Monday Meditation
Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday known for the crowds celebrating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem as they waved palm branches and shouted, "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord". But the same crowds shouted, "Crucify Him!" later in the week when they realized He had not come "to make Israel great again"! They were looking for an earthly king and kingdom. Neither the religious establishment or the people knew who Jesus really was - the Son of God, Lord of all - therefore, they were clueless about His real plans and purposes. He came to die that WE could reign, not so He could be King over Israel. His kingdom was not of this world. Everyone wants Jesus and what He can do...until they understand Him.
How about us? In our political and religious excitement, are we caught up in the fervor of this election, believing a candidate or political party can save us? Are we trying to establish a kingdom built on man's power or to establish His Kingdom on the earth? Do we simply want Jesus to make our life better or to fulfill His real reason for make our lives pleasing to God?
When Jesus rode into the city, He was weeping over their spiritual condition while the people were joyfully shouting. I wonder how often we are crying when Jesus is laughing, and shouting when He is weeping? Do we want what He wants or what we want?

We want to reestablish American Culture...He wants us to establish the culture of the New Testament and the Book of Acts. 
We want to rebuild a powerful military...He wants to build a church the gates of Hell can't prevail against.
We want a better education system...He wants us educated with His Word and the Knowledge of His will.
We want our lives to  be better...He wants them pleasing to God!  

Read Luke 19:28-44.
On Monday of Jesus final week on earth, He cursed the fig tree. Mark 11:12-14, 20-26 He used the experience to teach on the awesome power of faith. But why did He curse the fig tree? Because it was pretending to have fruit, but didn't. This was a strong message from Jesus to each of us about having a sincere faith that is authentic, not Sunday-morning-pretending.
Let's examine ourselves to see if our relationship with Him is real, if His priorities are ours, and do we live by a loving faith in Him. 


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