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March 2015
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   This past Food Ethics 101 Hawaii Meetup was about the important role the ocean plays with its tiny phytoplankton providing 80% of the earth's oxygen, and therefore providing the very foundation of our existence. The oceans regulate climate absorbing 90% of the heat from the planet.  From whales to phytoplankton, protecting bio-diversity is key in saving the ocean. Phytoplankton populations have shifted to the Arctic and Antarctica. If the warm water in the Atlantic stops drifting up from Mexico toward Europe, it will be bad news for Europe as it could be plunged into a deep freeze. Before his death, Jacques Cousteau lamented that the oceans will die during our lifetime.  

   Food Ethics 101 Hawaii is about Diet and Climate Change, Health, Sustainability, GMOs. We've set a goal of participating in the upcoming Earth Day on April 20th at the UH and KCC. Look for the Food Ethics 101 Hawaii banner, and we will be giving out free food samples and brochures. We discussed the showing of Cowspiracy, (and if I may add) Dr. Richard Oppenlander's You Tube video, FOOD CHOICE AND SUSTAINABILITY. These are key in resetting the direction of the Climate Change movement toward exposing the role of livestock, and not just carbon emissions.  So this coming March 29th Food Ethics 101, we will show Oppenlander's video at our Vegan Potluck Meetup. 

   There is a strong desire to be able to engage people in discussion with the facts at our fingertips. That's why the Facebook page (Food Ethics 101 Hawaii --- Hawaii was added due to a kink was it? in adding it as a page on my personal FB) will come in handy.  I have articles for the FB page, but need them to be uploaded.  There will be articles on Sustainability, all the way to role of Media, Microbes, the Black Hole, etc.  Please RSVP at 536-9680 for the next Food Ethics event at Greens & Vines and bring a vegan dish to share. It's been a stimulating yummy event.


Happy 99th Birthday, Mom
... March 2, 2015



    Is it Genes? Or Jeans? I remember this question asked at the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP). People say that wow. She has great Genes (like they said about Okinawans; which was debunked in CHIP because there was a difference in the mortality rate between the Mountain dwellers who ate veggies versus the Oceanside dwellers who ate mostly fish). Well, out of a family of 10 children, she was the oldest and was considered to be her siblings' Mom. She raised them while her father first worked in the fields in Waimanalo, and Mother as a seamstress. Grandpa eventually moved to Wahiawa, and later when he purchased a property on King Street.... my mom was the older kids' mom, left in Wahiawa to go to school, while the younger ones lived with Grandpa and Grandma in town.

   She then got married, and raised 5 of us, and then her grandkids too. She was a walker, all the way into her late 80s, and cooked Korean and other Ethnic Foods for us (never Kalbi as that was grilled only at parties by my uncles). She taught me how to make spaghetti. It was my first dinner item. I was relied upon to cook breakfast when I was in the 5th grade waking up at 5 am, since Mom worked the "Graveyard Shift" at a saimin stand next to the old Pawaa Theatre that got knocked down for the Cinerama Theatre, and now an automobile parts store. She went to night school and eventually became the first Secretary/Registrar at Damien High School. 

   Yup. She was a hard worker from an early age. Out of the 10 children in her family, only 5 survive (including her). It all depends on lifestyle choices.  Mortality Rates differ between her type of lifestyle and those of smokers, alcohol drinkers, the obese, the stressed, and those who are not fit.




Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT

The "Vegiterranean" Diet


Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 7 p.m.
Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse
404 Kapahulu Ave.


   The Vegiterranean Diet is a talk based on the brand new book contextualizing both the global and historical benefits of the Mediterranean diet as well as the vegan diet. Julieanna Hever summarizes almost a century of science confirming that the reason the Mediterranean diet is considered the gold standard in research is largely due to the fact that it is a whole food, plant-based diet. Julieanna debunks the myths that it is the olive oil, fish, or red wine that provides the advantages, but, rather, it is the whole food, and lifestyle factors instead. Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, is a Registered Dietitian and the host of the wellness talk show series What Would Julieanna Do?.


DINE OUT at Greens & Vines

March 11, 2015, 5-7 p.m.
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Vegan Dine-out Taster Plate includes:

1) Green Papaya Coconut Salad with
Lilikoi Kaffir Lime Leaf Dressing

2) Apples & Cheez

3) Falafel Boat

4) Bagel with Sour Kreme, Capers & Veggies

5) Tropical Cheez Cake



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