Great Christmas Flood 1955, Cambria 2016 Special 2016, New Certified Locals 

Issue #33        
Sandy Lydon's Central Coast Secrets
   The 60th Anniversary of the Great Flood

"Be Careful What You Wish!"  
See what Santa Cruz got for Christmas, 1955. 
You know that El Nino doesn't actually come up here, right? It's just the effects of warm water off the coast of South America that nudges the jet stream, shoving low pressure areas around and such.  Right?  
Now we're so tired of the drought that we're willing to invite trouble and we don't seem to care what might happen. 
If you need to be reminded about what happens when the storm track lines up, and you weren't here for January, 1982, let me take you back to the thrilling days of yesteryear and the Christmastime Flood of 1955. When the San Lorenzo River rose up and ate Santa Cruz. 
And it wasn't even El Nino but his sister, La Nina...
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Cambria Does Christmas
so well that it will blow your socks off!  
Come join us for a long week-end beginning with a leisurely ride on the Coast Starlight, and then Cambria's Christmas Market, guided tours of the heart of Cambria, Hearst Castle's version of Christmas and much much more.
  Our Sixth Annual Cambria Christmas Adventure
Fri. Dec 9 - Sun. Dec 11, 2016.
Special Holiday Discounted Price -- 30% off if you register before January 1.

This year's Cambria trip sold out a year ahead of time!  

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Sandy Lydon

PO Box 2578

Aptos, California 95001



Silk Road II 2016
Barkey and Lydon are Going Back -- to the Heart of it all!

Oct. 8 - 30, 2016


The current political climate makes this trip even more important.


Come find out why. 


An illustrated free conversation about this journey, Western China and Uzbekistan. 


 Sunday, Jan. 24

6:00 to 8:00 PM

Room 435

Cabrillo College, Aptos Campus 

Come join us as Cherie and Sandy discuss new information about the trip and why going now is more important than ever. 
For more info on the current 2016 itinerary click here...
Though the evening conversation is free, it would be helpful if you let us know you intend to attend. That way we'll know how much room we'll need.  To let us know you plan to attend:   click here..
Note: This Silk Road 2016 trip is not connected to Cabrillo College nor has it been approved by them. 
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Announcing the 2015 Class of Certified Locals! 
They completed 
 two semesters of coursework and passed the difficult Certified Local Exam.

 They join a small number of Certified Locals who have earned the title.  
They received a handsome certificate suitable for framing.  

With dedication and hard work they have surpassed
those -- who through the accident of birth -- consider themselves locals, but don't know a thing about the history of this place and how it came to be.

True localhood is earned. It is not happenstance of your mother's location on the day of your birth. 

Here they are.  Go ahead.  Ask them something!  

 * John Ancic
 * Jeff Belden
 *  Maria Burnett
 * Jim Christmann
 *  Dan Davis
 *  Anne Guerrero
 *  Nancy Lenox
 *  Annie Lydon
 *  Ryan Morris
 *  Anna Newman
 *  Tom Purdy
 *  Juliana Rebagliati
 *  Lisa Robinson
 *   Cathy Sewell
 *  Sibley Simon
 *  Janet Thelen
 *  Ken Wagman
 *  Alec Webster

 Invite them into your homes and gather around the fire and let them regale you with stories of the "old days." 

They will explain to you why this place is so special and what you can do to keep it so. 

"Leave the place better than you found it." ---The History Dude