If thou art not gay, thou shalt be saved?
                                    (Hezekiah 3:16) 

We live in very strange times. The world has radically changed over the last several years. This fact is more obvious the older you are. We could discuss at length the weirdness of the weather, global natural disasters, or the significant issue of "society's moral deterioration" and the attack on Christianity. But rather than rehashing all these manifestations of the Last Days, it is more important that we understand how we should best conduct ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ in the midst of them. Specifically, I'm referring to, "How to walk in love without compromising our beliefs."  


This is vital because Christians have historically tended to shout our position loudly without compassion, or on the other extreme, in the name of love we neglect to declare truth for fear of offense. We either follow holiness and develop a self-righteous rejection of those in sin, or we ourselves compromise and call it "loving people into the kingdom." Surely we can learn how to show compassion without the arrogance and rudeness of self-righteousness, and still not compromise our beliefs. That's called "unconditional love without compromise". 





I heard a story of a devout Christian lady who was invited to a family dinner where one of the relatives who would be attending was gay. Having strong beliefs about holiness and the teaching of the Scriptures, she felt she would be compromising if she were to go. It was pointed out to her however  that most of the relatives who would be there were unsaved. Some were living in heterosexual immorality among other things. Before this revelation, she had felt no conviction that she was compromising concerning them. She had only been disturbed about one person's particular kind of sin. Her decision to not go to the dinner was based on her own feelings about homosexuality. It was not founded on a biblical truth.


So how do we learn to love unconditionally without compromising what we believe?


#1 Give up the need to convince others, "win", and be right.


    Lovingly state your position from the scriptures, but trust the Holy Spirit to convict. 

    We cannot make someone believe. That is the Spirit's job.


#2 Value the Person above your Principle.


     Sometimes people place more importance on winning an argument, than they do  

     on the spiritual well-being of the person with whom they are speaking.


     Remember they are a "person" and not a "label". (homosexual, adulterer, thief, etc.)


     Be willing to listen. Unfortunately there is a great chance that they have been hurt  

     by a Christian, church, or spiritual leader concerning their issue or label. Be the one   

     who brings healing. Asking questions about their personal life instead of attacking  

     them with your doctrine will open their hearts to hear the Word of God and the plan of           Salvation. 


     In the case of a homosexual, point them to Jesus, not heterosexuality.

     Giving up a sinful lifestyle without accepting Jesus' salvation profits them nothing.

     Conduct changes when Jesus moves into a person's life!


#3  There is no Hezekiah 3:16.  

      That was sarcasm.  :)

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