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Morningside Manor

Morningside Manor

Built in the late 1800's Morningside Manor is one of Arvada's most historic sites. The Victorian house and lush grounds are ideal for weddings, receptions and special events. The house contains a parlor, grand room, bride's room and atrium with a dance floor. The grounds surrounding the manor feature gardens, mature trees and gazebos.


Morningside accommodates up to 130 guests (more flexibility during summer months) with space for both a ceremony and reception. The whole site, including house and grounds, is only available for single party use.


Morningside Manor offer's both indoor and outdoor facilities for weddings, reception and special events in Arvada, Colorado. It's an amazing facility located 20 minutes from downtown Denver.



Moriningside Manor- indoors  


Did You Know?


Summer's Favorite Foods' Facts

Corn on the Cob 
Corn is the largest crop in the United States. However, the origin of cultivated corn is unknown.

Watermelons originally came from the Kalahari Desert region in Africa, which is interesting because the average watermelon is 92 percent water.

President Rutherford B. Hayes's wife Lucy was called Lemonade Lucy because she was a staunch advocate of the temperance movement and would not serve strong drinks at the White House.

The word barbecue comes from the Arawak word barbakoa, meaning "frame of sticks."

Up until the mid-19th century, many cultures thought the tomato was poisonous. Today tomatoes are one of the most widely cultivated crops.


During the mid-1980s, world peach production totaled about 5.5 million metric tons per year. The highest peach-producing countries were the United States and Italy.

Potato salad 
What's a cookout without potato salad? Americans sure must eat a lot of it: The U.S. potato harvest in 1999 yielded 21.7 million metric tons of potatoes!

Ice Cream 
One of the world's most popular desserts, ice cream was most likely first created in China, around 2000 BC.


Christmas in July

Sand Snowman   
Yes, it is time to start thinking about your December holiday planning!

We can assist with venue selection, menu design, decor, entertainment, and more.

Chill Out!
  Summer Paloma   
It's HOT outside!  It's time to indulge in refreshing summertime drinks, savories
and desserts:


 Backyard beverages are a must in the summer:
Cool Drinks for Hot Days

Fruits and vegetables are always best showcased in summer salads: 

Aside from gazpacho, there are many other chilled soups.  Get creative with seasonal produce and a blender!  

Invite your friends over for drinks! 
 Homemade popsicles are fun make and a sweet way to cool down!  


Strawberry-Peach Popsciles

Colorado's Top

Denver Bontanic Gardens

Visit any of our states top gardens to get inspired and bring your
blooms to the next level:

Denver's own botanical gardens is one of the best in the nation: 



Just south of town, this garden is known for it's sculptures and ponds.   
  Hudson Gardens  

Enjoy a beautiful garden, admission free!    
Alamo Placita Park

  If you are in Vail be sure to visit this mountain garden, named after former first lady Betty Ford, for her contributions made throughout the years to the Vail Valley.  

   Betty Ford Alpine Gardens


     Betty Ford Alpine Garden


Thank You for Your  
Kind Words!    
Mini Pot Pies in Phyllo

"I really want to thank you for
all of the help.  
The food was beautiful and the service was amazing.     
I definitely could not have done all that without the help from your team.  Serendipity did an awesome job with the pirate themed decorations.

I think the shrimp and the mini-pot pies were the two favorites although everyone thought all the food was delicious.  I was really happy with everything.

Thank you again for all the help-it was a great party!"

Birthday Party at Private Residence  
 June 2013
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