Trapped in a Hot Car!

Have you noticed the well-planned media blitz this week warning us to not leave children alone in a hot car? It's on every television news show, in the newspaper and magazines, and on the flashing signs along the major freeways. One advertisement went so far as to encourage people to have their spouse call everyday at the time the child is supposed to be dropped off at school or daycare. I understand why this media saturation is being done. Too many kids have recently died this way.   


HOWEVER...What does it say about us that we need to be reminded??? 


We don't forget to check our email.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users never forget to read their news feeds, comments, etc. No one leaves their smart phone in a hot least not for more than 2 minutes, when they remember to get it.  So how in the world are these precious kids being left behind - children who mean more to their parents than anything??


It's simple: We have become a people with Misplaced Priorities who are Very Distracted. Nothing else can explain it.


Many have given "first place" in their lives to things they never would if they simply stopped and thought about it. But that's the problem. We are so Distracted that we often don't "stop and think" about really important things. 




     * If kids are being left in hot cars because of distraction and misplaced priorities, then most certainly God is being left alone in the prayer closet waiting for us to remember what is really important.


      *  If the media has to remind us not to leave our kids in a baking car, then certainly we need to be reminded that we should get back to the eternal priorities of prayer and intimacy with the Father, lest we and others "bake for eternity".

Thank you for helping us! 
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