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 Unit 141 Newsletter    November 2012

   Philadelphia Contract Bridge Association


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    Wilmington NLM Sectional

    November 26-29


    Lancaster Regional 

    December 3-9


    Wilmington Sectional

    December 27-31



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    BIG NEWS!!!
    Bala Golf Club Will Be the Site for Philly Area Sectionals in 2013
    Unit 141 hosts six regular sectional tournaments each year, five in the Philly area and one at Mays Landing, NJ. We are delighted to announce that starting in January 2013, the five Philly area sectionals will all be held at a central location  - the Bala Golf Club on Belmont Avenue, just off City Line Avenue. The Mays Landing tournament will remain at its current location.


    "We have long sought a single, central site for our tournaments and Bala is the perfect place," said Joann Glasson, president of the PCBA. "A first-class setting and facility, Bala is centrally located in our unit and accessible for all of our members."


    At the Bala site, there will be spacious, well-lit playing areas as well as plenty of clean restrooms. Both ample free self parking and free valet parking will be available. The wonderful Unit 141 hospitality will continue. This move will not increase card fees.


    We look forward to seeing you at the first tournament at Bala, January 4-6, 2013, where we can enjoy this exciting new site. Please check back soon at the Unit 141 website for ongoing updates, including directions.



    Doylestown 0-199 Sectional
    Team Tournament

    Yes, that's right. Response has been so good for the 

    Doylestown 0-199 Team Tournament that it is sold out.  Pre-registration was required and if you pre-registered, you are all set. We will not be able to handle walk-ins at the door, but you can contact Jane Ball at to join the waiting list or if you have questions.


    Thanks for all your support for our Intermediate and Newcomer tournaments. They have been a great success and excellent fun. Look for more in the future. 


    On Deck: Lancaster and Doylestown 



    The World Series is over and Eagles' fans may be looking for something better to do on Sunday, so it's time to look at what's on deck in the local bridge scene.

    All players can start making plans for the Lancaster Regional, which takes place on new dates this year -- December 3-9. This regional is the last chance in the area this year to win gold. A perennial favorite for decades, this tournament often attracts top national and world players so start making plans now.

    snowman Doylestown is sold out this year, but players with fewer than 199 masterpoints can participate in the great I/N program at the Lancaster Regional. In addition to a full slate of I/N events, there are three separate Golden Opportunity events that award gold points and are limited to players with with fewer tha 750 points. Also don't forget the bracketed KOs where you only play teams within your masterpoint bracket and can still win Gold Points.


    Detailed information for the Lancaster Regional can be found here.


    NAP District Competitions Determine Players for National Game
    NAP Logo 
    The NAPs is a grass roots pairs event that begins with local competition and culminates at the spring Nationals each spring. Many of the region's best players competed at the district level this year for a chance to move on to the national level and earn cash awards to offset their travel to the spring NABC in St. Louis.
    The Flight A NAP competition took place over the weekend of October 20-21 in Allentown, with a two-session qualifying rounds on Saturday followed by a two-session final on Sunday. Concurrently, the Flight C competition was held on October 20 at clubs. The Flight B event to determine the top the finishers followed on October 27 in Wilmington.
    Congratulations to all of the qualifiers and best of luck to them in St. Louis! Complete results are posted on both the District 4 and Unit 141 websites.
    Flight A
    1.  Albert Bingaman Jr - Barry Gorski
    2.  Neal Satten - Ken Cohen
    3.  Phil Clark - Douglas Ross
    Flight B
    1.  James Carroll - Jonathan Forde
    2.  Paul Amer - Sam Amer
    3.  David Dodgson - Thomas Salter
    Flight C
    1/2.  Willliam Schadler - Joel Bees
    1/2.  Carol Bishop - Jeanette Harney
    3.    Jack Hund - James  Boyer


    2012 Jordan - Gough Trophies Announced
    Trophy Each year, Unit 141 gives an award to the players from the Unit who earn the most masterpoints at Unit 141 sectionals. 
    The award is presented in two categories. The Jordan trophy acknowledges the player who earns the most masterpoints while a resident in the Unit. The Gough Trophy acknowledges the non-life master who started the year with fewer than 500 masterpoints.
    The top three winners in each category receive free plays (10 free plays for first place, six free plays for second place, and three free plays for third place). Congratulations to the top three winners in each category, announced below. A complete listing can be found by clicking this link to the Unit 141 website.
    2012 Jordan Trophy
    1. Meyer Kotkin
    2. Ken Cohen
    3. Craig Robinson
    2012 Gough Trophy
    1. Nancy Chorpita
    2. Barry Dehlin
    3. (tie) Mark Hedson and Tzina Weinberg


    Got Storage?


    District 4 stores over 200 card tables in the Philly area that are used for various Regional and Sectional tournaments. We are looking for a new (and less expensive) place to store these tables between events. If you have a spare garage or warehouse space and would be willing to let the District use a corner of it, please contact Craig Robinson at  Craig can fill you in on the details.


    Table Tips: Shuffle Seven Times
    shuffling With so many clubs using pre-duplicated boards, you won't often need to shuffle but when you do it's a good idea to know how. How? Don't you just shuffle twice and deal out the cards? Nope.
    Have you ever thought that pre-duplicated "computer" hands seem more unbalanced than the ones your find at local clubs? Have you ever shook your head and said, "oh, these computer hands!" There's often a reason.
    In 1992, Persi Diaconis, a Stanford mathematician and magician, and David Bayer of Columbia University showed that it takes seven shuffles to sufficiently randomize a deck of cards. Apparently, this proof took Las Vegas by storm.
    Decks that are shuffled fewer than seven times are not randomized and tend to have more balanced distribution. Since people tend to shuffle fewer than seven times, hand-shuffled boards are flatter. Therefore, players have the impression that "computer" hands are more unbalanced, even though they actually better represent all possible deals.
    Most people shuffle on average four times, and increasing that number to, say, five isn't going to help. The magic number is seven and nothing less will randomize the deck. Edgar Kaplan, upon hearing this revelation, admitted that seven shuffles might lead to irritation among people who shuffle fewer times. But it's the right way to play the game and we suggest you do it.
    Check out this link to an excellent article by Gina Kolata in the New York Times on both the general principle and its application to bridge: Shuffle 7 Times article.


    Club News


    Card Hand on Right

    The North Penn Bridge Club will be holding an ACBL-wide charity game on November 26.


    The Old York Bridge Club at Temple Beth Am in Abingdon has no closings in November, but several special games. November 5 is a Swiss Team club championship followed by a STaC on November 12. They will also host an ACBL-wide charity game on November 26. Questions can be directed to Ralph Franklin at 215-635-2063 or


    Local clubs are encouraged to send announcements, schedules, updates, and special games for placement in upcoming newsletters.


    Unit 141 Newsletter, November 2012
    Volume 2, Issue 7
    Editor: Allison Brandt (