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Groundwork Greens


Groundwork Greens is a social enterprise that grows and sells fresh produce in the urban neighborhoods of Denver, including low-income food desert areas, while also providing job training to low-income youth. The first phase of Groundwork Greens will be a 1,800 square foot greenhouse. Thanks to developer Susan Powers, the Aria Denver team, and the Denver Office of Economic Development, Groundwork Greens will be located within the Aria Denver Community at West 52nd Avenue and Federal Blvd. Groundwork Greens will be part of Cultivate Health, a collaborative effort to help support the health and wellness of residents living in the neighborhoods around Aria and Regis University.

 Inside greenhouse

Serendipity is thrilled to sponsor Groundwork Greens on 
their community greenhouse project.  
Stay tuned for updates as this exciting venture unfolds.

Fall Fun Facts
fall wine grapes
Since ancient times, autumn has ranked as one of the most important times of year as daylight begins to fade and cold, dark days lie ahead. Because a good harvest is necessary for survival, many societies tried to ensure a good harvest by honoring various gods and goddesses. Some societies, such as the Aztecs in ancient Mexico, even made human sacrifices to please the gods.

Autumn begins when the center of the sun crosses Earth's equator. As Earth continues its path around the sun, days become shorter and nights become longer, with the change most noticeable for those at higher latitudes.

Many birds prepare for winter migration during the fall. One of the longest migrations is the 11,000-mile journey by the Arctic Tern.

While Americans typically use the word "fall," the British use the word "autumn," though both terms date around the 16th century. Before these terms, the period was called "harvest.

People who live on the equator or central area of the planet never experience autumn.

The word "harvest" comes from the Old Norse word haust, which means "to gather or pluck." As people moved to the cities, "harvest" fell out of use and city dwellers began to use "fall of the leaf," which was shortened to "fall.

  • According to seasonal patterns of relationships in Facebook profiles, autumn is the time when more singles change their status to "In a Relationship" or "Engaged" than the yearly average. More breakups occur during the summertime. 

  • During the spring and summer, most people eat more carbs. However, they develop a tendency for fattier foods in the autumn, which leads to seasonal weight gain.
    According to The Weather Channel, pumpkin by far was the most craved-for food in autumn.

    Athletic children are more likely to be born in autumn and winter months, according to a large Bristol University study. Those born in the spring were the most sluggish.

    Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, takes place each autumn. The festival began as part of a crown prince's wedding celebrations in 1810 and has continued since. About 1.3 million gallons (5 million liters) of beer are poured during the festival.

    Each autumn, monarch butterflies migrate from the U.S. to Mexico and some parts of Southern California. They fly at speeds ranging between 12 and 25 miles per hour. Monarch butterflies are the only insect that migrates to a warmer climate that is 2,500 miles away.

    Monarch Butterfly

    It is Time for ...

    Fall  and Winter Party Planning! 

    Now is the time to plan  for fall and winter parties!

    Dates book up fast, so call to soon to discuss your next event. 

    Team Building
    Fall Wedding
    Harvest Party 
    Cocktail Parties
    Holiday Parties
    New Years Eve
    Winter Wedding

    Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail. 

    Everything for (early)
    Fall 2015

    fall spices

    Local Fall Foods

    apple and pear

    Now that our famous Palisade peaches and sweet Olathe corn is fading away with the summer days, what do we expect for local foods?  The answer is plenty!  Locally, 
    there is a lot of flavor in fall: 

    Pueblo Chiles

    Thank You for Your  
    Kind Words
    Mini carmel apple

    "I was so glad that you all were able to cater our event.
      Everything looked beautiful, your staff was amazing and the food was beautiful as well as delicious.  I didn't have to worry about anything and
    Adrianna was a delight to work with.  I would happily recommend Serendipity to anyone and plan on contacting you for future events.  You were also so professional and helpful; the entire contract/menu process was simple and worry-free.  
    Many thanks to you and all of the members of your team for all of your hard work!"

    ~E.M. | Private Party
    August,  2015

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