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The countdown is on!
Voting for Denver A-List has begun.
 Denver A List does a great job of creating a fun atmosphere for lots of great Denver businesses to highlight their specialties and services.

Serendipity Catering Denver
is very appreciative of all our fan support over the years and we'd love to have your vote! 
We were #2 in 2012 -- going for #1 in 2014!

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Serendipity Catering Highlights a Friend       
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We recently had the pleasure of working with Andrea at A Dre Productions, an event and promotion company unlike
any other in Denver.  They
produce and execute fun and unique events from the ground up as well as partner with local businesses and organizations on events. They do everything from urban races, pub crawls, music festivals, to fundraisers and special events in the city.

Look for their upcoming events!



We got together with Andrea for a quick Q & A about summer events, trends, and the local music scene:


In the summer, what are your favorite types of events in Colorado?   


I love anything outdoors! Anything that includes trying or tasting something new. Live Music....Sold! An event paired with a cause, always a win.

I love the Snowmass Mammoth Fest, Music, Brews and Chili in Snowmass, you can't beat that. I always love the Irish Festival and Film on the Rocks too.

Or, any of A-Dre Productions events!     



What trends are you liking this summer?   


I think people are really into trying new things, I think they are sick of the same 'ol same 'ol stuff, whether it's a new fun cocktail, foods, activities, something interactive. The conversations I am having are around supporting local and supporting their community. Events that touch on local foods, beverage, business and nonprofits. Unique themes, fresh ideas, new concepts. Beach themes, bright colors. Instagram is growing drastically, especially around events. It's all about the experience! Integrate art and music. I think it's important to hit on the 5 senses at an event! 


You are a huge music fan and promoter.  What local band should we be paying
attention to now?



Well, I am entrenched in the local music scene, so, there are so many to choose from and there are so many that I have yet to uncover.

These are the top 5 on my mind right this second: Steele & Colfax, Aspen Hourglass, Red Fox Run, Sarah & The Meanies and


An up and coming music festival that should be on your radar this year is the Higher Ground Music Festival on August 23rd! 40 Bands and Barcelona is the headliner!  


For those interested in music, education and our youth, Youth On Record is an organization that I absolutely love and I just ended a 3 and year term on the Board of Directors.


 What is your ideal day-off?


Connecting with Friends/Family. Drinking Wine, Netflix binging, and spending time with my husband and my puppy Myriah.  

Rock and Roll Pub Crawl
A Dre Productions
Rock and Roll Pub Crawl
Did You Know?  
The Buzzzzz on  
Honey Bees   


Honey Bee- Purple Flower  




Bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man.
The average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. 

The honey bee's wings stroke incredibly fast, about 200 beats per second, thus making their famous, distinctive buzz. A honey bee can fly for up to six miles, and as fast as 15 miles per hour.

 A honey bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip. 



The bee's brain is oval in shape and only about the size of a sesame seed, yet it has remarkable capacity to learn and remember things and is able to make complex calculations on distance traveled and foraging efficiency.  

The queen bee can live up to 5 years and is the only bee that lays eggs. She is the busiest in the summer months, when the hive needs to be at its maximum strength, and lays up to 2500 eggs per day. 

Honey bees communicate with one another by dancing.  

During winter, honey bees feed on the honey they
 collected during the warmer months. They form a tight cluster in their hive to keep the queen and themselves warm.     

    Honey Jars    


 Did you know our invaluable honey bees are in danger?  


Learn about about why these fuzzy-buzzy helpers are at risk and what you can do to help here. 



Father's Day   

Grilled Chops


It is time to celebrate dad!
Show the special guys in your family how much they are appreciated with any of these fun ideas for your Father's Day party!   

Brunch is not just for Mother's Day!  
The ultimate dad-inspired dishes.

Homemade gifts are always great from the kids.   


  choco bunt
Dad's love a little kick in their desserts: 

 whiskey drink

Help dad discover a new favorite cocktail:    

Colorado's Best Summer Beers   

We are so fortunate to live in a state known for its exceptional craft beer.  From fruity IPA's to deep stouts, Colorado has everything beer fans love.
A list of some of the best local brews for summer:  

Thank You for Your  
Kind Words!    
Grad Hats  

"Thank you for the lovely card and the excellent food and service for our May graduation reception. 
Kelly and her team did a good job for us.  They looked sharp, were very friendly and professional and kept the trays and beverage dispensers filled so guests never had to ask if we had run out of something.
... this is our largest event of the year.  I look forward to doing business with Serendipity in the future!"
~ University of Colorado 
   Office of the Dean
Graduation Reception 
May, 2014  

Baby cupcakes

"It was amazing and Dan was awesome..would definitely use Serendipity again!

The hostess said she will never cook again herself because it was so relaxing for her.  Thank you."

Uptown Mortgage,
Baby Shower
June, 2014

Make Your Summer Gathering Stand Out!  


Contact Serendipity to plan your summer party!    
The Fourth of July  
Labor Day, and more!  


Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment, flowers -- down to the last festive detail.
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