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*Two* Friends
(With a fun question and answer session with two top venues!)
Located in the top five floors of the historic Clock Tower in the heart of the city, the recently renovated space features décor that's elegant and modern, offering guests breathtaking panoramic views of the skyline and mountains, and the opportunity to explore behind the mysterious clock faces.

We asked Holly, owner of Clocktower Events, about winter weddings and event planning:

Q: What is something you like best about a winter wedding? 
 A: Our space looks particularly stunning & romantic that type of year as we decorate each floor with wintery décor, candlelight and crystals. The lighting downtown is transformed and provides a very magical holiday feel.
Q: Is there something a bride, or party planner should keep in mind when planning a winter event (wedding, holiday, or corporate party)? 
A: Book your dates early as  holidays are one of our busiest times. Brides will be competing for dates with corporate holiday parties and vice versa. Plan ahead!
Q: What has been your most memorable event at Clocktower? 
  A: Each event is so unique at our space but it's really fun when clients bring in their own touches to their event to make it their own. This can be done through décor such as clocks as the centerpieces to tie in with the Time theme or by designing their event around a unique theme.  We once had an Alice in Wonderland themed reception where guests came in costume. The photos from that event were super memorable as the space provided the perfect backdrop.
Q: Clocktower is unique as it is one Denver's most iconic locations.  What type of events do you host most regularly?  
A: Our space is so creative and the events that we host reflect that. We book everything from a romantic wedding proposal package for 2 to an intimate wedding ceremony for 60 to a fun progressive style
reception for 150.

The Historic Parkside Mansion offers customized services for your gathering, whether it's a wedding, luncheon, cocktail party, business meeting, or after work get together. Dazzle your guests with the refined elegance only Parkside Mansion can offer.

Your guests will be enchanted as they enter through the majestic two-story columns into the rich history of Parkside Mansion. Dance the night away or watch the setting sun from the rooftop patio. Begin and end your perfect gathering at the Parkside Mansion.


A few questions with Kris, event planner at Parkside:

Q: What is something you like best about a winter wedding?
A:  Winter weddings hold a special place at the historic Parkside.  The mansion boasts 4 fireplaces, 2 on the main level that have been converted to energy saving natural gas, that create a cozy ambiance inside, when the winter snow falls softly outside.



Q: Is there something a bride, or party planner should keep in mind when planning a winter event?  

A: Our beautiful built in bar is the perfect place to offer amber liquids and hot toddies to chilly guests.  Our venue allows clients to bring in their own alcohol at no charge or corkage fee. Additionally, there is plenty of room to offer a "hot beverage station" just off to the side of the bar, so guest can enjoy non-alcoholic drinks to toast their hosts.


Q: What has been your most memorable event at Parkside?   

A: This recent story was submitted by a bride who was married at the Parkside in July.  We have been running a contest and this couple was delightful, sweet and over the top in love.  I could not possibly think of a more memorable event we have hosted.


"Despite a 6 hour monsoon (that never happened again in 2013, nor can we ever remember this crazy of a rainstorm ever happening during our lives in Denver), Parkside Mansion turned out to be the perfect venue for our wedding.  The staff was so quick to help us turn the ballroom into a place for our ceremony, and the gorgeous picture window was a terrific backdrop.  The house manager even prepared 4 seats for our parents, making sure that they were as close to us as possible. The ballroom felt like getting married in someone's living room - so intimate, warm and cozy.  Due to the weather, we were unable to go outside for pictures, but the balcony and bride's changing area turned out to be great spots, giving all of our wedding photos a true old-fashioned feel.  The best part of the night was when the rain finally stopped and we took the party onto the rooftop deck - which is the asset of Parkside Mansion that made us fall in love with the venue in the first place.  Our house manager was so sweet, and due to all the delays because of the weather, she let us stay on the rooftop for an extra 30 minutes.  It was a wonderful gesture, one that we really cherished, as we worked so hard to hang bistro lights on the rooftop deck for a fun night under the stars.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for executing a wonderful plan B with the monsoon of the century that no none could have predicted!"


Did You Know?   


According to old wedding  superstitions, snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.

Winter Weddings 


A winter wedding can be just as wonderful as warm weather nuptials.  With a few things kept in mind-- mostly, to work with season and incorporate all that is
snowy and white!

Start your guests off with warm and elegant hors d'oeuvres.

Keep the main course comforting and classy.

Keep spirits warm with a warm signature drink (what is the recipe for a hot toddy anyway?).  


Winter Party Favors 

Not quite a winter holiday, but Thanksgiving bridges the last days of autumn with the coming winter months. Give thanks to your guests on Thanksgiving with these
special ideas:  

The best gifts are homemade!  
Have the kids help with crafts perfect for holiday favors and gifts!    
Everyone loves a food gift!     
  A hot chocolate jar make a great favor for friends, co-workers, family, and kids!



Thank You for Your  
Kind Words!    
"Writing a review (positive or negative) is something I do on a regular basis. This review is one that I believe needs more attention.
 My wife and I used Serendipity Catering for our recent wedding rece
ption this past October. We took around two months researching caterers before selecting Serendipity and that task was not easy. In the beginning, we treated Serendipity just like any of our other four vendors. We were 'micromanaging' and planning for everything up until our face to face visit with Laura. Prior to our meeting in person, we were working with Laura over the phone and via email. Today, I truly believe the face-to-face meeting was not warranted, but simply a part of the process that we feel is done with 
first class treatment.
We were able to address everything via email and telephone and meeting in person was simply a formality in order to get a 
firm booking for our event. 
Dan and Laura quickly offered their expertise and guided us down a path resulting in less stress with their 'get-it-done' attitude. Pride of ownership is something I speak about on a regular basis with my clients. Pride is not lacking in their business model.  We had ZERO problems with Serendipity.
Serendipity Catering went ABOVE and BEYOND and assisted us in areas where they truly didn't need to, but assisted because they wanted to. We truly believe that our wedding reception was top-notch because of selecting Serendipity Catering for the event. We have received many comments from folks such as, "The best wedding and reception I have ever attended and I've attended many! Well done!!!" Out of all of our vendors (we had a total of five) we give Serendipity an A+. We ranked them as #1. Well done - Is an understatement!!"
~Brian, Groom 
Wedding, October 2013 

Holiday Party Planning  

Snowball Cookie Snowmen    

We only have a few December dates still available. Call now! 
You can also plan a "Ring in the New Year" party in January!
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