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April 2015
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The Truth About Cancer

   It's "curable" with chemo, we (me and my husband) were told by Pete's oncologist (about the Large B-Cell Lymphoma they found in a lymph node they removed near his groin).  Even Pete's cardiologist "would do chemo" if it were him.  "BUT, there is something else."  Some other cancer?  So instead of starting the chemo right away, they checked his bone marrow (which was all right) and he was to have a colonoscopy, but he was admitted into the hospital the day before it, to sew-up a punctured small intestine, twelve days after the Lymphoma prognosis. 

    He would never recover from this "complication" of cancer, as his lungs were filling with blood clots and liquid making it difficult to breathe, as he tried coughing up all the phlegm, and a series of sharp intermittent pains gave him pause while talking when his diaphragm movement was limited by the enlarged lungs.  His tummy was distended and his legs and feet bloated from the antibiotic IVs.  His weight rose drastically from 165 to in-the 190s. 

    While they drained his tummy and his right lung (partially), he had a heart attack just one point away from death.  They found 4 arteries blocked with plaque with another CAT scan.  My husband was resigned to hospice. 
    "No..." I cried like the kid John Connor in
Terminator 2 trying to order the terminator not to kill himself (me asking him to put a feeding tube in).  In addition to his poor nutrition, the hospital doctor who delivered the shocking news of the whole picture said, "No one procedure would make him better, and in fact could be fatal."  After crying our eyes out (our son, Travis included) that night, we started making hospice plans.  My husband wanted to die with dignity, not with feeding tubes in his nose and a breathing tube in his mouth. 

    Hospice was the best choice (the Islands Hospice home in Palolo).  The staff put up with the heavy volume of people coming and going all day into the late hours (11:30 pm), as long as I was game.  And though I knew it took a lot out of Pete to see all these people, in my heart I felt he deserved it and wanted it.  It dawned on me that this was the true meaning of "Wake."

    Musicians sang from the heart, people massaged Pete's feet with d'Oterra Deep Blue rub.  When his eyes were slightly open but couldn't talk, a musician friend said, it was as if Pete wanted to get up and welcome people at the door to come on in to his room.  Even when his eyes were closed and mouth slightly opened, he could still hear.  He surprised a nephew with a fist-bump, and some musicians, using his thumbs and index finger forming a double O like, "You da bes!"  I read a letter to him from his niece who recalled him singing "ooo eee ooo ah ah, ting tang walla walla bing bang, making mazes for her, Trav and Josh to figure out, and playing The Never Ending Story over and over while watching them in his office.  He nodded when I read the part that he was "a Good Uncle", and she knows she's got to make financial rectification of her recent past mistakes with her inheritance from Mom-Mom's estate.

    On his last day, after people had left I lowered the rail to the bed and lay partially on the top of his bed, petting the side of his head, and kissed him on the lips telling him how much I loved him and thanks for choosing me to share his life.  I put my tongue on his lips since it was so dry.  As I looked at him, his lips said, "I love you," twice.  So sweet.  

    Travis came into the room announcing that Lorca was on the phone skyping from Bali, so I let him sit with his phone before Pete.  During the call, Pete squeezed Travis' hand very hard and Travis looked at him as he sighed his last breath.  Travis cried and I came back into the room to hug his still-warm body.  Death with Dignity was definitely the way to go.  "Dying is a part of living," a grief counselor there told me.

    It would be easy for me to end the story right here with the "unknowns" if they/I/we/he coulda-woulda-shoulda, i.e., if they had only started earlier with the chemo.  But wait a minute.  Was that me wondering what could've happened?  I've been so totally against the Cancer Big Business for so long.

    And, to make things even more confusing for the better, an 11-day free docu-series of "The Truth About Cancer" just started on March 30th.  All these doctors, scientists, etc. are saying things like, cancer is a symptom, not a disease.  It's not a lump you just zap and then you're fine.  In fact by zapping it with chemo or radiation, you are adding a clearly labeled poison "that causes cancer" to your system that kills the good cells and that's why the tumor shrinks.  So now you're left with the cancer cells that don't die that come back with a vengeance.  If chemo or radiation works, why not send all cancer patients to Fukushima as the largest hospital for radiation?

    It is curable naturally. Your immune system is very powerful and can prevent and cure it.  Sometimes you need to re-boot it though.  And, if you dump a bunch of junk foods into your body, it's creating an acidic environment to prevent your immune system from doing its job.  Sugar is the Building Block of Cancer and the Insulin feeds both good cells, and bad cancer cells.  When the Insulin receptors get worn out, Cancer takes over having a field day with more and more sugar coming its way. Cancer is an "obligate glucose consumer" eating up all the sugar found in each cell, so people die of malnutrition.

    It's not too late to watch the series on your computer. Google The Truth About Cancer, produced by Ty Bollinger if the link below doesn't work.  I'm going to buy the series and study it further.  Check it out and spread the word about it. 



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August 2, 1949-March 10, 2015


Sunday, April 12, 2015

2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

KCC Ohia Dining Room

(please note: place has changed) 


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Showing of Cowspiracy at UH Manoa
April 20, 2015, Monday
10:00 to 11:25 a.m.
Campus Center Lawn
(in a special tented area)

Earth Day at KCC
April 22, 2015, Wednesday
Showing of Cowspiracy
Consult KCC's website for events
... and time of the showing.
We will join the Vegetarian Society in their tent giving out food samples.


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Food Ethics 101 Hawaii Meet-up
and Vegan Pot Luck

April 26, 2015, Sunday

12:00 to 2:00 p.m.

Our subject will be CANCER - THE CURE.

Bring a dish and come to Greens & Vines.

RSVP: 536-9680

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