a consortium of companies, will enable the development of an advanced refueling system that uses ITM's high pressure hydrogen electrolysis technology.  The project, known as PHAEDRUS, aims to bring the new system to passenger fuel cell electric vehicles.  ITM Power's share of the award is €0.87m.


ITM Power's press release is available online here


Deloitte Names Intelligent Energy Among Fastest Growing Technology Companies in UK


Intelligent Energy was ranked 33rd in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list published on November 16. The list recognizes the fastest growing technology companies in the UK according to a five year measurement of revenue growth.  Intelligent Energy is the only energy and green technology company on the list, earning its position by posting 679% growth in revenue over the past five years.


Intelligent Energy's press release is available online here


Ballard Power Systems, UTC Power, and Altergy Systems Provide Fuel Cell Power during Hurricane Sandy


On November 6, Ballard Power Systems announced that its methanol fuel cell systems in the Bahamas operated flawlessly during Hurricane Sandy, providing critical back-up power to the mobile telecommunications network when grid power was lost. The 17 systems in operation provided over 1,200 kWh of electricity throughout a 7 day period.


 Ballard's press release is available online here.


On November 6, the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CAFCP)reported that they received an update from staff at UTC Power regarding their systems operating in New England and New York.  CAFCP's report states that 22 out of 23 UTC Power PowerCell Model 400 fuel cell systems in the North-East performed as expected during the storm with many units providing power when the grid was unavailable.


CAFCP's report is available online here.


On November 2, Altergy Systems announced that telecommunications towers powered by their back-up power fuel cell systems remained in operation during hurricane Sandy, allowing customers to stay connected throughout the power outages.  The announcement did not specify the number of systems deployed, their size, or where they were located.


Altergy's press release is available online here.


Ballard and Anglo American Platinum Developing Fuel Cell Home Generator for African Market


On November 8, Ballard Power Systems announced that significant progress has been made on their initiative with Anglo American Platinum Limited to develop fuel cell generators for the African rural home market.  


Work to date has included a market feasibility study, testing of a proof-of-concept system and initial work on a prototype system. 


Anglo American Platinum has committed to funding the development and testing of the generator, which will run on methanol fuel utilizing an integrated fuel reformer.


Ballard's press release is available online here.


ITM Power Receives EU Funding for PEM Fuel Cell Innovation


On November 9, ITM Power confirmed that a €3.9 million grant has been issued from the European Union (EU) to a consortium to develop an ultra-low platinum fuel cell for automotive applications.  ITM Power, along with 11 other companies, will work  to develop high performance Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) with ultra-low platinum loadings and increased lifetime.


Efforts such as these to reduce the amount of platinum used could have a direct, positive impact on reducing the overall cost of FCEVs.


ITM Power's press release is available online here. 


Governor Malloy Dedicates UTC Power Fuel Cell at Hartford Bus Maintenance Facility - Announces $5.7 Million Grant for Similar Installation in New Haven


On November 28, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, along with officials from the Connecticut Department of Transportation and CTTRANSIT, dedicated a UTC Power stationary fuel cell which is powering a bus maintenance and storage facility in Hartford. In addition, Governor Malloy announced a $5.7 million Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant for the planning, purchasing and installation of a fuel cell system at a similar facility in New Haven.


The fuel cell system in Hartford provides 77% of the facility's power, saving the government an estimated $500,000 in annual energy costs and preventing 827 metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released.


Governor Malloy's press release is available online here.

FuelCell Energy Announces 121.8 Megawatt Order and Manufacturing Agreement with POSCO Energy


On November 5, FuelCell Energy published two updates regarding their partnership with POSCO Energy. FuelCell Energy announced a 121.8 megawatt order of fuel cell kits and services for South Korean partner, POSCO Energy, as well as a manufacturing license agreement.  


The order is the largest ever received by the fuel cell industry and will go toward meeting demand for the 58.8 megawatt fuel cell park POSCO Energy has agreed to build in Korea, as well as reaching markets in other Asian countries.  All manufacturing will take place at the FuelCell Energy facility in Danbury, Connecticut.


The license agreement with POSCO Energy will allow POSCO to manufacture Direct FuelCell power plants in South Korea.  A production facility will be built at the POSCO Energy campus in Pohang, and is expected to produce up to 140 megawatts of fuel cell components annually.  Construction of the facility is expected to begin in early 2013.


FuelCell Energy's order announcement is available online here.


FuelCell Energy's license agreement announcement is available online here.


Agreement Signed Between ITM Power and ABO Wind for Clean Hydrogen

On November 2, ITM Power PLC announced the signing of an agreement with ABO Wind to seek out locations and develop wind to hydrogen projects in the UK, Ireland and Germany.


ITM Power's press release is available online here here.


California South Coast Air Quality Management District Announces Plans to Install UTC Power Fuel Cell System


On November 12th, UTC Power announced that the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) will install a 400kW UTC Power fuel cell system at their headquarters in Diamond Beach, California.  AQMD regulates pollution for the entirety of Orange County, as well as portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. AQMD is also a repeat customer of UTC, having previously purchased a 200kW system in 1994 which ran for more than 50,000 hours.


UTC Power's press release is available here.


Air Products India Wins Contract to Build India's First Renewable Hydrogen Fueling Station


On November 28, Air Products India announced the receipt of a contract to reportedly build India's first renewable hydrogen fueling station.  The contract has been awarded by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies to build a hydrogen fueling station with the hydrogen generated via solar electrolysis.  The station is scheduled to be on-stream by July 2013.


Air Products' press release is available online here.

ITM Power Awarded Grant to Produce Synthetic Methane


On November 19, ITM Power announced the receipt of a 100k grant from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for a 12-month feasibility study to investigate producing synthetic methane.  The study will examine producing pure methane using carbon dioxide from industrial waste and renewable hydrogen produced via electrolysis.


ITM's press release can be found here.


Hydrogen Road Tour Completes UK Leg; Stops at Honda's Hydrogen Fueling Station in Swindon


On October 4, the European Hydrogen Road Tour completed its UK leg, punctuated by a refueling stop at Honda's public-access hydrogen refueling station in Swindon.  On October 15, Honda released a video that chronicles the event and features comments by various industry and local political leaders.


Fuelling the future with Honda - H2 Move
Fueling the future with Honda - H2 Move


Sponsored by Daimler, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota, the European Hydrogen Road Tour began on September 13, featured seven fuel cell electric vehicles and stopped at nine European cities.  The Tour was done to promote awareness of FCEVs and the need for hydrogen infrastructure. 


Honda's video covering the refueling event in Swindon is available here.


More information on the European Hydrogen Road Tour is available 



Fuel Cell Today Publishes its 2012 Fuel Cell Regulations, Codes, and Standards Review


On November 13th, Fuel Cell Today announced the publication of its 2012 Fuel Cell Regulations, Codes, and Standards (RCS) Review.  The review examines the ways RCS affect fuel cells and the fuels they use as technologies begin to commercialize.  The report covers RCS updates in transportation and fueling infrastructure, stationary applications, and portable applications of fuel cells.


The Fuel Cell Today report is available online here


Technology Strategy Board to Hold Competitions for Fuel Cell Manufacturers and Supply Chain


The Technology Strategy Board, a business organization established by the UK government to promote technology innovation, is holding a competition to support the production of fuel cells in the UK.  A total of 5m will be invested to increase production volume and lower system cost.


Up to 1m is available for an initial feasibility competition, with up to 4m to be awarded for the most promising projects.  The first competition begins November 26, 2012 and the deadline for registration is January 9, 2013.


More information regarding the Technology Strategy Board competition can be found here.


Federal Program News


Treadstone Technologies Among Award Winners for DOE FY 2012 SBIR/STTR Phase 1 Release 3


On November 2, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced Nextgen Aeronautics, Inc of Torrance, California and Treadstone Technologies, Inc of Princeton, New Jersey as SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 3 award winners for hydrogen and fuel cell projects.


The Nextgen Aeronautics award is to improve hydrogen storage through an improved tank design which will increase pressure and lower costs.  Treadstone Technologies' award is for the development of a metal bipolar plate technology for low temperature PEM fuel cells for transportation applications, which will help meet the DOE's goal of reducing fuel cell system cost. 


The award winners and projects are listed online here.


2012 DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Report Posted


On November 16, the Department of Energy (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Program posted the 2012 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation report.  The report summarizes the comments of expert peer reviewers from the 2012 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluations Meeting (AMR).


The 2013 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting will be held on May 13-17 in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area.


The Fuel Cell Technologies Program notice is available online 

DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Manufacturing R&D Opportunities Webinar


On November 20th, the Fuel Cell Technologies and Advanced Manufacturing Offices held a joint webinar discussing fuel cell manufacturing research and development activities and funding opportunities.


The Fuel Cell Technology Program announcement is available online here


Department of Energy Hosting SBIR Phase I Release 2 Topics Webinar  - To Include Discussion of Hydrogen Dispenser Technologies


On November 5, 2012, the Department of Energy's (DOE) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) office held a webinar discussing FY2013 Phase I Release 2 topics.  One of the topics included hydrogen dispenser technologies. 


A review of the topics is available here.


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