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Serendipity Highlights 

The EPA's Food Recovery Challenge 

EPA Web Pic

Serendipity Catering has been announced as a national winner in the EPA's Food Recovery Challenge!  

The Environmental Protection Agency recently recognized governments, organizations and businesses for outstanding waste reduction efforts and Serendipity is thrilled to among the national winners!
EPA Award

Stay tuned for information on the official presentation from the Environmental Protection Agency to Serendipity coming soon. 
(Check out the award! Made out of 100% post-consumer glass. Beautiful!)

Read more about Serendipity's waste reduction efforts on the EPA's

Holiday Fun Facts

Santa Sleigh
 Given the different time zones, Santa has 31 hours to deliver gifts, but his reindeer really have to fly, since that means visiting 823 homes per second.

 The U.S. Postal Service delivers 20 billion cards and packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Rudolph first alighted on the holiday scene in 1939, when in-store Santas at Montgomery Ward stores distributed 2.4 million copies of the booklet "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," written by Robert L. May, a copywriter for the company. After executives vetoed the original name, Rollo, May's young daughter suggested Rudolph.

The poinsettia, a traditional Christmas flower, originally grew in Mexico, where it is also known as the 'Flower of the Holy Night'. Joel Poinsett first brought it to America in 1829.

"Silent Night" was first sung as part of a church service in Austria. A guitar was used because the church organ was so badly rusted it couldn't be played.

The Löschner family of Neuhausen, Germany, owns the biggest nutcracker collection: 4,334. It is said that German craftsmen made the first decorative nutcrackers around 1800 as a way of mocking authority figures, leading to the phrase "a hard nut to crack."


  • The first candy cane dates back to 1670 in Germany. According to holiday lore, a choirmaster distributed sugar sticks bent into the shape of a shepherds' crook to quiet his young singers during Christmas services. Today more than 1.76 billion candy canes are made for the holidays, enough to stretch from Santa Claus, Indiana, to North Pole, Alaska, and back again 32 times.
     Animal Cracker's were introduced at Christmastime in 1902. The carrying string on the box was designed so it could be hung on a Christmas Tree.
    Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol" between October and November of 1843. The story was a hit, selling 6,000 copies by Christmas Day.
    The largest gingerbread man in the world weighs in at a whopping 466 pounds, six ounces. The Gingerbread House, in Rochester, Minnesota, baked the giant cookie on February 21, 2006.

    Gingerbread man

    Ancient peoples, such as the Druids, considered mistletoe sacred because it remains green and bears fruit during the winter when all other plants appear to die. Druids would cut the plant with golden sickles and never let it touch the ground. They thought it had the power to cure infertility and nervous diseases and to ward off evil.

    Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S. since 1850

    America's official national Christmas tree is located in King's Canyon National Park in California. The tree, a giant sequoia called the "General Grant Tree", is over 90 meters (300 feet) high, and was made the official Christmas tree in 1925.

    xmas tree at night

    Winter Party Planning! 

    Now is the time to plan winter parties!

    Dates book up fast, so call to soon to discuss your next event. 

    Cocktail Parties
    Heavy Appetizers
    Holiday Office Parties
    Holiday Parties
    New Years Eve
    Winter Wedding
    Valentine's Day 

    Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail. 

    Holiday Baking
    White Holiday Cookies

    Sugar cookies, fudge, candy canes, truffles, pies... 
    The holiday season is the time for sweets to shine.  A few tips and ideas to get your delicious 


    Cran Cake


    Thank You for Your  
    Kind Words

    Gingerbread Cookies Berries
    "I just have to send you my most sincere kudos for our deeeeeeelicious meal yesterday! 
    In fact, I've had 2 helpings of left-overs today as I can't get enough!  I better get bigger pants!  The turkey was fact, our most picky of friends said it was the best turkey he has had in years and my husband said it was the best of his life!  The gravy was delish and generous and the stuffing was INCREDIBLE. 
    THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for being so wonderful to work with...and for the delectable truly made our party.

    ~Elements | Corporate Party 
    November, 2015

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