In the last Lifelines we discussed the two main things Jesus said we would need in these last Days...1) Endurance and 2) Discernment of false doctrines. In this hour it is difficult, actually impossible, to follow the Lord in our own will-power and ability.
Everything in the spiritual atmosphere is working against us. If we plow ahead trusting in ourselves, we will be exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged. That is when the evil one will offer a false doctrine to relieve the pressure of living the godly life to which we are called. However, if we take his offer it will only make things much, much worse. The temporary earthly pleasures of a compromised life will leave us empty, guilty, and farther from the intimate fellowship with Jesus that we all crave.

If you find yourself in a spiritually exhausted, dry place, there is a specific road back to the holy, refreshing, presence of God.

John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus, the man who saw with his own eyes the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven and rest upon Jesus, one day found himself in that spiritually empty place. (It can happen to anyone!) He was so discouraged, disillusioned, and filled with doubt because of his outward circumstances, that he actually questioned if Jesus was the Messiah! Jesus' reply to Him reveals the way back. Jesus told the men who John had sent to question Him...

4"Go and report to John what you hear and see: 5 the blind receive sight and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. 6 And blessed is he who does not take offense at Me."
(Matthew 11:4-6)

Three things are significant about Jesus response...

1) Jesus did not answer John saying, "Yes I am the Messiah". Instead, His answer required John to spiritually discern the answer for himself. The way back into faith and the presence of the Lord is spiritual. Jesus then told Peter that he was blessed, because the Father had revealed to him who Jesus was, and not flesh and blood. (Matthew 16:15-17)

2) Jesus' reply was based on the Book of Isaiah. This is the same book where John received his own spiritual identity as the "voice crying in the wilderness". (Isaiah 40) Jesus sent John back to the Scriptures, to the foundation of John's life.

3) Finally, Jesus warned John about not being offended at Him because circumstances in life had turned against him. This is a classic example of how getting mad at God destroys your faith and discernment.  

In summary, if you need to reignite your passion and the presence of God, get back in the Word. Where did you leave Him? Go back to the last place you were on fire. Did you get angry at Him and turn away? Did He tell you to do something you didn't want to hear? The Lord hasn't left you. Turn back to Him with a sincere heart and repentance. He will be right there waiting for you.

Our Mission is to declare the Truth.
Thank you for helping us!
(John 8:32) 
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