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Cocktails for a Cause empowers women by providing resources and hope to serve the needs of our local community.


Most charitable organizations need monetary contributions so cash contributions are always encouraged. But sometimes writing a check is not enough to inspire someone to give. When you actually give a product - diapers, coats, etc. - the giver is making a connection to the persons in need. To help make a connection to the charity, Cocktails for a Cause requires the charity to attend the event and give a 

short presentation about the organization.


Cocktails for a Cause is all about fun and friendship. It's about women creating a powerful network that can make amazing things happen - for them as well as women and children in need.


Cocktails for a Cause is a not-for-profit organization and Serendipity Catering is the official caterer for the Cocktails for a Cause events. We are always thrilled to be involved with these fabulous, informative and  philanthropic events. 


Tuesday, October 21st we will be working with Cocktails for a Cause at their event held at the Cable Center benefiting 

Families First.    


CFAC Cable Center  


Halloween Fun Facts  

Halloween Bottles


Trick-or-treating harks back to the Middle Ages and All Souls' Day, when poor people in Britain would beg for soul cakes, a sweet-bread treat, and pray for 
dead relatives in return.
We should carve turnips, not pumpkins.  The origin of Jack-O-Lanterns comes from a Celtic folk tale of a stingy farmer named Jack who would constantly play tricks on the devil. The devil responded by forcing him to wander purgatory with only a burning lump of coal from hell. Jack took the coal and made a lantern from a turnip, using it to guide his lost soul. The myth was brought over by Irish families fleeing the potato famine in the 1800s, and since turnips were hard to come by in the U.S., America's pumpkins were used as a substitute to guide lost souls and keep evil spirits like 
"Jack of the Lantern" away.

Chocolate makes up about three-quarters of a trick-or-treater's loot, according to the National Confectioners Association.

Candy Corn was originally known as "chicken feed."

Invented by George Renninger, a candy maker at the Wunderle Candy Company of Philadelphia in the 1880s, Candy Corn was originally called "butter cream candies" and "chicken feed" since back then, corn was commonly used as food for livestock (they even had a rooster on the candy boxes).

It had no association with Halloween or fall, and was sold seasonally from March to November. After World War II, advertisers began marketing it as a special Halloween treat due to its colors and ties to the fall harvest.



Black cats, spiders, and bats are all Halloween symbols because of their spooky history and ties to Wiccans. All three were thought to be the familiars of witches in the middle ages, and are often associated with bad luck. Bats are even further connected to Halloween by the ancient Samhain ritual of building a bonfire, which drove away insects and attracted bats.  


halloween tree bats  


The candy industry in America rakes in an average of $2 billion annually thanks to Halloween (that's 90 million pounds of chocolate).

Americans spend an estimated $6 billion on Halloween annually, including candy, costumes, and decorations, according to History.com. (The most commercial holiday in the U.S. is Christmas.)



Black and orange are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death. 

Pumpkin candles

Event Planning:
Winter Wonderland

December dates are selling out and many people are now looking at January for their holiday parties -- it kicks the year off right and everyone is a little more relaxed after December's jam-packed social calendar. 
Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail.

   Everything Halloween     


Halloween is a playful favorite holiday for kids and adults alike. The holiday can be celebrated as subtle, or as over-the-top as you'd like!  Here are a few ideas to help your Halloween 
be the most spirited ever:     

Pumpkin Decorating
without Carving

Owl Pumpkin

Take a break from the mess and muscle that goes into carving  and try any of these fun, easy and (some) spooky pumpkins: 

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Fall Table Setting  

"Everything was WONDERFUL!
We received countless comments about how good the food was!  And I know several people made note that Serendipity was the caterer and told me they planned to recommend and/or consider you for their own events!
The presentation was beautiful and the service was perfect.  Jamilyn was especially kind and thoughtful as she offered to make plates for both my husband and I.  
Thank you so much for squeezing us in to your already busy weekend!"

K.K. ~ Elopement Celebration
September, 2014  
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