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New Holland Brewing Company's Beervangelist, Fred Bueltmann, brings the classic American cookout to the GABF. All year, people are cooking on their grills and washing it down with a cold, craft beer.

Fred will discuss how to pair 

beers to your typical cookout foods and talk about the flavor families of beer, including how and why they are a  

great fit for the grill.


For the second year in a row, Fred teams up with Laura Zaspel of Serendipity Catering to provide samples of an appetizer, main dish and dessert, each precisely paired with a New Holland beer.

to learn more about the Beervangelist's Guide to the Galaxy:
A Philosophy of Food and Drink 


  new holland logo
While we are proud of our home-state micro-breweries, there are other wonder micro-brews across the states!  One our favorites being New Holland Brewing.  Hailing from Holland, Michigan, New Holland's crafted beer and artisan spirits captures a flavor, a harvest, or a season.
Among many wonderful beers,
New Holland makes three
perfect for fall:

Brown Ale

Pumpkin Ale

Belgian Style WPA

Beer tasting

Each year, GABF represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served, in a public tasting event plus a private competition. GABF brings together the brewers and diverse beers that make the U.S. the world's greatest brewing nation and it is hosted annually in Denver! 

We always look forward to this sold-out event and hope to see our fans and
fellow hop-heads there!

GABF crowd

Did You Know? 

The Hard-Core Facts on
Apples & Pears

apple and pear  



More than 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States, but only the crabapple is native to North America.



Pears are native to Asia and Europe. The first pear tree was planted in the North America in 1620 in the Massachusetts Bay colony.   

pear tart  
Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.

In Chinese, fen li means both "to share a pear" and "to separate." Therefore, it is considered bad luck in China to share a pear because it may lead to separation of friends or lovers.

Apple varieties range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit. The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds.

The Bartlett pear is the most popular variety of pear in the United States.

In Europe, the Bartlett is known as the Williams Bon Chrétien or the Williams. It got its American name when a Bostonian named Enoch Bartlett bought a pear orchard and, not knowing the pears already had a name, began distributing them as Bartlett pears.



The top apple producers around the world are China, United States, Turkey, Poland and Italy. Apples account for 50 percent of international deciduous fruit tree production, and they are a member of the rose family.



Asian pears were cultivated in China as early as 1134 B.C.  



It takes about 36 apples to create one gallon of apple cider.


Recipe ideas for apples and pears:  


 Holiday Planning!


It is time to lock in your plans for the fall and winter holidays.

The holiday season books up fast!  Get on the calendar now for:
Holiday Events  
New Years,
and more! 


Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail.

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Fall Beverages 

pumpkin cocktails


Fall brings more comforting foods, warm spices, and beverages to long for.  From an autumn spiced latte on a chilly fall morning to a pumpkin inspired micro brew to end the day, we gathered ideas to keep your fall beverages exciting all season long.

A warm start to the day, is the best way to get started!   


Celebrate pumpkin in more than just pie.

Look to fall's bounty for inspiration:   

Colorado is home to the best micro-brews!  A list of the best local brews for fall:

fall wine grapes

Oenophile's we haven't forgotten about you!

It is not fall without apple cider.
  Apple Cider

Fall Spices

fall spices

The spices of fall are are just part of what makes the season so bewitching.  We took a closer look at the quintessential spices of the season:  

Thank You for Your  
Kind Words!
pork sliders  

"Thanks so much!  We were so so so so so impressed with the staff at how flawlessly they carried out the evening.  They really helped to ensure that the party was perfect in every way. 

We plan on passing along your name to all of our friends for future events- not only was the staff awesome, but the food was DELICIOUS! 

People absolutely raved about the pulled pork sliders! 

Serendipity exceeded my expectations in every way and I am so very grateful for the hard work.
Thanks again Laura and hopefully we will see each other again!"
K.P., the Bride
~ Wedding~

September 2014

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