Confessions of a Pastor's Wife Husband {Pt.2}

My daily Bible reading has recently been the book of Joshua. In the great Exodus of the Hebrews from captivity in Egypt, (the books of Exodus, Leviticus & Deuteronomy) Joshua was the leader of the army under Moses. When Moses died, it was Joshua's role to not only continue leading the military, but also to be Moses' replacement and take the people into the Promised Land. It is extremely important to know why Moses died before the Land was conquered.

The short answer is that Moses did not obey God's time...but it was in front of the people (you can read the whole story here). Moses was angry and frustrated about many things that had happened. He was commanded to speak to a rock and water would come out, but Moses struck the rock instead. In His displeasure, God forbid Moses from taking the people into the Promised Land. In God's own word's, Moses had not respected and honored God in front of the people. He did not honor God as holy. His actions were saying that it was not important to do exactly what God had commanded.

God takes the subject of honoring His name very seriously. That's why when we are going through a trial, it is vital that we respond in a way that will glorify the Lord in front of the world. Even though we may be most interested in getting out of the trial, the Lord is more concerned with the way we are handling it and the witness we are being for Him. In fact, if we respond  the wrong way, it might prevent our deliverance!

During the conquest of the Promised Land, an enemy nation came against Joshua and Israel. But they didn't come alone. They brought all their friends and then some! This could have been a very discouraging time, but the result was that all of those enemies were defeated! Rather than one fight at a time, God's opinion was, "Let's take them all at once!"

So how is all of this significant to your and my trials?

When we are going through a trial, take the necessary time to identify all of the enemies of God in your life that appear as a result. For example, rather than focusing on the symptoms of an illness you may be encountering, examine all of the other ungodly things that may have arisen...especially within you...things like fear, unbelief, double-mindedness, anger, complaining, etc. It honors God when you destroy them by the Holy Spirit and His Word. Always look at the big picture, asking what is most important to God. And realize that people are looking at you and your responses.

Glorify the Lord in all things.

Thank you for helping us help others!