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May 2014

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Rhonda Musak with Flowers

 Rhonda Musak

Acting Coach

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Have you studied with me?  If so, if you would be willing to write a review of your experience of working with me on Actor Rated it would be greatly appreciated!
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Wondrous May greetings to you!  

It's been a fabulous last month here at Art & Soul Acting. On April 26, Art & Soul Acting was a part of the kickoff of Actors Pro Expo.

Huge THANK YOU to my Actors Pro Expo staff: Andrew Rothkin, Jenna Kantor & Alondra Perez. It was a great day and I could not have done it without you!

Here we are! 


L to R: Jenna Kantor, Rhonda Musak, Andrew Rothkin, Alondra Perez


Also, my most recent 10-week acting class Scene Study & Cold Reading Technique wrapped up in mid-April. 
And I'm very excited to be starting a weekly, ongoing Drop-In Acting Class! The first class is next week, Thursday, May 15. See details below.


And a huge, huge announcement for me personally as an actor and writer -- after nearly 2 years of writing and work-shopping, my 
solo show is officially finished! I am very much looking forward to starting rehearsals with my director, the wonderful Gareth Hendee, for my show...drum roll please:


Rhonda Bedonda: The Adventures of a Girl with a Pain in Her Brain

Cannot wait to let you know when and where I will be performing...clearly, this is down the road a bit, but I am thrilled nonetheless.

So much going on at Art & Soul, please read on and join in!

Wishing you a month filled with joyful artistic endeavors.  




Rhonda S. Musak

Acting Coach

Art & Soul Acting 

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Everything Acting Podcast 
Tools of the trade for the serious actor...via podcast!

You never know who you'll meet and I was lucky enough to meet fabulous acting coach Roz Williams at TRU's Meet The Coaches event in March.

Roz generously invited me to have a conversation with her about acting coaching on her Everything Acting turned out to be an absolute blast!

Have a listen as Roz and I connect over everything from our favorite book "Mindset" to the perils of missed given circumstances.

What is the Everything Acting Podcast?

Each Everything Acting Podcast episode contains tips and info from legitimate industry insiders. Acting coaches, casting directors, agents, producers and directors will offer insights on pictures, resumes, auditions, reels, and what happens when you get the job. Get inspiration from real life audition stories; find out who got the part and how they got it!

Brought to you by Darbi Worley and Roz Williams/Red Wall Productions

Join Roz, Darbi and the Everything Acting Podcast guests as they inform, inspire and demystify the actor's journey.

Where can I find the Everything Acting Podcast?

Right now, my episode is only available on the app. The Everything Acting app works on the iPhone, Android or iPod touch.

The app is $5.99 --  a steal at that rate providing inspiring convos and tons of insider info that will give your acting career a tremendous boost!

What's Going on with Acting Class? 
GrowFor an actor, acting class is the #1 laboratory for growth and exploration.  It is the place to take risks...a safe harbor where it's okay to let go of perfection in lieu of stretching and expanding beyond limitations.
Announcing a new class!

Weekly Ongoing Drop-In Acting Class

The Drop-In Acting Class at Art & Soul Acting is designed for the acting student who wishes to receive acting coaching on the material of their choice in a group setting. Registration is on a class-by-class basis.


Class Structure

Each class will begin with a brief warm-up so attendees can approach their work centered and focused. Actors will then work on their material of choice in an individual work slot.

Work Slot Material Options
Actors may choose to work on any of the following: 

  • Monologues
  • Cold Readings for Film or Stage
  • Audition Process & Technique
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Audition
  • Exercises to Stretch the Actors Instrument
  • Scene Study
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Role
  • Acting Technique Breakdown for an Acting Issue
  • Get Unstuck Coaching

Class kicks-off on Thursday, May 15th.


For individual class dates, hours and fee, please visit click on the link below:


What's Up with the Book Club for Actors? 

Remaining reading time: a few days. 


The next playwright for Book Club for Actors will be announced on May 13th.


On Saturday, May 10 we will be discussing the plays of Thornton Wilder.

Saturday, May 10, 3-5:00 - East Village

WHERE: Location will be e-mailed with RSVP confirmation.

Please begin by reading The Skin of Our Teeth. After that, feel free to read any play from the Thornton Wilder Reading List found on the Art & Soul Acting website. To ensure a robust conversation, participants are asked to read at least 3-4 plays.

Be ready to share what you have discovered about this amazing playwright so we can all learn and grow together.

Looking forward to it!   



For a complete list of play and playwrights the Book Club for Actors has already covered, please visit: Book Club for Actors Archive.
In The Press 

Curious to know more about the Book Club for Actors?  Please check out following articles: 


Summer Acting Intensive for Teens
Art & Soul Acting travels! The Summer Acting Intensive for Teens is a one-of-a-kind traveling professional acting workshop. Teens spend a week training like the pros!


Created in 2011-but dreamed about for a long time-the aim of this workshop is to bring acting training to teens who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study professionally.

The group activities made me feel as one with my fellow actors in the workshop, and I believe the trusting bond was carried on from the stage to everyday life. I made friends, improvements, and most importantly memories to last a lifetime.
~ Brandon Vlach ~


Summer 2014 will feature both Level I & Level II:

Level I - Core Acting Techniques: Intense focus on the core elements that go into powerful acting.
Level II - The Audition Process: Includes monologues, cold readings and college audition prep. Prerequisites: Level I.  


I love that every day I walked into class I learned something new.
~ Julia Barich ~ 



Classes: Monday-Friday, 5-hours a day

Final Rehearsal: Saturday, 5-hours

Dinner Break: 1-hour

Warm-Up & Half-Hour Call: 1-hour

Performance Cabaret: 45 minutes

Post-Performance Celebration!


The Summer Acting Intensive was a blessing! New friends
were made through never forgettable experiences.
Acting is being: it is living.

~Joey Dearduff ~ 


Confirmed 2014 Bookings:


Illinois All State Audition Final Prep Workshop


   * June 11: Lockport Township High School, IL


A Crash Course in Auditioning: Everything You Need to Know to Rock Your Next Audition! Workshop

   * June 12-13: Lockport Township High School, IL

   * June 17-18: Minooka Community High School, IL


Summer Acting Intensive for Teens - Level I


   * July 14-19: Sylacauga, AL


Tentative 2014 Bookings:


   * July: Chicago, IL


Summer 2014 workshops are booking now! If you are interested in hosting a Summer Acting Intensive for Teens in your area - or know someone who is - please visit the Art & Soul Acting website for complete details:


Summer Acting Intensive for Teens 


LEAP with Passion into 2014!!!
VISIONLeap 2014 celebrates the 6th year of the annual Leap with Passion Workshop. It is a sought after favorite of many of my students.

Leap with Passion into 2014!!!
2014 Leap attendees will receive Leaps & Bounds -- a bite-sized monthly reminder to inspire deep integration of all the discoveries made during the Leap workshop.

Please look for it in your e-mail inbox near the middle of each month.

Leap with Passion into 2015!!!
Dates TBA

LOVE this workshop and will make it an annual MUST!  

~ Tiffany Hodges ~

Book that Job Blog's Latest Articles
MasteryThe "Book That Job Blog" features articles focusing on the craft or business of acting.

April 17, 2014

Disappointment, The Actor's Advantageous Companion


In a July 2010 British GQ article about novelist and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho), the article's author, Alex Blimes, refers to a conversation he had with both Ellis and Gus Van Sant:

"Both Bret and Gus, for all their successes, know the pain of trying and sometimes failing to make films, and the angst and ennui that life in LA can engender. Gus says that if you are unable to inure yourself to disappointment, as everyone in his business must, you can find yourself consumed by bitterness and paranoia."

Disappointment. A word that sinks into the pores and settles into the bones of actors everywhere... 



What's the Student News?
If you've studied with me and have news to share, please let me know the details by about 5 days before the end of the month; I am happy to include it here!


Kevin Cusick

702 Punch Lines & Pregnant

Performing the role of Wooley

St. Luck's Theatre

Show is in continuous run, next performance is June 1.

Details & Tickets


Jenna Kantor

Guys & Dolls

Performing the role of Sarah Brown

The Merrick Theatre

May 31-June 22

Details & Tickets


Samantha Needles

"Dancers Who Care" 

Benefit Performance

Monday, May 12

JCC Manhattan

Details & Tickets


Alondra Perez

Congrats on receiving a Wishbone scholarship for the Brooklyn Ballet Summer Intensive.


Andrew Rothkin

Congrats on your play Father's Day which will receive its premier production as part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Spring One Act Play Competition.

Details & Tickets


Andrew Rothkin

Congrats on recent reading of your play Ode to the Taxman at Triangle Theatre Company. 


Gena West

Congrats on leading role Laurie in the short film "Old Devil Look".


Gena West

Congrats on leading role Faye in the short film "Response".


Gena West

Congrats on leading role Joanna in the short film "A Good Day".


 Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints
his own nature into his pictures. 
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~