Obama Isn't the Problem

Would you agree the world is as crazy as many have seen in their lifetimes? Don't be surprised or shaken. It was foretold long ago that these times would come, here, here, and here among others. Some of it has to happen, and we can't stop it. Simultaneously, we are commanded not to be shaken by the moral degradation or be fearful of the terror of these days. Rather, we are to rise above them as we obey the words of our Lord and follow the Holy Spirit. The safest place on earth, regardless of the situation, is to be in His will. Period.

If then we are called to live victoriously above what we are witnessing, let us be careful not to attempt to achieve this victory with earthly weapons, for our weapons are not of this world. Contrary to the Daily News headline, God can fix this problem. Our weapons are spiritual and our mindset must be to war spiritually.

Let's realize that a lot things we call problems may seem to be, but are in fact just symptoms. The world situation is like an ocean. When the tide rises, all boats on the water rise with it. Apparent problems are like the boats. As the underlying spiritual climate changes (positively or negatively), all the symptoms likewise rise or fall. If we focus our attention on just this boat or that one (symptom-problem) from rising or falling, we're not going to make important changes or live victoriously
Someone tell the bull that the red cape isn't the problem.

Treating symptoms doesn't cure the underlying disease. Lowering the fever will make you feel better, but is of no use if the infection doesn't leave.

Therefore, let's take a prayerful look at a very few of what are and are not the problems we face today, and how we should and should not approach them.

* President Obama is not our problem.
He was elected by a majority of the nation that wanted Him. Twice. Perhaps we should focus on what is in the heart of a nation's people that directs its choices. Throughout history, the real problem in every nation has always been caused by them leaving the One True Living God to go after their own idols to serve them. The problem is therefore not this or that person, it begins with me. With you. Sure, godless leaders (which I'm not judging anyone at this point) cause a nation's problems. But sometimes those leaders are a judgment from God on a godless nation! If I want my nation to change, I first must change, not in words only, but in deeds, from my heart. Electing a new president is only going to change symptoms. Let's do what the Bible commands. It says Pray for him. It doesn't say "impeach". Leave the impeaching to the politicians. Let's get on our face. Are you doing that?

* Gay Marriage is not the problem.
I get really stirred up about this one. Many Christians want to focus on what they call "the homosexual problem" or the "gay marriage problem" as the big issue. If we overturned the gay marriage law today, we would still be facing the problem that led us there. It's called lust and selfishness in a people who aren't submitted completely to Jesus Christ. For many Christians who cry out against the gays, simultaneously turn their eyes from fornication and adultery which are rampant in our society, some even being participants themselves, and have no problem entertaining themselves with it on TV, the Internet, and movies. Hypocrites. That's the nicest word to use. I'm against abortion, but the way pro-abortionists often get treated by Christians is appalling. If I was unsaved, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and a homosexual, I wouldn't want to serve a God whose people were only screaming at me about Hell and not treating me the way the Bible says they should. Hypocrites. We are called to preach the gospel (that means "good news"). The Good News is that He has forgiven every one us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's up to the individual to receive or reject Him. Symptoms change when the problem of "a lack of Jesus in one's life" is solved.

Yes, some are called to fight specific symptom-problems. I understand that. But nowhere are we given license to ever act in an Un-Christlike manner.

* A quick word on terrorism and terrorists.
I dealt with this in length in the last Lifelines. Have you considered the fact that the reason we are even having to deal with terrorism today, which was foreign to us in decades past, could maybe, just maybe, be because God has lifted His hand somewhat from upon us as a nation? It's certainly worth prayerful consideration. It sure seems as the symptoms get worse, we are farther and farther from God.

* What progress could be made if our efforts were spent on what we were commanded, and not on what we think should be done!
The last words of Jesus were "Go and make disciples", Mark 16:14-16 and do it as men and women of love. A bold, courageous stand for Jesus, without worrying about being persecuted, (Isn't that the problem??) will go much farther than fleshly anger shown towards terrorists, this sinner or that one, or this or that particular issue.
When we do that, then and only then will we be in position to address a particular symptom.

* Bottom line...
If you take anything away from this message today let it be that from now on, before I speak or act from fleshly passions or emotions getting caught up in the Current Christian Issue of the day, let me first ask, 1) Is this the real problem or just a symptom? 2) What is the real problem? 3) How is Jesus commanding me to respond?

If we all do this, we will finally begin to see real change.
We just want to change the world.
Thanks for helping us!
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