A large crowd followed Him, because they saw the signs
which He was performing on those who were sick. (John 6:2)

We all know that Jesus spent His entire ministry healing and relieving suffering in people. But did you know that simply eliminating their pain was not the ultimate goal? Notice in the scripture above, that His healings were called "signs." It could have just as easily said, "They followed Him because He was healing the sick," but it doesn't. It specifically says the miracles were "signs."

What is the purpose of a sign? It gives necessary information about something to the person who sees it. But the sign isn't "the thing," it's "information about the thing." Jesus' purpose was always to give someone something more than the miracle itself!

What was it He wanted to impart to them??? Very simply, He wanted them to know Him and His Father. The signs pointed the people to God in order to reveal to them Who He was .

If you need something from the Lord today, ask and believe, and you will receive. But realize that in answering your prayer, He wants you to know Him more intimately.


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