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Innovative Care at Haywood Regional Health and Fitness Center
Order Now: 2016-17 Physician "Blue Book" Directories
Bowtie Briefing for 12/16/16
Trump's HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price: The CliffsNotes Vetsion
Hospitals Warn Trump, Congress of Massive Losses with Affordable Care Act Repeal
30M Would Be Uninsured if 'Replace' Stalls after 'Repeal' Goes Through
CDC Says Opioid-Related Deaths at All-Time High
A Change in Policy Regarding Physician Burnout by the NC Medical Board
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Happy New Year from the WCMS Staff!

On behalf of everyone at WCMS, Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 is full of happiness and fulfillment for each and every one of you!


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Innovative Care at Haywood Regional Health and Fitness Center
Read the full interview with Drs. Kate Queen and Al Mina.
Order Now: 2016-17 Physician "Blue Book" Directories
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Bowtie Briefing for 12/16/16


Trump's HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price: The CliffsNotes Version 
President-elect Donald Trump early Tuesday morning confirmed a mountain of industry hearsay when he announced he would nominate Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) for HHS Secretary. 
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Hospitals Warn Trump, Congress of Massive Losses with Affordable Care Act Repeal
The nation's hospital industry warned President-elect Trump and congressional leaders on Tuesday that repealing the Affordable Care Act could cost hospitals $165 billion by the middle of the next decade and trigger "an unprecedented public health crisis." The two main trade groups for U.S. hospitals dispatched a letter to the incoming president and Capitol Hill's top four leaders, saying that the government should help hospitals avoid massive financial losses if the law is rescinded in a way that causes a surge of uninsured patients. (Goldstein, 12/6)
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30M Would Be Uninsured If 'Replace' Stalls After 'Repeal' Goes Through, Report Finds
The Urban Institute study found that 22.5 million people would lose coverage directly due to repeal of the law, while another 7.3 million would become uninsured because of the ripple effects of market upheavals.
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CDC says opioid-related deaths at all-time high
The Washington Post (12/8, Ingraham) reports data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday revealed that "opioid deaths continued to surge in 2015, surpassing 30,000 for the first time in recent history." The data shows "an increase of nearly 5,000 deaths from 2014." CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, said in a statement, "The epidemic of deaths involving opioids continues to worsen." He added, "Prescription opioid misuse and use of heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl are intertwined and deeply troubling problems." To continue reading, click here

A Change in Policy Regarding Physician Burnout By the NC Medical Board
Submitted by Bob Henderson, MD
Medical Director of WCMS' Healthy Healer Program

Previously, I shared with you my experience of meeting with the widow of a North Carolina physician who committed suicide last year, a victim of burnout. As you recall I discussed three factors which contributed to his death. One of those was his fear of seeking assistance due to possible negative repercussions with the state licensing board.

At the time of that physician's suicide the North Carolina Medical Board's license renewal application, question 4, asked the applicant if he/she "was aware of any medical condition that impairs or limits your ability to practice medicine safely?" Medical conditions included 
"... psychological conditions or disorders ..." Such language was viewed as a deterrence against a physician reporting burnout and seeking help from therapists, coaches or the North Carolina Physician Health Program, which was designed to assist physicians with such problems. 
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