The purpose of the Cultural Conversations Friday e-mail blast is to provide various tidbits on Cultural and Linguistic Competence (CLC) activities, cultural discovery, interesting information about other cultures, how to be more culturally sensitive to others and updates on statistics and information that are relevant to the work the FAST TRAC system of care is doing with youth and families in Clermont County.


This Week's Cultural Conversation:

Involving Families with LGBT Youth in Suicide Prevention - featuring the film, "Always My Son" 

This free program is designed to help parents, educators, clinicians, clergy, and others who interact with young people understand the critical role that families play in reducing suicide risk for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. This is a FREE training for families who have a youth who is dealing with LBGT issues and how you as a family member can help reduce the likelihood of them attempting suicide. This program is sponsored by the Partnership for Mental Health.

Event Details

4/10/2014 from 1:30-2 (Check-in) 2pm-5pm (program)

Loveland Receptions Conference Center; Loveland, Ohio

Register here:


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