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Evergreen Lake House

Evergreen Lake House     

The Lake House is located in Evergreen, CO, just 30 minutes from downtown Denver. One of the most popular uses of the Evergreen Lake House is its availability for rental for both private and public events. The facility is available from April to Mid-November. Many beautiful weddings have been held at the Lake House and numerous public events take place throughout the year.




Did You Know?


Chocolate Easter bunny in grass
Five Fun 
Candy Facts:
1) The National Confectioners Association says kids reach for chocolate Easter bunnies before anything else.

76% of us eat the ears first, while 13% bite off the feet and 10% tackle the tail. 

2) Originally sold by color, jelly beans were the first candy to ever be sold by weight. They gained Easter popularity in the 1930s behind a marketing push that pitched the beans' resemblance to an egg. The most popular color remains red to this day.

3) In 1953, it took 27 hours to create a Marshmallow Peep. Today it takes six minutes.

4) Cadbury Creme Eggs are suitable for vegetarians. The eggs are made with milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, glucose syrup and flavorings. 

5) In 2000, Americans spent nearly $1.9 billion on Easter candy, while Halloween sales were nearly $2 billion; Christmas, an estimated $1.4 billion; and Valentine's Day, just over $1 billion.

Summer Events Book Fast!      
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Summertime is a very busy season.  If you have an upcoming event in the spring or summer months, it is always a good idea to reserve early.  We specialize in all types of summer events like, corporate picnics, weddings, cocktail parties, pool parties, and more! 
Not too late for orders for Easter events!
Sunday, March 31st. 

Easter Cake w/ Dyed Eggs  

Easter Planning 
Easter Candy  
Easter-time is almost here! Bring on the candy, ham and other traditional fare, but add in some special twists to showcase your personal flair.  

A few ideas to help set the scene for your special spring celebration:


Make your gathering stand out from the traditional Easter:

 Modern Easter Party Themes       


Ditch the harmful dyes and use these natural egg dye techniques:    
Whether you are having a spring brunch or formal dinner, Serendipity has few ideas to get your celebration started right :
Serendipity Blog: Easter    

You can never have enough sweets on Easter:
We never forget the cocktails:
  Easter Ham  

Spring Produce    
Spring is typically a chef's, or home cook's, favorite season.  The season  brings fresher fruits and vegetables. Yes, some of these items are available year-round, but spring is the best time of year to splurge on them. 
Split Artichokes


Actually edible flower buds
in the thistle family.
A spicy and colorful addition to any dish.  
A tried and true spring staple.

How about a refreshing use of vegetables in a cocktail?  Why not?, we asked. Organic Authority answered with a "Beet Martini" and more:

Thank You for Your  
Kind Words!   
"What a terrific event we had!

Although you and I had planned it just the day before, it was as smooth
as anything I have experienced.  

The food was terrific and (Chef) Jason could not have been more professional, helpful, and creative.  The chicken sliders and lobster pies were truly delicious appetizers, the salad dressing was outrageous, and the flour-less torte was pure evil
(that is a good thing). 

I look forward to the next time
we work together."
H.H| Last Minute Birthday Party 
 February 2013  
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