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September 30, 2015
WCMS Circle of Friends: Van Winkle Law Firm & Johnson Prics Sprinkle, PA
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CME Event on Cancer Lab Testing (Sponsor Message- left)
Register for the Independent Physicians Affinity Group 10/5/2015
Register for the Emeritus Affinity Group 10/14/2015
Register for the Women in Medicine Affinity Group 10/29/2015
Mission CEO Statement on COPA Legislation
North Carolina to Overhaul Medicaid
More Buncombe Residents have Health Insurance
Flu Season is Here
Physicians' Voice in the News
McCrory Signs Bill to Revamp Medicaid in North Carolina
ICD-10: One Week Out
Preventing Burnout: Finding Joy in Medicine
WCMS Physician Blue Books are Available for Pre-Order
Advanced Care Planning Workshops for Patients: Letter from WCMS Member Dr. David Mouw
Job Board & Classified Ads
Independent Physicians Affinity Group 10/5/2015
If you are an independent physician, please join us at our upcoming Independent Physicians Affinity Group on October 5th at 6 p.m. at the Asheville Event Centre. The event is sponsored by Medical Mutual with Circle of Friends Sponsor, JPS' Mary Williams, presenting on Value Based Reimbursement. We'll be providing some refreshments.

Members are welcome to bring non-member physicians as their guests,. Please note this on the registration form.
Click here to register.
Emeritus Affinity Group 10/14/2015
The third quarterly meeting of the WCMS Emeritus Affinity Group will take place on October 14th at the Asheville Country Club. Dr. Zack Bridges and Dr. Edward Isbey III will be presenting on Advances in Ophthalmology and Retinal Surgeries. 
Click here to register.
Women in Medicine Affinity Group 10/29/2015
All female physician members are invited to our next Women in Medicine Affinity Group meeting, presented by Medical Mutual. This is a chance to connect with each other, enjoy a time of collegiality/networking and discuss relevant content to women in the practice of medicine.

When: Thursday, Oct. 29th from 6pm-8pm
Where: Travinia Italian Kitchen in Biltmore Park
264 Thetford St, Asheville 
Topic: Wearing Many Hats: New Clinical Expertise Opportunities for Women in Medicine
by Dr. Lisa Banker
Click here for more information and to register.
Mission CEO Statement on COPA Legislation
Ronald A. Paulus, MD, President and CEO, Mission Health
September 29, 2015

"We are pleased that the General Assembly has decided to end the Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA) effective Jan. 1, 2018. Mission has been operating under the COPA for nearly 20 years - twice as long as any other COPA nationally. Although it was an important tool at the time, it has outlived its usefulness and we feel strongly that this is the right decision for the residents of western North Carolina."
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North Carolina to Overhaul Medicaid - Local Physicians Weigh In
ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- North Carolina is now poised to privatize Medicaid as House bill 372 passed by both the House and Senate moves to the Governor for approval.

The plan would have the state enter into contracts with three companies that would offer statewide health insurance plans for Medicaid patients. In addition, ten other entities made up of hospitals and doctor groups would also compete for being part of the privately managed care.

President of the Western Carolina Medical Society, OB-GYN Dr. Bob Henderson, is watching the plan closely.
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More Buncombe Residents have Health Insurance
ASHEVILLE - Not long after she got health insurance, Spencer Fountain fell and broke her arm.

She had to go to the emergency room, and she says without the insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield, she couldn't have afforded the bill.
"It's just been a lifesaver," the 64-year-old Buncombe County resident said. "I've been very blessed to have it."

The self-employed bookkeeper never could afford insurance before. In 2000, when she was diagnosed with cancer, Fountain got help from Project Access, which provides medical help to uninsured Buncombe residents.
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Click here to hear Spencer's story.
Flu Season is Here
Do your part to keep our community's protective shield strong! Get a Flu Shot!
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Physicians' Voice in the News
WCMS is proud to announce another high quality addition to the series of "The Physicians' Voice," a series of media presentations for the general public that showcase physicians' world-class medical expertise and focus on patient/community health. Here is the latest release: "Breast Cancer: Knowledge is Power" - by WCMS Member Dr. Rachel Raab of Cancer Care of WNC.

Excerpt: "October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a great time to talk with your physician or health care provider about breast health and breast cancer.

Breast cancer, following skin cancer, is the most common cancer in American women. Approximately 1 in 8 (12 percent) women in the United States will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. The good news is, however, that there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, and that early detection saves lives."

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McCrory Signs Bill to Revamp Medicaid in North Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday signed a major bill aimed at changing Medicaid in North Carolina.

The bill, approved by the General Assembly Tuesday, would impact 1.8 million North Carolinians.
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ICD-10: One Week Out
In one week, the U.S. health care system will start using the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision. This is a huge moment because ICD-10 will help doctors and other health care providers better:
  • Define patients' clinical status and treat their complex medical conditions.
  • Coordinate care among providers.
  • Support new payment methods that drive quality of care.
  • As we come to October 1st, CMS wants to assure the medical community that we've tested and retested our systems, and we're prepared to solve problems that may come up.
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Preventing Burnout: Finding Joy in Medicine
Physician Life Balance - Top Three Tools
1) The Schedule HACK
2) Bucket List Secrets
and our latest and perhaps most powerful technique:
3) "Quick NO, Slow YES"
Click here to read more.
WCMS Physician Blue Books are Available for Pre-Order + Link to Direct Messaging Addresses
The WCMS Physician Directory includes address, phone and fax information for over 1,600 WNC physicians and practices. In addition, our new version contains the URL to our growing list of direct, secure email addresses in compliance with Meaningful Use. Check it out here.

The newest version will be available in October of 2015. Click here to pre-order now, or download order form to pay by check. 
Advanced Care Planning Workshops for Patients: Letter from WCMS Member Dr. David Mouw
Dear Physicians,

Here's 2 good reasons to invest a little of your valuable time with your elderly patients in an effort to get them to document their Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will. 1

1) Beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, for the first time, doctors will be paid by Medicare to counsel patients about their options for end of life care. 
2) If you introduce the issue at an office visit, my colleagues and I can get your patient to complete the legal paperwork if you refer them to us for one afternoon or evening workshop.

At the UNCA College for seniors (now called O.L.L.I.), one of my retirement activities is to coordinate an Advance Care Planning Workshop every 4 months. Click here to learn all about these free 2-hr sessions, open to any adult. 

So far we have had 11 workshops, attended by over 600 adults, nearly half of whom completed the NC Short form (used by Mission Hospital, includes Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney). We notarize the form for them before they leave the workshop.
The next workshop is Thursday, October 16 from 7-9 p.m. at the Reuter Center on the UNCA campus.
All you'd have to do after introducing Advance Care Planning to a patient is go to the OLLI website and find out the date for the next workshop, advise the patient how to prepare, and write the patient an Rx slip to be at OLLI on that particular date. We'll take it from there. 
I hope we can help you.  And....thanks for helping us by referring some patients.
David Mouw MD PhD
MAHEC Family Practice Faculty 1997-2007
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