Do you ever have that feeling that "something is going on", but you just can't quite identify what it is? Today started out like any other day. But it sure didn't end that way. We were scheduled to eat the yearly Passover meal tonight with Jesus, commemorating the night the Destroyer was required to "pass over" every Hebrew home that was marked with the blood of a lamb. This was during the beginning of the Exodus in the time of Moses. Jesus sent Peter and John to make preparations for it. (Matthew 26:17-) Little did we know that mid-afternoon, about 3:00 pm, would mark the beginning of Jesus' last day on earth, and the meal tonight would come to be known as "The Last Supper".

It was a very unsettling evening for everyone. While eating the Passover meal, Jesus said that one of the disciples would betray Him. Rather than looking into our own hearts to be sure we weren't the one of whom He was speaking, we each arrogantly began to proclaim reasons that it could never be us. We argued about who was the greatest. It's never a good idea to try to make your case before the Lord alluding to your own good works. Humility is always the best road to take.

Shortly after telling us this, Jesus handed Judas a piece of bread and told him to be quick about what he was going to do. Judas whole demeanor changed. He looked evil. We supposed he was going to make a donation to the poor since Judas was in charge of that. We never imagined he might be the betrayer. You never really know anyone completely. After He left, Jesus spoke about us eating this meal regularly without Him, that we were to do it to remember Him and the New Covenant. We had no idea what He was talking about.

Then Jesus did and taught something strange. First, He washed all of our feet! I've never felt so uncomfortable in my life. (John 13) We should be washing HIS feet, but He said that if He did this for us, we should also have this humble attitude toward others, esteeming them higher than ourselves.

Then He dropped a bombshell. He said He was going away and that we could not come. (John 14-17) Everyone was in shock. We had left everything to follow Him, and now He is saying it's over. He spoke of us having a relationship with Him even though we could no longer see Him. If we obeyed His commandments, He said that would show we really loved Him, and that He would then reveal Himself to us. Jesus talked a lot about us receiving the Holy Spirit, that the Spirit would be "Jesus to us". That was exciting, but we didn't want Him to leave! He said if He didn't go, we would never know the Holy Spirit. So confusing! Then we left there and went to a garden to pray.

He told us to pray with Him, but we all fell asleep. But that was interrupted by an angry mob which showed up with clubs and swords. Judas brought them. Peter cut one of their ears off, but Jesus picked it up and put it back on the guy's head! Our minds were reeling. It was a surreal scene. When they bound Jesus to take Him away, we all ran for our lives. So here we are...cowards, faithless to stand with the Lord, and seemingly have lost everything.

If I learned anything today, it is that I am nothing in my own ability. Just when we think we are great, we remember how humbly Jesus lived, and then we do something that reminds us how pitiful we really are.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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