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From the Hip Photo
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Wedding season is around the corner! Many times after finding a caterer the next item on bride's "to do list is a photographer. 

Danny co-founder of From the Hip Photo kindly answered a few of our questions about local wedding photography and gave us the scoop on his loved-filled business.

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You first discovered your love for photography when....

I fell in love with cinema and photography simultaneously when I discovered the French new wave films of the 1950s and '60s as a high school student. Those were shot so thoughtfully and beautifully that you can remove a still from practically any scene and it will stand alone as a work of art. I studied film at NYU and the photographers whose work I most admire (Gregory Crewdson, Andreas Gursky, et al) share a very filmic, narrative quality to their compositions.

Three things you love best about photographing Colorado weddings: 

First and foremost: the couples. Colorado attracts wedding couples who are invested in having their guests enjoy themselves and in having the kind of wedding that reflects the couple's personality. As a result, things are relaxed, comfortable, and warm--all of which help us to do a better job capturing things candidly.

The scenery is, of course, phenomenal. I spent my formative years in big cities and it's such a treat having such a diversity of gorgeous outdoor settings to play around with.

Lastly, we love the collaboration and cooperation within the Colorado wedding community. My wife, Nina, and I moved here from New York and the contrast between our fellow vendors in the two locales is striking. We are friends with so many photographers and other people within various facets of the industry here and there is no sense of territoriality. It's wonderful to feel like we're all in this together.

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Besides weddings, what other types of photography could someone hire From the Hip for? 

Our mantra is "photographers for life." On one level, that means that our passion for what we do is a lifelong one, based on continual learning and exploration. Beyond that, it is a nod to the fact that our hope is to team up with our clients throughout life's journey.

That might take the form of maternity photos, a corporate headshot, photographing products for their business, or capturing real estate photos when they sell their home.  

We are pretty unique in that our "niche" is actually being able to work in a wide spectrum of photography disciplines while providing an equally high caliber product. We've photographed weddings in Russia, bookstores in New York, corporate identity shoots in Florida, experimental procedures in science labs, active construction sites and polished commercial interiors... you name it and we've probably taken pretty photos of it!

You have worked on a few Serendipity catered events. What have you noticed that sets us a part from other wedding caterers? 

There are two things we always keep an eye on in terms of our other vendors: the product and the service. Serendipity delivers on both fronts.  When one of our wedding couples or corporate clients is working with Serendipity, we know that not only will the food and presentation will be exceptional, but that they will be taken care of throughout the process. It's rare to find businesses that follow through as well on both sides of that equation.

Wedding trends you are loving right now:

At the macro level, we love how couples have embraced being creative and owning their weddings through the incorporation of personal and unconventional flourishes. Those details are often some of the most memorable aspects of a wedding and are always a joy for us to capture.

Something we are seeing a lot more as of late that we appreciate are signs or even gentle guidance from officiants about keeping guests' screens tucked away during ceremonies.  We know how much effort goes into putting together a ceremony as well as the importance of the occasion, so anything that helps keep everyone in the moment and engaged is a terrific thing.

Five words to describe great day of work
Making people happy. New adventures.


International Fun Food Facts
& Etiquette

For special occasions, the Bedouin tribes of Africa stuff a fish with eggs and put it inside a chicken. The chicken is put inside a sheep, and the sheep is put inside a camel and roasted. That's what we call stuffed! 

In Middle East, India and parts of Africa, don't eat with your left hand. In South India, you shouldn't even touch the plate with your left hand while eating. That's largely because the left hand is associated with, um, bodily functions, so it's considered to be dirty. In fact, says Allen, don't even pass important documents with your left hand. A lefty? Then it's okay to use your left hand -- as long as you take your right hand out of the game.

An Asian delicacy is made from real bird's nests. In China, a prized food is the soup made from the Asian swift's nest.

Birds nest

Some Italians say that a late-day cappuccino upsets your stomach, others that it's a replacement for a meal (it's common to have just a cappuccino, or a cappuccino and a croissant, for breakfast). Either way, you won't see Italians ordering one in a café at 3pm -- and certainly not after a big dinner. Do so, and you'll be instantly branded a tourist. If you need that coffee fix, though, an espresso is fine.

In Thailand, don't put food in your mouth with a fork
Your fork should only be used to push food onto your spoon. And then there are of course those dishes supposed to be eaten with your fingers. But whatever you do, don't use chopsticks with Thai food.

In Egypt, breakfast is often bought and eaten at a street stall. Usually it is bread wrapped around assorted fried vegetables: eggplant, beans, tomatoes, and peppers.

bfast Egypt

Vodka in Russia is always drunk neat. And no, not even with ice. Adding anything is considered polluting the purity of the drink.
The only faux pas worse than mixing your vodka is turning it down. Offering someone a drink is a sign of trust and friendship, so it's a good idea to take it. Even if you are only out for a morning stroll with the dog.

The Aborigines of Australia call their native food "bush-tucks." It includes game meat such as kangaroo, turkey, and goanna, which is a kind of lizard.

In Mexico, never eat tacos with a fork and knife. Worried about spilling refried beans and salsa all over your front? Tough. Mexicans think that eating tacos with a fork and knife looks silly and, worse, snobby -- kind of like eating a burger with silverware. So be polite: Eat with your hands.

Don't eat anything, even fries, with your hands at a meal in Chile. 
Manners here are a little more formal than many other South American countries. So while it might be the most practical to just pick up those fries with your fingers, don't do it.

International Inspiration

tiki masala

 We are always looking for inspiration. Many times we look to international foods and other cultures to influence Serendipity cuisine and events. 
A few of our favorite ideas from around the world:

Spring into Spring!
Shovel & garden

Spring is around the corner and we are here to help you get ready for the brightest season of the year. 


take out Easter B

spring rice

Thank You for Your  
Kind Words
mini art dips
"The event was a success.  The tenderloin was amazing.  Artichoke dip was delicious. The special dietary needs attendees were thrilled with the choices for them. Thanks for the follow up and for all of your work on this!"
~ D.B. | Molson Coors
January, 2016
Spring & Summer
 Party Planning! 
Strawberry-Peach Popsciles

Now is the time to plan spring events!

Dates book up fast, so call to soon to discuss your next event. 

Baby / Bridal Showers
Graduation Parties
Spring Wedding
Mother's Day
Spring Brunch
Memorial Day
Summer BBQ
4th of July

Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail. 

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