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Serendipity Catering Highlights a Friend   
Oh, the fun to be had with Upstairs Circus! 

Upstairs Circus is a one-of-a-kind social bar where you (and all your friends) can gather together to create unique D.I.Y., art & design projects. Upstairs Circus gives you the time, supplies and tutorials to make something amazing- all you have to do is add a little of your brand of circus (creativity) to make it spectacular!

Also open for groups and private events!

Serendipity is excited to begin catering unique events at this new, exciting venue in the heart of downtown!   



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Holiday Season Fun Facts:

The original ball lowered in Times Square on New Year's Eve back in 1907 was made of iron and wood and decorated with 100 light bulbs.

Poinsettias were first introduced into this country in 1828 by the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett. They are now grown in all 50 states and represent over 85% of potted plant sales during the holidays. Over $220 million worth of poinsettias are sold during holiday season.

More than 25,000 bulbs are strung on the tree in Rockefeller Center - that's more than 5 miles of lights!

In 1939, an advertising employee at the department store Montgomery Ward wrote the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for a store promotion. That year the store gave away 2.4 million copies of the story.

The first American mention of a Christmas tree was in 1747, and, strictly speaking, it wasn't a tree at all but a wooden pyramid covered with evergreen boughs and decorated with apples.
New Year's  
Party Planning   


Ring in the New Year 
with Serendipity!  
We can help with venue selection, menu planning, entertainment -- down to the last festive detail!




Holiday Cocktail Parties 2013 



There is no better way to spread the holiday cheer than a holiday cocktail party.  If you are hosting an elegant evening in with friends, a large-scale event, a quick after-work happy hour, or ringing in the New Year, a holiday cocktail party always seems to capture the spirit of the season.  

Small elegant bites are a must-have for cocktail hour.

This time of year can get busy but, hosting a good party can be easy! 
Set the scene and impress your guests with glamorous DIY decorations.  
  Keep desserts pretty, 
small, and fun! 


Holiday Cocktails   

Holiday cocktails can be the most elegant, playful, and cheerful drinks of the year!  Some of our favorites to serve through the season:
Great for an adult beverage  
punch bowl. 
Chocolate and spices are added to a holiday favorite.      
Gingerbread Martini 
From cookies to cocktails, gingerbread flavors are the best of season!

  A hot classic drink is always in style. 

Festive "mocktails" should be
on hand!



Thank You for Your  
Kind Words!    


"We were so very, very pleased with how everything went on Saturday. Now that all our relatives have safely returned to their home states, and I can take a breather, I am still, in my mind, joyfully remembering the events of the day. Sonia was simply great!
We were able to visit with everyone, and the food and drink just kept appearing (and disappearing!) as the afternoon progressed. It all seemed effortless on our side, but I know the Serendipity team worked hard.

I can't tell you how many compliments we received on the food. So, with pleasure, I will pass those compliments on to you. 
Again, we want to thank you, and your staff for a job well done!!! You made US look, and feel, like gracious hosts. Thank you."
~Sheila and Brian
Wedding | October 2013 

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