Nuclear UPdate

"Has anyone explained what's going to happen to you?" the chief nurse said with a serious look of, "I'm glad I'm not you." Slightly taken aback, the patient (that would be me) said, "" I felt like I was about to be told, "There are only 3 parachutes on this crashing plane, and you are unfortunately the 4th guy."
"Well" she said, "Your body is going to go through changes - extreme pain, violent gastrointestinal reactions, nausea and vomiting, and debilitating fatigue." I thought to myself, "Is she describing the cure or the disease???" 

These would be the effects I could expect of the 5 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation that I had begun a week prior. I must confess that the way I was told irritated me. There was no sense of, "Be encouraged. You can do it." Rather, it was a matter-of-fact, "Don't have any illusions that this is going to be easy." I understand that she was just doing her job, but at that moment I needed anything positive I could get.

The doctor came in soon afterwards, and I related to him what the nurse had said. I asked him, "Is there anything encouraging you can tell me about this?" He literally did not answer me, and then proceeded to conduct the first of my weekly physical exams.

When I left his office I still had to see one more doctor. (There are multiple doctors treating each patient - one for the radiation, one for the medication, one for pain, etc.) I confess, I wasn't feeling like a man of faith at that moment. Still looking for hope, I asked her the same questions. She looked at me and said, "We sometimes have to put people in the hospital during this because of the side effects." The Lord said to me, "What are you doing?? You don't war in flesh, and your weapons are not of or in this world."

The Holy Spirit reminded me that encouragement wasn't her responsibility, it was mine. I remembered David at Ziklag. (I Samuel 30) We have to encourage ourselves. But honestly, I was discouraged for about an hour after this. I  went through a variety of reactions from, "This isn't really happening to me is it?" to having a good old fashioned pity party, and finally just sitting quietly in the car on the way home in a dark funk.

It was then that I came to my senses. I knew I had to do what I have been preaching for 35 years or just find other employment. There is no way I was going to teach God's people every week to do something that I didn't believe and was unwilling to do myself. I believe what I preach. I have seen the power of God intervene in countless lives over the years as people stood in faith and took God at His Word. But there is always a battle in your mind when you are going through dark times that brings you to the raw core of having to ask yourself more than once, "Do I believe?" and "What do I really believe?" I decided I was not going to participate in the doom and gloom they had prophesied over me.

It's important to understand that this decision was not done in a spirit of arrogance. It was just the opposite. The Lord quickly reminded me to not be bold and brash in front of people about defeating the enemy in this, lest I forget that all my ability for anything comes from Him and Him alone. The Lion of Judah before the throne in the book of Revelation looks like a lamb. (Revelation 5:5,6)


The 5 weeks of radiation and chemo were over yesterday.
Here's the final score...

* I had no nausea, vomiting, or intestinal symptoms whatsoever. None.

* There was/is pain. It's a little annoying, like a sunburn, but nothing like they said.

* I gained 8 pounds during the last month.

* I enjoyed getting up every morning and going to therapy. The technicians became
  my friends. I got to minister and encourage people in the waiting room who were  
  always so "doom and gloom."

* Mary and I got to have a breakfast-lunch date every day.

* Most importantly, I met the Lord on a new level.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I absolutely know that they played the major part in this testimony, that was and is still being accomplished!

Love you all!


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