"Endurance" is one of the main themes in almost all of Jesus' messages concerning the Last Days in which we live. Another is, "to beware of false teachers and doctrines so that you don't fall away". Together they explain what may be happening to you and reveal how to overcome it.


In light of Jesus' encouragement and warning, we know that we can expect situations and circumstances in this hour that will try to discourage us from continuing in fellowship with Him. No one ever had to "endure" happy or joyful times. Endurance is for those days you want to quit, give up what you are called to do, and go sell sun visors on a beach somewhere far away.  In the midst of these attacks, expect the enemy to offer an abundance of "how to be happy" teachings that promise to neutralize the spirit of discouragement coming upon you. Satan will have you imagine that others are much happier than you, as he points out that they don't try to live so "holy" as you do. He will tell you that you are living under needless "rules and laws" and that you should just chill. But this is when we must be on guard, because many of these messages are not scriptural and will kill you.


The more we determine to love God, obey Him, and live "all-in", the more the enemy is going to try to stop us. We will get tired and overwhelmed if we try to fight him in our own ability. When we get worn down, he then offers compromised, unscriptural alternatives like doctrines that allow you to compromise your true beliefs and values (Sin). Or he might seduce you with someone's sermon that encourages you to comfort yourself by pursuing the things of this world, which can never satisfy. The teachings are pleasant to the ears, but they aren't sound doctrine. In the end they only frustrate, make our spiritual condition worse than before, and open us to even more satanic onslaughts.


So what do we do??


* Accept that the Holy Spirit is the comforter, not the things of this world.

   He is Jesus living within us, the "one thing" (Ps.27:4) (Luke 10:41,42) in

   all of creation that is enough to satisfy the thirsting of our souls. When

   times get tough, pursue intimacy with the Lord with even greater zeal

   and passion. Make the enemy pay for trying to stop you!


* Joy comes from within. It's a well of living water springing forth from

   the intimate relationship with the Father that we have through the blood

   of Christ Jesus. Don't look around you to find joy. Look within!


* Encourage yourself in the Lord! Before David killed Goliath, he encouraged himself by     

   remembering all that the Lord had done for him in days past.

   He said, "The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the                          paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine."

   Pause in prayer and remember all that the Lord has done for you.

   You will feel your faith rise and His presence come upon you.


You are going to come through this stronger, more in love with Jesus, and

more effective than you have ever been!


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