Issue No. 1
March 2015
Did You Know...?
DA O'Malley Receives Irvine Foundation Award

In a formal ceremony in Sacramento on February 5, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O'Malley received the prestigious 2015 Irvine Foundation Leadership Award for her work to end child sex trafficking in the Bay Area and beyond.


The James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards recognize Californians who are advancing innovative solutions to critical state issues, rewarding the 

recipient's organization with $200,000 to support his or her program. 


DA O'Malley, Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi and members of the DA's Office and Family Justice Center at the 2015 Irvine Foundation Awards in Sacramento.


"I am deeply honored to be recognized by the Irvine Foundation and will use this award as an opportunity to create an Institute devoted to ending the sexual exploitation of children," said DA O'Malley. 


"The Institute will bring together a group of committed leaders from diverse backgrounds that will examine the status of our state's response to human trafficking and create an evidence-based guide for policy makers, elected leader and communities to adopt in the fight to end human trafficking of children across our state."  


Read more about the Award and DA O'Malley's plans for the grant...

Billboards Spread Anti-Trafficking Message

In January, DA Nancy E. O'Malley unveiled billboards and bus shelter posters as part of a public awareness campaign that confronts the epidemic of human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. The campaign, timed to coincide with National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, is part of a collaborative effort with anti-trafficking organizations MISSSEY and Abolitionist Mom, as well as Clear Channel Outdoor.


One of the 5 different billboards currently on display throughout Alameda County and the Bay Area.

"We aim to raise the public's awareness that children are bought and sold for sex every day in our own back yard," states District Attorney Nancy E. O'Malley.

"Each of us must be informed about the crisis and understand how to be a part of the solution. Every exploited child must be offered a way out that is safe and immediate."

Alameda County DA's Office: Protecting the Environment
Alameda County DA's Office is leading the charge against environmental violations in California, collaborating with other DA's Offices to fight businesses that are polluting our environment on a regional and state-wide scale.  
Some of the evidence presented in the civil enforcement suit against Safeway, Inc.
Most recently, a judgement was handed down ordering Safeway Inc. to pay $9.87 million for environmental violations for illegally dumping hazardous wastes and confidential consumer medical information. 

The civil enforcement suit, filed in Alameda County, was led by the District Attorneys of Alameda, Orange, San Joaquin, Solano, San Francisco, Riverside, Ventura and Yolo. All 30 Safeway stores in Alameda County were involved in the violations.

Multiple Felony Convictions in Wage Theft Prosecution 


On February 9, 2015, DA Nancy E. O'Malley announced that her Office secured eight felony convictions against licensed electrical contractor Calvin Harris (Harris Electric) for failing to pay his employees the prevailing wage over the course of four years, and for filing false documents to hide his illegal conduct. 


"My office is steadfast in our commitment to ensuring and enforcing the laws that are in place to protect the rights of workers and employees. One of the most fundamental of those rights is the right to be paid a full and fair wage for the work that they do," said District Attorney O'Malley.



ALCO Iron & Metal Settlement

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley announced yesterday that ALCO Iron & Metal, a metal recycling company headquartered in San Leandro, entered into a civil settlement with her office to resolve allegations that it had underpaid for recycled aluminum.

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Lions Club Honors DA O'Malley

The Lions Club of Livermore honored Nancy O'Malley as their Citizen of the Year at a formal dinner on Saturday, January 24, 2015, particularly for her role in combatting child sex trafficking.

The event was co-sponsored by the Lions Club along with Dublin Partners in Education and the TV30 Foundation. 

Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year

In early February, representatives from the DA's Office, led by our Asian Outreach Coordinator Rebecca Tse, participated in the annual Oakland Chinatown Lunar New Year Bazaar Opening Ceremony.



The Bazaar is a two-day event in preparation for and in celebration of the Chinese New Year. It is a great event for local residents to enjoy Chinese cultural displays, food and entertainment. 

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Felony Verdicts
  • On March 2, 2015, a jury convicted Vijay Bhushan and Lilron Ravon Jones of first degree murder and attempted murder with firearm enhancements.On December 30, 2012, at approximately 3:30 pm, four teenage girls and a six month old baby were on their way to Bayfair Mall. They walked through the apartment complexes known as the 69th Avenue Village. One of the girls recognized a boy hanging out in the courtyard. This boy and his friend came over to the girls to talk to them. Meanwhile, defendant Jones and another gunman walked up to the group and opened fire. Defendant Bhushan was the getaway driver for defendant Jones and the other gunman. One of the girls, 15-year-old Jubrille Jordan, was shot in the back of the head and pronounced dead at the scene. One of the boys, Wyonye Bordley, 14-year-old at the time, was shot in the leg. The case was prosecuted by DDA Glenn Kim with assistance from DA Inspector Gus Galindo.
  • On February 5, 2015 a jury convicted John Richard Kannon of attempted rape of unconscious woman and assault with intent to commit rape of unconscious woman. The victim met the defendant on May 9 at a concert. Several people came back to the victim's home after the concert, including the defendant who was invited by a mutual friend. The victim went to bed earlier than the rest of the group because she was tired and intoxicated. After she had been sleeping for some time, the defendant entered her room and began to grope her. When the victim would wake up and say "no," the defendant would stop, only to start again a little while later. The defendant eventually pulled the victim's pants down and the victim woke up to the defendant attempting to penetrate her. The case was prosecuted by DDA Angela Steffes.
  • On February 3, 2015, Nathaniel Joseph Cook was convicted by a jury of all charges filed against him: attempted murder of a peace officer with personal and intentional discharge of a firearm causing great bodily injury (GBI); assault on a peace officer with a semi-automatic firearm with personal and intentional discharge causing GBI; shooting at an occupied vehicle with personal and intentional discharge causing GBI; attempted murder of a civilian with personal and intentional discharge; second degree robbery with personal and intentional discharge; and drawing/exhibiting a firearm.Cook robbed a homeless man of his bicycle on January 25, 2013, and a friend of the homeless man tried to stop the defendant. Cook shot at the second victim two or three times. Two OPD officers were a block away when they heard the shots, and they responded in separate cars. The first officer spotted Cook and tracked him for a block. When the officer lost sight of the defendant and tried to get out of his car, Cook shot at him twice, hitting him once in the leg. Defendant Cook was subsequently arrested by the second officer. The wounded officer has made a decent recovery but still has a bullet in his leg today. The prosecutor was DDA Pat Moriarty. 
  • On February 2, 2015, a jury convicted Cody Michael Nicosia of the first degree murder of 58-year-old Barbara Latiolais and found true special circumstances that Nicosia committed the murder while lying in wait, committing burglary, and committing robbery. The jury additionally convicted Nicosia of arson. On October 17, 2012, Nicosia waited outside the victim's Castro Valley home for nearly 7 hours before crawling underneath the home to devise a plan to choke the victim to death by surprise. Nicosia gained entry to the home, manually strangled the victim until she lost consciousness and then began burglarizing her home. When Nicosia noticed the victim was still alive, he grabbed a climbing rope and strangled her via ligature until the victim eventually died. Nicosia would return to the house later that night, pour gasoline on the victim's body and set both her and the house on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence. The case was prosecuted by DDA Adam Maldonado with assistance from Inspector Tim Bergquist.
  • On January 7, 2015, a jury convicted Damonte Starks of first degree murder and shooting from a motor vehicle in the killing of 19-year-old William Ward. On June 27, 2013, Starks was the passenger in a car that followed the victim two blocks from a bus stop. As the victim and two of his friends walked from the bus stop, the defendant and his unnamed co-participant followed slowly behind, matching the victim's speed. As William Ward increased his pace, the car did as well, eventually passing the three young men to make a U-turn in front of them. From this position of advantage, the defendant reached both hands out of the car and fired at least six shots at the victim, striking him three times. William Ward succumbed to his injures at the scene. Through a thorough investigation by the Oakland Police Department, the defendant was identified. The case was prosecuted by DDA Robert Graff with the help of Inspector Shawn Knight.

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