Greens & Vines Makes 2 Years!

October 2014 
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Meal Plan Pick-up Friday, Oct 4th 
(Meal Plan 4)

* Living Lasagne with
  Local Greens Salad

* Syl's Garden Burger

* Spicy Sri Lankan

  Daikon Ravioli

* Kung Pao Vegetables

* Moo Shu Jicama Crepe



Other Meal Plan dates:

Oct 11: MP 1 

Oct 18: MP 2

Oct 25: MP 3


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farmers markey pic sept 2011
Licious-ness at the Farmer's Market

Link: Hawaii Farmer's Bureau


5 - 7:30 pm
(Every Thursday)

10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30

(Long's Drug Store Parking Lot. We're the first booth)



(KCC) Farmer's Market
7:30 - 11 am
(Every Saturday)

10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25 

(We are at our new spot next to Ma'o Organic.)    



4 - 7 pm
(Every Wednesday) 

10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29

(Located in front of the Concert Hall on King Street. Free Parking!


8 am - 12 noon
(Every Saturday)

10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25 

At Ward Warehouse

Parking lot along Auahi Street.



9 am - 1 pm

(First Wednesdays)






Greens & Vines Makes 2 Years

Oct. 26th, Sunday, 1:00-4:00 pm

All you can Eat Buffet

Jazz on the Patio with

Stephen Jones & Jeannette Trevias


Call 536-9680 now!


    Wow! Time flies when you're having fun! We make 2 years on Oct. 28th, but celebrate on the 26th. If you take into account we opened Licious Dishes (at Dole Cannery before we moved here) on May 1st, 2007, it makes us 7 years. Just as my recipes keep morphing, so has my business. We started off with weekly Meal Plans, added a little Grab N Go deli-fridge by the door of our small kitchen/shop, which then led to selling those pre-packaged meals at Farmers' Markets.

    Winning our first Ilima Awards in 2011 opened the doors to a new Raw Vegan Gourmet restaurant called Greens & Vines, when my husband Pete finally said it was okay to. Starting from a desire to bring pleasure to the palates of people looking for a healthy vegan alternative to the Standard American Diet (SAD-I love that acronym), we bumped it up several notches by providing a place for people to dine, with world-class wines, sakes and beers, and a jazzy ambiance.

    I know I keep promising a recipe book, but I just can't settle down as I keep tweaking and tweaking, and then morphing. Now, I'm looking seriously at providing more with less. Less fats, more fruits more living foods for active minds and bodies. I happened upon a You Tube interview of Dr. McDougall's critique of Dr. Doug Graham's 80-10-10 (lifestyle) sent to me by the Vegetarian Society. While I continue to hold the utmost respect for Dr. McDougall's contributions to the healthy lifestyle, his views on the need for starch (potatoes, rice and corn) versus getting simple sugars from fruits and vegetables, all of a sudden, opened the doors of my mind to Dr. Graham's work (80% plus in fruits and vegetables, 3-9% fat, 3-9% protein).

    At the same time, my long-time buddy, Gio had asked me to check out Fully Raw Kristina, an 80-10-10'er. She looks fabulous and her quick drinks make me wish I were next to her drinking them. A couple of weeks ago, I brought home a 22 pound watermelon, and Pete groaned, "What're you gonna do with that!" 

    "Juice 'em!" Sweetie that he was he handled it, and when I came home, I discovered how wonderful it was; how rejuvenating it was to my body for a long time after drinking just a glass of it. I found out that it's loaded with potassium (mostly in the whites and skin of the watermelon). It left my whole body, brain included, feeling cooler than drinking a can of coconut water. It's a gift from Mother Earth that just keeps giving. I finally bought a couple more watermelons last night, and brought one home. As soon as I came in the door, what did I hear? "Oh nooooo. I just bought one!" I said, "Good! Now we got one for you and one for me. No need to put mine in the fridge yet." I'm gonna experiment and make a watermelon soup with the one I'm taking to the shop.   

     Guess the universe is calling me to check out a new path. Expect to see an 80-10-10 special of the day. We now have the Green Papaya Coconut Salad on the menu with our Oil-less Kaffir Lime Dressing. We have Lilikoi in the dressing for now while it's in season. Come check out our Watermelon Soup too. 



Colonoscopy Anyone?


    It's one of those procedures no one likes to brag about. It was 5 years ago that I finally had one done.  According to the reminder letter from the doctor, he had found a couple of polyps that could have caused cancer the first time, so it was highly recommended for me to come in. He's got to be the most popular doctor I've ever known because the room was filled with patients that put me in line for almost an hour of wait time.

     I filled out a questionnaire asking about aches, pains, depression, pills and procedures, and I just put a zero next to each category. When asked about energy levels, I wrote, "I don't know anyone with as much stamina as I have (except for Gio, I was thinking)." I've been a "tom boy"(athlete) all my life.

   The day of the procedure, the nurse in admitting went down the questionnaire with surprise. "Not even aspirin?!"


    I got dressed in the hospital garb and lay in the bed with the IV in my forearm. About 4 nurses walked in to tend to me. The one who went over my questionnaire told them, "She makes Dr. Marutani's food." Then she mentioned that I was totally drug free, and I was __3 years old (actually will make __4 in November). They surrounded my bed surprised anyone could be so lucky. One spoke up, "Same age as me. How's your bone density?" 

    "It's fine! I do weights at least 2-3 times a week or more (to combat osteoporosis, and in addition, have a meat-less diet, so no uric acid to leach calcium from my bones). And I run almost every day (to elongate the telomeres on DNA strands which turn back the hands of time on aging cells)."

    "Wow. You run too! I guess I should make time to do that."

    According to Pete, I'm one of 12% of people my age that can boast of being totally drug free. When we took the "Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP)" where a blood test was taken before and after the month-long class, as well as a lifestyle survey, I was told that my biological age was 20 years younger than my actual age. Since then, my lifestyle has only gotten better. So, I continue to feel 20 years younger. I learned that every single cell in your body, bones, skin, arteries and all is replaced within 10 to 12 years. "You are what you eat" should also read "and are able to digest easily." Since digestion is the main work of your body, let it create energy quickly and efficiently with juice and fiber from vegetables, fruits, and some nuts and seeds. 

    My doctor found 2 polyps again. They were non-cancerous.




A REVIEW:  Cowspiracy Is Not Just A Movie, It's a Movement!

    Yeaa for Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret! Hooray for Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn's perseverance in opening the meat industry's Pandora's box. Having gone through a similar awakening to the stand of the Slow Food Movement's support and Christian-ing of "Sustainable Meat," I have a real appreciation for what Anderson and Kuhn have done on film. But, even more than making a movie, they have created a means to a movement. 

     That is what it will take to expose the truth about the meat (includes fish, fowl and dairy) industry. Chairman Mao once said, "Create public opinion to change the world." That's because we've been brainwashed since small-kid time.  Remember The Four Food Groups? You're not that old?  Then how about the Food Triangle, and now Michelle Obama's My Plate. If only Obama subbed a glass of water and cut the meat, it would've been great. For 40 years+ meat and dairy protein = nutrition as taught in grade schools and colleges. Spread the word about Cowspiracy, and join the movement.

    And for all these years, how has the meat industry kept all that environmental degradation, food and water pollution, deforestation, and species extinction under the blanket? If you saw the movie, you saw the nun's body lying in the forest of a Third World Country with a shot in the head. She was an anti-meat advocate. You heard Howard Lyman talking about the 15-year lawsuit against him and Oprah versus Big Meat. While Oprah & Lyman won the lawsuit, they will be arrested if they make any disparaging remarks against the industry, since they should now know better. (It's against the law in Texas.)

    Many environmental groups interviewed in the movie, have big donors with livestock in their back yard. So does Al Gore who recently turned vegan "because of health reasons." Could that be the other reason for their silence on meat? Anyway, why stop there? Let's take on the Cancer Society, the Heart Association. All those Black-tie Fundraisers that serve meat for dinner. Why support their "cure" that results in expensive medical equipment, procedures and drugs that don't cure. Just say no. I'm giving to many social media fundraising requests for labeling of GMO products, stopping the oil pipeline, etc. Got better places to put my investment in our future.




Look for our ad on the back cover of the Star Advertiser's Oahu's Top Restaurant Guide







October 1:    Health & Wellness FairWaterfront Plaza

                      11:30 am-1:15pm (can sell starting at
                      10:30 am)

October 10:  HI Belly Dance: Shimmy Show

                      At Doris Duke Theatre: 6pm & 8pm show

                      We'll be serving tapas plates for sale $5/ea.

October 11:   2nd Saturday, 3-5pm: Jazz on the Patio,

                       Happy Hour 3-7pm

October 19:   Basics of Wine Tasting $40

                       1-2pm (+?) Pete will take you step-by-step

                       Includes: Sampler Dips/Chips. Reservations

October 26:   Greens & Vines 2nd Anniversary

                       1-4pm Jazz, Tapas, Desserts $65

                       Happy Hour Priced Drinks available


Have you Heard? We're open all day Saturdays 11am-9pm. Full Menu.

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