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Space Gallery    


Space Gallery

Space Gallery is a premiere private event venue located in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. The 4000 SqFt. Contemporary gallery is separated into three distinct spaces highlighted by stunning architectural elements. 

The Gallery can accommodate up to 250 guests looking to enjoy on intimate atmosphere with the artwork providing an elegant backdrop.

The Gallery layout is versatile for private events. The interior walls and the bar on wheels making it possible to create your ideal set-up. Adjustable lighting sets the mood and built in audio allows for seamless entertainment.  



Coming Soon ~  

New Space Gallery! 


New Space Gallery  


 The new Space Gallery will include a

4,000 sqft. contemporary gallery and 3,000 sqft outdoor sculpture garden will be highlighted by 24 ft ceilings and stunning architectural elements.  


The gallery can accommodate up to 300 guests looking to enjoy an intimate atmosphere with the artwork providing an elegant backdrop. The interior walls and bar are moveable making it possible to create your ideal layout. The gallery has 17 complimentary parking spots on site and a 100 post lot available upon request.


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Did You Know?  

The Original Food Truck


In honor of the National Western Stock Show, currently in town, we uncovered a few fun facts about the traveling chuck wagon, the first food truck of the
Wild West- 

Charles Goodnight is credited with inventing the chuck wagon. In 1866 he and his partner, Oliver Loving, made preparations to take a herd of 2,000 longhorn cattle from near fort Belknap in northern Texas, to Denver. Goodnight purchased a government wagon and had it completely rebuilt according to his specifications in seasoned bois d'arc, the toughest wood available.

 It was a necessity that the chuckwagon cooks fed the men with foods that would last several months in the scorching heat. Cooks used dry goods, such as coffee, beans, baking powder, flour, corn meal, rice, sugar, dried chili peppers, dried fruit, and salt.

The chuck wagon was the heart of the round-up and trail drive.  Cooks were often older men or former cowboys.  Cattlemen paid them well. They knew good food was critical to a happy and hardworking crew!

The chuck box loaded in the back of the wagon was a honeycomb of drawers and shelves.  The larger back partition held sourdough starter, a flour sack and larger utensils.  Smaller spaces contained tin plates, 'eatin' irons, and a 3-5 gallon coffee pot.  If the weather was cold, the cook often kept the sourdough starter against his body, as it required constant warmth.   


Dessert included stewed dried fruit, spiced cake made without eggs or butter, dried fruit pies, or spotted pup (rice and raisins).  Northern cowboys were more likely to get beef with their meals.  Some outfits in the Southwest made do with salt pork, beans and sourdough. 


2014 Party Planning  


Let's start party planning! 

Heavy Appetizer Parties
Serendipity can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment -- down to the last festive detail.
New Serendipity  

  Get Creative this Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is the one day of the year when we can go "over the top" with romantic food, drinks and decor. Here are some great ideas for Valentine's Day 2014!


Beat the Valentine's Day crowds and make a candlelit dinner from home.
  Vday Fruit

Healthy Valentine's Day Dinner  Keep your darling's heart happy with this healthy make-at-home menu. 


   We didn't believe it until we watched the video...


Plan on renting one of these iconic romances and follow up with these menus.

 Fun Food Holidays Throughout the Year! 
mini pancake tower

The year is filled with many little known food holidays --
giving us more reasons to celebrate! 
January 28th 
 Blueberry Pancake Day  

February 25  




March 3rd  

Mulled Wine Day 



April 12th 

Grilled Cheese Day   



May 8th  

Coconut Pie Day 



June 28th  

Ceviche Day  



July 23rd  

Hot Dog Day  



August 16th  

Rum Day  



September 24th  

Cherries Jubilee Day  


October  4th  

Taco Day  



November  23rd  

Espresso Day  



December 31st  

Champagne Day  



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Beet & Fennel Valentine's Day Soup  


"Our company has had the pleasure of working with Serendipity on both a daily basis and for large events.


Laura and her team are consistently exceptional. Everyone is helpful, kind, and very professional. They offer a very wide variety for our daily meals and cater to the dietary restrictions of individuals, which is incredibly helpful. Monthly surveys also help to ensure that everyone remains happy and well fed. They even specialize birthday treats for employees, which we absolutely love.


On the large event end of the spectrum, Serendipity never ceases to impress us with their ability to tackle whatever requests we throw their way. 


Whatever the occasion, Laura and her team see to it that their client is 100% satisfied and every event is a success.

We are truly grateful for the work that they do. It has been a delightful experience and we look forward to having a long relationship with Serendipity Catering."

 ~M.S. | IT Company, Denver, CO
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