Wednesday Meditation
Yesterday Jesus taught from dawn till dusk in the Temple. If you want a complete study of the teachings they are in Matthew 21-24. Today is a rest day. We aren't going into Jerusalem. We're just hanging out in Bethany. But that doesn't mean nothing is happening.

While we are having a low activity day, Judas is carrying out his plan to be paid for betraying Jesus. We can never trust how things look. We can only put faith in the Word of God. For there will be days when things look peaceful, but the devil is at work behind the scenes trying to bring us down. Other days will look stormy and dangerous, but they are not. They just appear that way. It really doesn't matter what is happening when we are 1) In the will of God, and 2) Trusting Him. The safest place you can be is resting in His perfect will, regardless of what is going on around you.

There is power in activity ("doing something") when the Lord has commanded you. But there is equal power in rest, when He has said, "Stand down". We often find Jesus doing the opposite of what we feel or think should be done, like when Jesus wept when the people were joyfully shouting on Palm Sunday and sleeping when people are freaking in terror. (Mark 4:35-41)

Make a point today to cast all of your burdens on Him and do nothing about them but what He says. And be open to the fact He may say nothing. If you don't hear anything, then "nothing" is what you should do!

Today ends in an awesome worship experience. Worshiping the Lord is much more than singing. In the evening, a woman named Mary came and poured an alabaster vial of perfume over His head. Jesus saw this as a prophetic act of preparing Him for burial. She didn't know He was about to go and die for the sins of the world. She was simply showing her profound love for Him. We never know how our simple worship will profoundly move the Lord! While Judas was "selling" Jesus for personal gain (a lot of that happens still today), she was giving her most costly possession to honor Him.

Let's make today a worship day, by giving to others as unto the Lord instead of ourselves. When we are tempted to pray for our problems today, let's rest in the Lord and pray for others. If we feel like we have to "do something", let's do it for someone else.


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