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From the Hip Photo

FTH Wedding

We recently catered a wedding for a fun-loving couple (congrats again, Lindsey and Jeremy!) at the historic Holiday Event Center in Northwest Denver.  From the Hip Photo perfectly captured the essence of this amazing couple during the 1920's vintage themed nuptials.  

Over the past half-decade From the Hip Photo has partnered with over 200 amazing couples to capture the joy and details of their wedding with honesty and creativity. Hundreds of couples and families have been kind enough to turn to them to photograph special times in their lives, from first birthdays to engagements. They also have had the privilege of becoming close to expectant parents, newborn babies, and have even had the incredible honor of photographing the wonder and excitement of births.
 FTH Wedding Dress

Another reason we love working with From the Hip Photo, their commitment to green, eco-friendly practices!  Their studio is solar powered, they drive low-admission vehicles for events, use digital resources instead of paper, and they are a Green Bridge Guide Approved Vendor! As Colorado's first Certifiably Green Catering Company, Serendipity loves that!

FTH Wedding    
Back-to-School Fun Facts
Teacher Apple
The tradition of giving apples to teachers dates back to the 16th century in Denmark, where parents would pay their educators with food (namely, apples since they were expensive and hard to harvest), since teachers couldn't live off their small salaries. 

Think eight weeks of summer vacation is too long? In Chile, summer vacation lasts from mid-December to early March, meaning Chilean children are off for about 12 weeks. And in Ethiopia, vacation is 12 to 15 weeks, depending on the school. Germany, however, only has a very short six week vacation.

In the US, $7.7 billion was spent for back-to-school clothes shopping last August (2011). Add on the $2.4 billion spent in bookstores that same month, and you notice how many people go shopping right before schools let back in.

Everyone's favorite coloring utensil, the crayon, ranks #18 on the list of most recognizable scents, according to a study done by Yale University. In the Color Census of 2000, blue was voted the favorite crayon colour. The worst? Tan, tumbleweed and spring green.

By the time a child turns 10, they will have worn down approximately 730 crayons and will have spent about 28 minutes per day colouring (on average).

Before the school calendar became national, geography determined when students attended classes. In small, rural areas, school went from December to March and May to August so that kids could help plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. 
  • The biggest school in the world (in terms of pupils, not area) is the City Montessori school in Lucknow, India.  The school was set up by the Ghandi's in 1959 and has more than 32,000 students! That's more than a lot of universities (not to mention a lot of towns...)

  • Approximately 480,000 yellow school buses carry 25 million US children to and from school every weekday.
    Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school. Yes, it actually exists, and 2.4% of school-aged children are considered to have it, on an international level.

    Pencils are not only good in the classroom, but they can be used in zero gravity, upside down and even under water. The average classroom pencil can write approximately 45,000 words, or draw a line that is 34 miles long!

    Back to school cookies

    Time to think about fall events! 
    fall spices

    Begin planning for fall parties!
    Dates book up fast, so call to soon to discuss your next event. 

    Team Building
    Back to School Events
    Fall Wedding
    Fall Birthday Celebrations
    Harvest Party 
    Holiday Parties

    Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail. 

    Summer Brunch

    Eggs and Chard

    We admit we have been neglecting one of our favorite meals this summer: brunch. Summer's long, sunny mornings, fresh local produce, and relaxed attitude are begging for a serene brunch. Here are some ideas to help you achieve the perfect summer brunch. 



    Blueberry Muffins

    Avocado Pudding

    Orange Coffeer Creme

      Peach Cobbler FT

    Back to School 
    Work Lunches 
    Adult Bento
    Back to school days are here, which has us hungry thinking about lunch for our kids and a few new ideas for grown ups too...

    Noodle Lunch

    Thank You for Your  
    Kind Words

    Rose Cupcakes

    "We truly enjoyed having Serendipity cater our party.   

    We were all very impressed with the overall presentation that transformed my kitchen.  The Mac & Cheese action station was such a huge hit and (Chef) Oscar did a great job.  The rest of the food was very tasty and setup in a logical order that was easily accessible.  Everyone loved the cupcakes!!!   And, as for (Serendipity staff) Lynsey & Nick - oh my we just absolutely LOVED THEM.  They were so very cooperative, attentive and friendly, and our guests were treated as VIPs.   

    There is no food that tastes better than exceptional customer service feels, so that all by itself is priceless to us.
    It has been a wonderful pleasure to rely on your professionalism and quality.  I look forward to using Serendipity again! 

    Thank you so much!!"

    July,  2015

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