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May 13, 2015
WCMS Circle of Friends: Van Winkle Law Firm & Johnson Prics Sprinkle, PA

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13th Annual Heartstrings Fundraiser at Mountain Sports Festival: Bring the Family!
Save the Date - Emeritus Luncheon June 24
Physicians' Voice in the News
Op-Ed by Dr. Shannon Dowler: "This is my exam room, not your soapbox"
WCMS featured in Mountain Xpress: "Heal Thyself"
Impact of Medicaid Expansion on the ED Boarding Crisis in Las Vegas
On Your Own or Part of a Larger Healthcare System?
On The Road to 10
Job Board & Classified Ads
MAHEC regularly provides courses for CME credit.
Check out our website calendar to see upcoming opportunities. Here are the next few events:

13th Annual Heartstrings Fundraiser at Mountain Sports Festival: Bring the Family!

The WCMS Foundation annual fundraiser, Heartstrings, will take place on May 23rd and 24th from 11am to 6pm at the Mountain Sports Festival at Carrier Park in west Asheville.

Heartstrings, presented by Quest Diagnostics, is a fantastic way for families to spend time together on Memorial Day weekend. Families can participate in an inflatable pony hop, Frisbee golf, jump in a bouncy house, play corn hole, and practice their strength at a noodle javelin throw. There is a suggested $5 donation per family. 100% of all donations will go to the WCMS Foundation to give the gift of health care to people in need. You will save lives with your donation to Heartstrings. This event is all about fun and is a fantastic way for families to support the WCMS Foundation. 
Register Now!

Save the Date - Emeritus Luncheon June 24

The upcoming Emeritus luncheon will feature guest speaker Dr. David Mouw on "Advanced Directives: Them and Us."

The luncheon will be held at the Asheville Country Club. Formal invitations will be sent out soon. 

Physicians' Voice in the News

WCMS is proud to announce another high quality addition to the series of "The Physicians' Voice." "The Physicians Voice" is a series of media presentations for the general public that showcase physicians' world-class medical expertise and focus on patient/community health. Here is the latest release: WCMS member Dr. Eric Smith's second piece in a three part series appears in Blue Ridge Now, "How to Quit Smoking."


Excerpt: "Many of you may be saying, 'I've tried it before, many times, and it's just not possible for me' or 'Dr. Smith, you have no idea how hard it is to quit this addiction!' You are right. I don't.

I do, however, have the research and the input of thousands of people who have successfully quit smoking, many who did it after many attempts. I also have many tools to help you quit and the desire to help you make it a reality.

Click here to continue reading.

Op-Ed by Dr. Shannon Dowler: "This is my Exam Room, Not Your Soapbox."

From the Asheville Citizen-Times: "This is my Exam Room, Not Your Soapbox."

The N.C. General Assembly feels otherwise. 


Excerpt: "I have had the pleasure of practicing medicine for almost 15 years now and I have seen a lot change in my exam room in that time.

Instead of writing on paper, I peck away at a ten-pound laptop that I lug around from room to room. In my building the rooms are "industry standard", which means that they are much too small for a family to share. When my patients get naked, instead of a cotton gown they have the humbling experience of crinkly white paper to protect their modesty."

Click here to continue reading. 

WCMS featured in Mountain Xpress: "Heal Thyself"
Western Carolina Medical Society tackles physician burnout. 
Click here to read more.

Impact of Medicaid Expansion on the ED Boarding Crisis in Las Vegas

CARSON CITY - Southern Nevada's mental health treatment crisis has largely disappeared because of the state's decision to participate in the Affordable Care Act expansion in Medicaid and because of a significant increase in the reimbursement rate for inpatient mental health treatment.

On Your Own or Part of a Larger Healthcare System?

"Should I open or retain my own private practice or become part of a larger healthcare system?" That's the question I've heard from ten physicians over the past six months. I've written this newsletter to help you assess your own readiness. One size doesn't fit all. Only you can decide. That decision that will significantly impact tasks that need to be done with respect to organization and management, financial management, managing staff and external resources, maintaining quality and outcomes, and compliance. 

Click here to read more. 

On The Road to 10
To help small physician practices prepare for the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is providing free in-person ICD-10 training. The course is designed for physicians and practice managers. The educational sessions will offer key strategies and actionable tactics for successfully transitioning to ICD-10 implementing.
The current schedule for May can be viewed here.

To see more upcoming in-person trainings, please visit the Events page at http://www.roadto10.org/.

Job Board & Classified Ads
Job Board: 
Physician (Bariatric Clinic)
Medical Interpreter  (WCMS)
To find out how you can post a Job or Classified Ad Click here.

WCMS is a thriving 700+ member professional association of the physicians of western North Carolina and a chartered component medical society of the NC Medical Society and the AMA. The WCMS is an organization run by physicians for physicians.

Our Mission
WCMS Association: WCMSA is the physicians' voice advocating for the health of the physician, the patient, and the community, through strengthening the physician-patient relationship.

WCMS Foundation: WCMSF is the physician and community-led charitable arm of the medical society improving access to quality healthcare, decreasing disparities in health, and promoting health & wellness.   


Our Vision

To be a dynamic physician community dedicated to a healthy, vibrant Western North Carolina.

About WCMS
The purpose of WCMS is: 

  • To strengthen the voice of WNC physicians in advocating for the health of the medical profession, the health of the patient, and the health of our region
  • To inform, educate and prepare physicians for rapidly occurring changes in health care at national, state, and local levels
  • To share legislative and policy information and advocate on behalf of physicians in areas of mutual interest
  • To share available resources in areas of mutual interest
  • To promote physician-to-physician communication and dialogue in an open, honest and safe environment

We hope you enjoy our weekly e-Newsletter. If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.  


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