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Event Rents is Colorado's premier party rental provider. Their exceptional customer service, quality products and attention to detail are the components that have made them superior choice in the event rental industry, and a favorite for Serendipity to work with!

Getting rentals for events can be a little overwhelming, but we can always rely on working with Scott Bradshaw, sales manager for Event Rents to refine rentals for our clients.  He was nice enough to give our readers a few tips when considering rentals:

What is the number one thing you tell customers to keep in mind when using rentals for a summer event? 
Don't forget to consider renting extra refrigeration! Helps your caterers keep food fresh and cool.

Why do you recommend rentals over using what is available, or buying plastic/paper ware?
Rentals add an element of elegance to events making guests feel extra special. We offer china in a wide variety of price points, making our items affordable for any event. Plus, no cleanup or exorbitant trash to take care of post party! It's also way better for the environment.

What is the best thing about Colorado events?
Colorado offers such a wide variety of venues to host parties. Whether in the mountains, on a ranch, or downtown in the city there are so many beautiful backdrops to host fabulous events.

What types of events are your personal favorite?
Weddings! Every bride has a different vision and there is nothing more rewarding than executing her vision to perfection.

Fall will be here before we know it!  What details need to be different from hot weather to cold weather events?
Consider mushroom heaters or fire towers for outdoor events. Take advantage of Colorado's fall color palate by incorporating rich colors of linen.  

  Event rents farm table

Facts on Food Waste
You probably already know that  waste, in all forms, is creating  social, economic and environmental consequences
Let's take a closer look at food waste.

Since Serendipity began 14 years ago, we have been diligent about reducing food waste.  Currently, we send 90%+ kitchen food waste to composting. 
A few facts on why this is important:   

compost soil  


Between one quarter and one half of the more than 590 billion pounds of food produced each year in the U.S. is squandered during the farm-to-table supply chain.  Food waste expert  Jonathan Bloom estimates that, every day America wastes enough food to fill the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California - sometimes it's as much as two stadiums full.

Food waste is particularly egregious at a time when hunger is a growing problem.  If we wasted just 5 percent less food, it would be enough to feed 4 million Americans;  20 percent less waste could feed 25 million Americans annually.  

A large portion of food waste occurs in households.  The average American throws away  20 pounds of food each month or about two-thirds of a pound per person per day.  Fresh products like fish, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables  make up most of household food waste.
Crops are sometimes  left unharvested because their appearance does not meet strict quality standards required by many supermarkets and expected by consumers. 

ugly toms

What can you do at home to prevent food waste? 

 Menu plan your meals for a week. Check the ingredients in your fridge and cupboards, then write a shopping list for just the extras you need.  Take your list with you and stick to it when you're in the store. Don't be tempted by offers and don't shop when you're hungry - you'll come back with more than you need.



Fruit that is just going soft can be made into smoothies or fruit pies. Vegetables that are starting to wilt can be made into soup.  
Instead of scraping leftovers into the bin, why not use them for tomorrow's ingredients? A bit of tuna could be added to pasta and made into a pasta bake. A tablespoon of cooked vegetables can be the base for a crock pot meal.
When you buy new food from the store, bring all the older items in your cupboards and fridge to the front. Put the new food towards the back and you run less risk of 
finding something moldy! 


 Why not set up a compost bin for fruit and vegetable peelings? In a few months you will end up with rich, valuable compost for your plants. If you have cooked food waste, then a kitchen composter (bokashi bin) will do the trick. Just feed it with your scraps, sprinkle over a layer of special microbes and leave to ferment. The resulting product can be used on houseplants and in the garden. 

Compost Garden bed

Denver A List  
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Serendipity Catering Denver is very appreciative of all our fan support over the years and we'd love to have your vote! 

Voting ends August 17th!

We were #2 in 2012 -- going for #1 in 2014!

Follow us on Facebook and look for exciting updates all summer as the voting continues!
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Event Planning

halibut fm veggies


Having recently been re-certified as Denver's first Certifiably Green catering company, we were inspired to look for new ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into events. 
A few tips and ideas for green entertaining: 

Find inspiration at the farmer's market:  

Don't just stop for food at the farmer's market-- look for cocktail ideas too! 
Work with Denver's first Certifiably Green caterer! -- Us!
 Unfortunately, throwing a party can create a lot of waste, but luckily there are ways around that!      

Our Favorite Local...  
Farmers Market

Part of being green is shopping and sourcing locally, and we are so lucky to know and work with so many great producers and purveyors right here in Colorado!  

New Green Venue!


 The Alliance Center is a showcase of sustainable construction and a living example of collaboration and sustainability at work. After recently completing a major renovation, they will be hosting a Grand Re-Opening party on August 14th, from 4-7pm to showcase the work that has been done, and welcome the community back into the newly transformed space!

Enter their 'Space for All' Giveaway and share your event plan to win a FREE four-hour space rental for up to 100 people plus FREE CATERING from Serendipity Catering! The Giveaway will run from Monday, July 14 through August 21 and is open to all local organizations with 501(c) (3) nonprofit status.

Thank You for Your  
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 "The party was perfect.  It was exactly what Keri wanted. 

I've got to say the food was great!  It was 5 star restaurant good; people were asking for Serendipity's name yesterday still.  Kelly (Serendipity Event Coordinator) 
couldn't have been better. 

We really appreciate how superb of a job you guys did!
Great thanks!"
~ F.C.,  Private Party 

July, 2014 
The Best Holiday Planning Starts Early!

Sand Snowman    

It is not too early to begin thinking about the winter holidays and events.

The holidays book up fast!  Begin your planning now to assure your holiday event is flawless.
Holiday Events  
New Years,
and more! 


Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail.

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