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"PlayBetterBilliards.com has already referred students to me!  What a great website and new advertising campaign."
 -- Dave DeMeglio, PBIA Certified Instructor

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PBIA Tips, Tid-Bits & Insights

PBIA presents: Learning the Basics in Biliards - Stance
PBIA presents:
Learning the Basics in Billiards

Hello PBIA Instructors
BCA Instructor Cooler temperatures, longer nights, and the traditional start of Fall Pool Leagues are right around the corner.

As Fall Pool Leagues begin, now is a good time to update all your marketing materials (i.e., web site, business cards, facebook pages, etc.)

The Professional Billiard Instructors Association's (PBIA) logos and marketing materials are always available for you to use and download so you can easily incorporate into any of your marketing materials.  PBIA Logos & PBIA Marketing Guide

If you ever need the PBIA logo in a different file format please send an email to rob@pbia-instructor.com and let us know what you need.

PBIA Referral Program

BCA Instructor The PBIA Committee unanimously approved providing a $20 dues rebate for each new PBIA certified instructor you bring into the program.   


It's very simple, if you're a Master or Advanced level instructor, you're eligible to certify new instructors.  So, effective April 1, 2013, you'll receive a $20 rebate* toward the following year's dues for each new instructor you bring to the program.   


We will track the program via the documentation the new instructors send us.


If you're not yet a Master or Advanced level instructor, continue to work towards your upgrade - it pays to be a Master or Advanced level instructor!  


* Rebate is good up to the amount of your annual dues.

PBIA Request for Video Submission
BCA Instructor Do you have a training DVD, your own PBIA YouTube channel, or even video clips of you teaching or giving lessons?  If so, please let us know. 

We would love to include your video clip in the GenerationPool PBIA Instructor Tips, Tidbits, and Insights section that features a new PBIA video clip in every newletter.

All video clip links should be sent to billiardsnews@gmail.com, or if you have a DVD we can use, please send to:

Billiard Congress of America
c/o PBIA Video Clips
10900 West 120th Ave., Unit B7
Broomfield, CO 80021

PBIA Fact and Figures

BCA InstructorThe introduction of the PlayBetterBilliards website has generated unprecedented visibility for PBIA instructors.  A few facts & figures about the new PBIA website and the Google Adwords marketing campaign:

*Make sure to check your PBIA profile page periodically as students, instructors and any billiard enthusiast can leave comments, questions, and feedback about you and your services.  

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