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February 2014
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* Vietnamese Salad Wraps

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* Zucchini Linguini Alfredo w. Mushrooms

*Kaffir Miso Pad Thai

*Syl's Garden Burger


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Feb 14th: MP3
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Please call 536-9680 to order your Meals.     

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Costco Chefs ~ What's In YOUR Chicken?


While participating in a fundraising event, I went into the kitchen to wash wine glasses and noticed a couple of Costco Rotisserie Chickens stacked next to the pass through window. I wasn't sure if the chicken was brought in by the workers there for their own consumption or if it is used regularly on the restaurant menu.  I later found out it was the latter.  Apparently, the chicken is used sans the skin with a few herbs applied to it.


This in itself was appalling to me, but I soon found out that all the desserts and the sauces were made of blended jams from Costco, and cornstarch.  Another chef used Costco's frozen (?) Oysters and held it under water and "served it fresh."   But, then I got to thinking about the use of processed pizza crusts or pastas or frozen veggies, and chefs just adding their toppings and cheese.  At what point of the production is it considered unethical to call it your own and serve it on table-clothed tables as fine dining? 


I emailed some of my friends to see what they thought, and a couple responded, "But I love the Costco Rotisserie Chicken!"  

"It's shot up with a brine that's why," I responded.  After Google-ing for info on the brine, they responded that it couldn't be that bad.  They found that the chicken was shot up to 3% its weight in brine while the pork loin was 20%.  They also used "carrageenan" to hold the brine in the chicken.  


If you're new to my newsletters, I had written a while back about an article in the New York Times reporting that carrageenan had been added to the "it's-all-right- to use in Certified Organic foods list" by the top fifteen big food businesses like Earthbound, Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Whole Foods and the Zirkle Fruit Company. Only one of them, Earthbound, has a fully organic business that have bought out the small mom and pop organic farms and labels; and now control the USDA's Certified Organic label.  Before there were only 75 ingredients on the "okay" list but now, there are over 275.  There was one organic farmer from Idaho who drove all the way to New York so he could vote "nay," and was instantly out-voted.  This is telling us that the Certified Organic label ain't what it used to be.  But, getting back to the subject, go ahead and Google about carrageenan.  Is Carrageenan Safe? - Ask Dr. Weil 


Am I setting the bar too high to expect that all restaurant foods should be made from scratch because you never know what others will use.  There was a vegan food producer who called, asking to meet with me just last week.   I explained that we make everything from scratch except for the bottled oils, vinegars, tamari and tahini.  She asked, "What about hot sauces?"  I repeated, "...everything's from scratch."  Don't you want to know what's in YOUR FOOD?    


I will be speaking (with a short demo)
about Sustainability at the   

Vegetarian Society Hawaii Meeting:

  April 8th, Tuesday, 7PM

Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

April 10th, Thursday, 7PM

Maui-Cameron Center



Al Gore is now Vegan
and he's coming to Oahu 

with a Free Sustainability Presentation

April 15th, 7 PM at the Stan Sheriff 

Link to more info




Valentine's Day Tapas Dinner

February 14, 2014, Friday~ 5-9 PM

Call For Reservations

Caesar Salad

Zucchini Unagi Cauli-Sushi Rice

Beet Ravioli

Crimini Escargot Skewers & Macadamia Nut "Butter"

Macadamia Nut Cheeze n Sliced Apples

Wicked Chocolate Tart

$50 Tapas

$12 Wine (4 Taster Glasses)

(Tax & tip not included.)



Many people have asked me for vegan restaurant referrals.  
This article makes me wanna pack my bag now!  Yumm!



Check out


Due to Popular Demand:


1) Restaurant Week Menu still Available.  We made it our Prix Fixe Menu.

2) "Holiday Plates" still Available.  (bowls or baskets depending on availability).  Try to give us a day (though we can do it faster depending on availability of the various things in it). 





Be the one to unwrap our "cheese" plate at a party. Just drop the cellophane and it's good to go.



Gourmet PARTY Plates 

Call: 536-9680 to Order for your next party. 

Gourmet Plates can be ordered as gifts and picked up when needed (except when we are closed for Holidays)


$30 Holiday Plate  

$30 Plate:

Macadamia Nut "Cheese"w/Fresh Rosemary, Flax Seed Thins, Maple Pecans, Chia Caviar w/Cashew Sour Kreme, Dried Pineapples, Bananas, and Star Fruit.

$40 Holiday Plate 

$40 Plate: Add: Teriyaki Almonds, Almost Pepperoni and Green Onion Pancake Crackers.

$50 Holiday Plate  

 $50 Plate: Add Olive Tapenade w/Avocados & Tomatoes (Centerpiece), and More Flax Seed Thins




People ask us, "When will you open a restaurant here (in their neighborhood)?   Pete replies, "This is it, right here, right now" at the Farmers' Market.

More Farmers' Market Days: Now Every Week!

Honolulu Market i.e., Neil Blaisdell Center Yard

Kailua Market i.e., Kailua Long's Parking Lot


We're in Queens Medical Center on Punchbowl St: usually 1st Wednesdays of the month from 9am - 1pm:

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NEW! You can now find us at the


At Ward Warehouse

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(We will also still be at KCC Farmers Market too) 

Since our Business Card is our Food, come visit us and partake of our many samples. Many staunch meat -eaters have gone away with smiles on their faces and a bag full of goodies. It's a great way for us to "Share the Lifestyle." 


WHILE OUR ENTIRE MENU IS GLUTEN-FREE, we will be phasing out our use of Organic NON-GMO Cold Mountain Mellow White Miso and replacing it with a CHICKPEA MISO to expand the menu items that are SOY-LESS.  Thanks to one of our customers who told us about Chickpea Miso, we realize that there isn't much of a difference in taste.  We will be changing items (as soon as our Chickpea Miso comes in), which contain miso and not also Wheat-free Tamari.  A couple of menu items come to mind, like LIVING LASAGNA, and the PESTO TOMATO PASTA, because there is a tiny bit of miso in the pesto.  We can do that for our Burger, but the Onion Flat Bread contains Gluten-Free Tamari which has soy as well as our mustard.  We will point out the soy-less items in our menu.
Maca, Spirulina & Chlorella
No Longer on Licious Shelves

Maca, a root plant from the cruciferous vegetable family, may affect the thyroid (which directs the thyroid hormone into blood cells, throughout the body when operating optimally) and may not be good for those with hypothyroidism.  
Spirulina and Chlorella:  Dr. Michael Gregor ( who reads 300 of the latest studies each year, reported that the dark green and dark blue algae contain neurotoxins found in the brain of alzheimers patients.
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