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If you are married to a physician, then you are on a similar journey with other physician families and we can support each other! Share thoughts and 
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The Summer 2016 Physician Family Magazine 
is Here!

The AMAA publishes a quarterly Physician Family Magazine.  
 Click here to read the summer 2016 publication. 

"this features six pieces which are of special interest to our readers at the medical school stage of the journey, including tips on how to survive medical school together, some tricky aspects of maintaining relationships during medical school, budgeting tips for medical students, how single GME accreditation will impact The Match, ten positive tips on how to love medical school (helpful to medical students and their families), as well as good advice from experienced physician family members in our Q&A feature. T"

Check out the article on page 4!
Transitions in a Medical Career by licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Illene Bosscher. The 12 tips by experts to help make transitions easier is definitely worth a read!

"Transitions! How do you think of them? As opportunities? As adventures? Stressful? Daunting? 

Our lives are really just a continuum of cycles of growth, change, and transitions. It is our interpretations of these transformations that direct our responses to them and guide us as we develop new behavior resolutions to help us cope with them. 

Transformation can come to a person in many ways: developmental, emotional, knowledge, skills, relationships, family, finances, cultural, career. It can be interpreted as positive when a highly anticipated event finally happens. Or it can be interpreted as stressful when perceived as threatening or overwhelming." Click here to view the whole article.

Register Now for the Newcomers' Picnic!
Grab the kids and join us for our annual picnic! Farm animals, fried chicken (or tempeh!), lawn games, and a great big s'mores bonfire! This year's picnic will be held again at Yesterday Spaces in Leicester on Sunday, September 18th from 4-7pm!

In 2017, we're expanding our membership to Physician Assistants, so bring your PA colleagues, as well!

(officially, registration has ended, but we can fit a few more :)

Does your physician partner read the weekly e-Newsletter, Vital Signs?
Note from Alex:
Did you know WCMS physicians receive a weekly e-Newsletter called Vital Signs?  It is packed full of "hot off the press" happenings in the western North Carolina medical community.  If your spouse is as busy as mine, you may want to consider having this delivered to your "physician family" home email address. It makes for some great dinner conversation, and keeps your doc connected!

If you'd like to start receiving Vital Signs in your "physician family" home email, contact Kylie Bechdolt at Kylie@mywcms.org  with your preferred email address. 

Milk and Cookies for Doctors on Life Support, and Other Cheery Thoughts about Work-Life Imbalance
This is a fascinating blog post that covers several topics ranging from physician burnout to mindfulness. Worth the read! View the whole blog here 

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Upcoming Event for Physicians: Get Home Early with Dr. Mark McNeill
When: October 4, 6-8 p.m.
What: Tips & Tricks to Improve your Practice using the Patient Portal (Get Home Early!)
Who: Any WCMS Physician Member

Pumpkin Dip!
Delicious with apple slices and perfect for the fall season!

  • C (6oz) 1/3 less fat cream cheese
  • C brown sugar
  • C canned pumpkin
  • 2 tsp maple syrup
  • tsp ground cinnamon
Beat first 3 ingredients in a bowl until well blended, add syrup and cinnamon.  Beat until smooth, cover, and chill 30 minutes. Serves 12.