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April 2014
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5 pm - 7:30 pm

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5 - 7:30 pm
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April 3rd, 17th & 24th.

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April 2nd.




Annie Brought the Sunshine

    Her sunny disposition, laughing smile, and interest in people with whom she came into contact, captured everyone's attention.  In such a short period of time, this 27 year-old girl from Washington state, survived kidney cancer (ten years ago), went traveling in South America, learned to speak Spanish so she could return, practiced yoga, loved hiking, running, drawing, Hawaii's beaches, and making vegan meals.  She started working at Greens & Vines on January 24th of this year.  
    People from her yoga class, Starbucks, the Farmers' Markets, from her Spanish class; people who just heard about the accident or saw it on the news, came to Greens & Vines this past Sunday to share a glimmer of Annie with us.  The Media was there all along to help chronicle the accident and help us, as a community move on.


Pesto Tomato Pasta  w. Local Salad 

    From day one, a collection at the Kakaako Farmers' market began (thanks to Pam Boyer, head of the Farmers Love Farmers' Markets).  Word spread from KCC to Kakaako as vendors who had a booth at KCC heard of what had happened.  Collections have continued (Otsuji Farm is to be recognized for that and many others sending cards etc.), Jason from Pig and the Lady donated a day's worth of wages, Jeanne Vanna, President of the West Oahu County Farm Bureau encouraged members to come out and their donations were covered by the Board.  She recognized that both Ma'o Organic Farms and Greens & Vines were members of the West Oahu County FB, and its board tirelessly spread the word of this past Celebration of Annie's Life on Sunday and quite a few members came out to the celebration.  Ma'o Organic Farms, with over a hundred members from young children to college-age; is taking time to heal at their own (children's) pace.  They sent their aloha with two huge bins of Kale and veggies for the party.  I gave Maile, who delivered the goodies several big hugs to pass on to the Ma'o gang, and vice versa.    
    Volunteers, like Kai (Kaiulani's Spices), Cheryl To (Pacifikool Gingerale), and my friend Mavis Seto (Wachovia Financial & Real Estate Investments), Soleil Fusha (R. Fields), Kacey Robello (Hawaii Farm Bureau Farmers' Markets) helped us at Greens & Vines so we wouldn't be stuck in the kitchen or serving drinks the whole time.  Approximately 50+ people joined us and many more sent envelopes (and are still sending) in the mail who could not show.  Even a police officer came by who had been one of Annie's first customers each morning at Starbucks, wrote a blurb to send to Sarah, Annie's mom, of what she meant to him.  (Speaking of the police officer, I wanted to recognize the firemen who came bearing flowers to the "viewing" at Borthwick Mortuary.  And since I'm going there, the pews were filled with Annie's friends from Starbucks, roomates, yoga, etc.)
    We thank each and every one of you for your hugs, emails, cards, flowers, calls of consolation, and donations.  If there ever was a time when I have felt a community family, it is now, and it is because of you.  I love you all, Syl.         


Farmers' Market Special/Revised Schedule: 

    Due to my upcoming presentation at the Vegetarian Society ( meeting, "Sustainable Meat? Nope!" on Tuesday, April 8th (at 7pm, Ala Wai Clubhouse) and Thursday, April 10th on Maui (7pm at the Cameron Center), we will not be at the Kailua Farmers' Market on Thursday, April 10th.  Also, we are no longer participating in the 4th Tuesday, Night Market at the Kailua Down To Earth; but we will continue to do the Honolulu Down To Earth's Night Market from 5pm to 7:30 pm every 3rd Tuesday EXCEPT this Month since we will be at Al Gore's event.  

   Call in your reservation (536-9680) for the Vegetarian Society Dine-Out at Greens & Vines on Wednesday, April 16th 5:30 - 8 pm (in acknowledgement for my being a speaker at the VSH meeting).  Taste the fresh, locally grown, non-GMO Pesto, Tomato, Zucchini "Pasta" and Organic Local Green Salad ($19.20 including tax and tip).   

    By the way, in response to the Facebook Follower(s), Yelper(s) who made note that our food is "too expensive," please keep in mind that the veggies we humans eat is not subsidized by the government like the food fed to animals which will become meat.  Even the Food Stamp program is a part of that subsidy for the meat industry; so don't even go there about dole outs to the poor.  When did you ever see food stamps being used at the Farmers' Markets?  Besides, my answer to the "too expensive" excuse for not eating my food is; "You'll either pay on the front end (the mouth) or the back end (I motion with my hand that you'll get a shot on your butt; meaning poor health in the end).  It's way more fun on the front end.  







Greens and Vines is featured on the

I will be speaking (with a short demo)
about Sustainability at the   

Vegetarian Society Hawaii Meeting:

  April 8th, Tuesday, 7PM

Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

April 10th, Thursday, 7PM

Maui-Cameron Center



Al Gore is now Vegan
and he's coming to Oahu 

with a Free Sustainability Presentation

April 15th, 7 PM at the Stan Sheriff 

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$40 Holiday Plate 

$40 Plate: Add: Teriyaki Almonds, Almost Pepperoni and Green Onion Pancake Crackers.

$50 Holiday Plate  

 $50 Plate: Add Olive Tapenade w/Avocados & Tomatoes (Centerpiece), and More Flax Seed Thins




People ask us, "When will you open a restaurant here (in their neighborhood)?   Pete replies, "This is it, right here, right now" at the Farmers' Market.

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