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December 2015

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A Message from the President 
Dear women of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis and our loyal supporters,
Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis president Beth Thomas
All I want this year is....
During the holiday season, the ending to that sentence changes as we move through life. It starts out with the generic "toys" for a small child, and then gets more specific as the child grows to focus on whatever the "must have" item is each year. As young adults the sentence is most likely to end with a request for money or gift cards so they can buy things they need. And older adults tend to simply want to be with their family and for everyone to be safe and happy.
The Impact 100 wish list is short... all we want this year is increased membership. We wish to grow so that we can increase our impact on Indianapolis area nonprofits, the organizations who work to ensure everyone in our community has the opportunity to be safe and happy.

Last year we had 186 members. Our wish is to grow to over 200 members so we can help even more wishes come true in 2016.
It's not an unreachable goal. If each woman reading this newsletter joined (if they haven't already), then told at least two women about Impact 100, and encouraged them to join us on December 2 at the Brew Ha-Ha or December 10 at our Holiday Party (see related article in this newsletter), we would have the opportunity to introduce the concept of collective giving to potential new members. Or, if each woman sent the links to our website and our Giving Report to two women, we would have the opportunity to tell our story to two new people so they can understand how collective giving works and how easy it is to be a member.
All Impact 100 wants this year is you.
Enjoy your holidays!
Celebrate with Us at Our Holiday Party   
Please join the women of Impact 100 and Kristin Okeley of Kitchens by Design as we celebrate the holiday season. During the evening Kristin and her staff provide delicious appetizers prepared in their demonstration kitchens, along with delectable desserts and fine wine. We hope you'll join us as we celebrate smart women and philanthropy.
When: Thursday, December 10, 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Kitchens by Design, 1530 E. 86th St., Indianapolis
Please RSVP by December 8 to [email protected] There is ample parking at the store on the northwest corner of 86th and Westfield.
This is the third year Kristin and her KBD staff have hosted our holiday party. Kitchens by Design is a full service design company with services ranging from space planning to general contracting to decorating.

A scene from last year's holiday party.
Recruiting New Members
by Beth Thomas
It's not easy to ask your friends, associates, and family members to support your causes, but asking someone to join Impact 100 is not the same as asking them to support you on a charity walk or run. Throughout a year most people write several small checks, knowing the money goes to support a good cause, but not always knowing how their money was used. Impact 100 gives each member the opportunity to participate as much as they want in choosing where their money goes.
Start by explaining why you decided to become a member, and don't forget to explain that 100% of each membership donation goes to our grant pool. And, that if a woman doesn't mind sharing her vote at the annual meeting, she can be part of a Shared Membership for as little as $250.
Make it easy for them by sending them the links to our website and our Giving Report, and don't forget to include this one to our membership form.

It's Time to Select a Focus Area Committee!   

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an Impact 100 member is participating on a committee that is responsible for choosing a finalist in one of our five Focus Areas. If you'd like to be on a committee, it's important to submit your preferences now, so that committees can be finalized before the first meetings in January.
Please send your committee preferences to Roberta Jaggers at [email protected] by January 8, 2016. Please rank your preference and indicate if there are any committees you absolutely cannot sit on due to schedule or conflict of interest.
Meeting 1
Meeting 2
Meeting 3
Pat Scahill
Community Room, Glendale Branch Library, 6101 N. Keystone Avenue
Thursday, Jan. 21 
4-5 PM
Thursday, Feb. 11
4-6 PM
Thursday, April 7
4-6 PM
Larissa Warne
Meridian Street United Methodist Church
5500 N. Meridian Street
Wednesday, Jan. 20
12-1 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 10
12-2 PM
Wednesday, April 6
12-2 PM
Barb Fleming
health & wellness
Multipurpose Room #370, Community North Professional Building, 7250 Clearvista Parkway
Tuesday, Jan. 19
5-6 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 9
5-7 PM
Tuesday, April 5
5-7 PM
Charlitta Winston
arts & culture
The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, Library Services Center, 2450 N. Meridian Street
Thursday, Jan. 21 12:30-1:30 PM
Thursday, Feb. 11 12:30-2:30 PM
Thursday, April 7 12:30-2:30 PM
Laura Dahlem
Room 226, Library Services Center, 2450 N. Meridian Street
Tuesday, Jan. 19 12:30-1:30 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 9 
12:15-2:15 PM
Tuesday, April 5 12:30-2:30 PM

Grant Information Seminar for Non-Profits   
A grant information seminar for non-profits will be held on Wednesday, December 9 from 2:30-4:30 at Insights Consulting, 7830 Johnson Road 46250. Interested non-profits should register by contacting Kathy Jenkins at [email protected]
Follow the Impact:  Dove Recovery House Empowering Women 
by Terry Mumford
Founded in 2000, Dove Recovery House for Women is "committed to empowering women to become substance free, self-sufficient and healthy, by providing safe housing, quality programming and, above all, hope for the future."
In 2012, Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis made a $10,000 residual grant to Dove House. The residual grant money was used for general clean-up and maintenance of the house, but Dove House received more than residual grant dollars that year. They were the recipients of what Impact 100 calls the ripple effect. One of the items on their full grant proposal was to tear down an old garage and turn the area behind the house into an outside gathering area, playground, and garden. Laura Carroll and Barb Fleming Cecil, members of the Health & Wellness Focus Area Committee that had selected Dove House as their finalist, got the labor donated to remove the garage and level the ground. Other H&W FAC members donated their time to the effort. Then Dove donors and volunteers took over to transform the backyard area. 
On Wednesday, November 4, Impact 100 members and guests returned to see what the grant had meant to the women. The impact of the Power of Women Giving as OneŽ was evident in results of the grant given to Dove House. Many of us take for granted that on a delightfully warm evening we can go outside to enjoy the company of friends. Until they had applied for the Impact 100 grant and made an unforgettable impact on the women of the H&W FAC, that wasn't possible for the women of Dove House. The current Dove House residents were very clear in their appreciation for the maintenance improvements and outdoor space.
Wendy Noe, Executive Director, talked to us about how Dove House currently operates and also let us know about exciting future plans. Dove House has acquired a much larger building and plans to move in 2016. This new location will allow many more women to have "support while overcoming serious drug and alcohol addictions."  As Wendy told us, Dove House really saves lives.
Impact 100 members Terry Mumford and Beth Thomas and Dove House executive director Wendy Noe

The most inspiring part of the evening was a speech by one of the residents. She described her life prior to coming to Dove House and what Dove House has meant to her over the course of her 100-day stay. Her message was very personal and powerful. She emphasized a key part of the Dove House mission -- providing hope for the future.
We encourage all Impact 100 members to learn more about Dove Recovery House for Women at their website:
We want to thank Andi Cohen, Eat Your Heart Out Catering, for the food at the event. The bacon jam was a hit!

Impact 100 News and Notes  
  • CBS Morning News featured a cover story on our 2010 grant winner, Rock Steady Boxing. Lesley Stahl, whose husband has Parkinson's and participates in the program, reported the 10-minute segment.
  • Impact 100 grant-winner Outside the Box celebrated local artists and local nonprofits on November 6 at their annual HeArt for a Cause, an art show that allows Outside the Box to support local artists and give to other nonprofits in a creative way. Impact 100 was honored to be selected by OTB as one of ten non-profits that shared the proceeds of the evening.
  • Watch this inspiring video created by CICF honoring the philanthropic work of Mike and Sue Smith. Sue has been a long-time supporter and member of Impact 100.
  • The Impact 100 Membership Committee would like to thank Impact 100 member Bev Middaugh and her company, Bright Ideas in Broad Ripple (, for handling the mailing to current members to remind them to renew before year end. This mailing is very crucial for us to achieve our goals for this year.  
Do you have great news about an Impact 100 member or grant recipient, or an interesting article to share on philanthropy? Please send your news to Jennifer Bortel so she can share it in the next newsletter.
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