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October 2016
Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathic Pain: New Findings Show Promise
Stem Cell Therapy 
Stem cell research at Cleveland Clinic could pave the way for an entirely new approach to chronic pain treatment that reduces medicine's current reliance on opioid therapy for intractable pain. Although many questions must be answered before it can be known whether stem cell therapy is safe and effective for humans, some small patient studies show potential. Read more! 
Treating Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: An Update
Neuropathy Action Foundation Announces Results from Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN) Survey
FPn Neuropathy Action Foundation
The Neuropathy Action Foundation (NAF) announced the results from the first ever international Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN) Quality of Life (QOL) Patient Survey. The survey focused on three primary areas: timely and accurate diagnosis, efficacy of treatment, and the impact of the disease on patient's quality of life. The NAF believes these survey results will increase awareness and action among researchers, providers, the general public and public policy officials. Read more!
Mindfulness Meditation Uses Distinct Neural Pathways to Reduce Pain Better Than Placebo
Mindfulness Meditation
Recent research showed that mindfulness meditation is significantly more effective at reducing pain intensity and pain unpleasantness than placebo analgesia, sham mindfulness meditation and other cognitive-based approaches by using distinct neural mechanisms. Read more! 
FDA Incentivizing Pharma to Develop Less Abusable Pain Medicines
FDA Incentivizing Pahrma
With opioid abuse and misuse continuing to be a public health problem in the U.S., there is an urgent need for balanced, commonsense solutions to address this ongoing public health problem without abandoning those who legitimately need pain relief. One important approach is creating medicines that provide pain relief while reducing the potential for abuse. FDA has been instrumental in supporting the development of abuse deterrent medicines at the same time that many science-based research and development companies are investing in such innovations. Read more!  

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