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Artwork Network


Art Network  



The Artwork Network Gallery is classy and stylish - the perfect metropolitan setting for your wedding or reception.  The space features high, vintage white tin ceilings, hardwood floors, and lots of natural light. 

They exhibit beautiful, contemporary artwork throughout, which creates a great backdrop (and a perfect conversation starter) for your event.  The artwork adds an extra element of uniqueness - with hundreds of artists rotating through the gallery, no two weddings will be alike!

The Gallery offers versatile photo opportunities ranging from fun & funky to sleek & metropolitan.  In addition to the art on our walls, the alleyways contain colorful murals for an urban backdrop.

Serendipity is proud to partner with The Art Network!  We look forward to catering each unique event there! 

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Did You Know?


White, Modern Bouquet
A Few Fun Facts about Weddings:


Early Roman brides carried a bunch of herbs, such as garlic and rosemary, under their veils to symbolize fidelity and fertility and to ward off evil. 

Wedding rings are often placed on the third finger of the left hand because ancient Egyptians believed the vein in that hand (which the Romans called the "vein of love") ran directly to the heart.        

A wedding cake is traditionally a symbol of good luck and fertility and has been a part of wedding celebrations since Roman times, when a small bun, symbolizing fertility, was broken above the bride's head at the close of the ceremony. 
 Wedding bells are an important symbol of a wedding. Traditionally, it was believed that demons were scared off by loud sounds, so following a wedding ceremony, anything that could make noise was used to create a diversion.
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Summer BBQs and graduation parties are around the corner!   
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Top Tips for  
2013 Brides 

Mint Wedding Cake, Pink Flowers  
Every season bridal trends change.  Many brides tend to follow at least one of the current trends using it as inspiration for menu planning, the wedding dress,
or decor.  Here are some of the
hot trends for 2013:


Mint and pink are the bridal colors of year:

 It is "Mint" to Be    

Feather centerpieces add something new to flower bouquets:
Feather Wedding Centerpieces

    Mad Libs, wedding style!  Have your guests fill these fun cards out and put in a box for future laughs.  Or, have a few of the guests read theirs aloud at toast time!:
Mini foods, ethnic foods, and food trucks are what today's modern brides are seeking on their menus:

Colorado Farmers' Markets  
 Here is a quick guide on where to shop for local produce and products
this spring and summer: 
Farmers Market  
One of the best and oldest markets
in the city. 

A lively gathering that has a theme
each week.
Food trucks, bakeries, and farmers love these three local market favorites.

The largest and friendliest market in Colorado!

  South Pearl St Farmers Market

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"The dinner was great! 
Your staff was friendly, supportive, happy and professional. The cuisine was better than any catered here in the past.  
You are our new caterers. 


Thanks for making our End of the World Party run so smoothly.

You are all so wonderful.


See you in 2013."
"End of the World" Theme Party 
 December 2012
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