The Christmas Story. Have you ever considered... 

If God had formed a committee from among mankind whose task it was to plan the birth of Jesus our Savior, what do you think they would have recommended? Jesus probably would have been born to the world's most prestigious family,  likely in a mansion or castle. The whole world would be notified, and the rich and famous would have been invited to a special reception. The world's finest orchestra and singers would provide the music.

The Manger wasn't like this.

 But our all-powerful Father in Heaven, who could  
 have done it any way He wanted, chose very, very 
 different circumstances.

* Jesus was born to a poor family.
* His birth was in a barn, surrounded by a crowd of common people
  and animals.
* Music was provided by a choir of angels singing a heavenly song of peace
   and goodwill. It was "performed", not to a multitude gathered in a majestic 
   concert hall, but to some shepherds out in a field.
* The world wasn't notified. Rather, apart from the shepherds, the only
   other signal was a bright light shining over the manger, but it's
   uncertain how many actually saw it. 

THE LESSON ...Serving Jesus is about humility. It involves a conscious choice to shun the majesty of this world when it tempts us to be great in the eyes of men rather than God.
...It's about starting small and insignificant,  but with faith letting the Lord form us into  something great in His eyes.
...It's a reminder that like the shepherds  faithfully tending their flocks at night in the  field, God doesn't miss anything. We don't  need to be recognized by man when His eyes are always upon us!