Better than You Could Have Imagined!
I'm going to be very vulnerable and really open my heart to you-

2013 has been a terrible least I thought it had...until I went to prayer today. The last 11 months have been one trial after another in my life and in the lives of those I love. The Word says to rejoice when you encounter various trials. (James 1:2) (I Peter 1:6) So I did my best, but I wasn't happy about it. I went through periods of being overwhelmed, depressed, and even mad at God. Even so, I didn't blame Him, because He is never guilty.

Then today at High Noon Prayer, I was laying in the presence of the Lord, and the Spirit instructed me to write down everything God had done in my life this year. I was astonished. I came to the realization that the Lord had healed, delivered, and intervened in twelve major areas of my life this past year directly through "the trials" I had experienced. 12! If they had not come, the miracles would not have happened. I knew I had been, and was being, pruned to "bear more more fruit", (John 15:2) but in my pity-party, I had failed to see the amazing work He had already accomplished! Waves of His love began to pour over me in ways I haven't felt in months. Thanksgiving and worship broke-out in my heart as I realized the awesomeness and wisdom of our loving Heavenly Father.

Once again I was brought back to the simple truth of "abiding in the vine"...
Without Him, I can do nothing. (John 15:5) Don't even try.

Let us all purpose in our hearts through a heart of thanksgiving and trusting in His love, to see His hand at work in our lives. Don't focus on what you have been through, but rather look for what has become of it. Are you seeking Him more? Closer to Him? How are things different now? The list goes on and on.

In this Christmas season, let us remember that God was mightily at work when He sent Jesus, but it didn't look like it when He came as a baby in a manger. And it didn't look like He was doing much when Jesus died on a cross. But the power of the resurrection completed the work, and that's the power available to, and working in, you right now!    

Thank you for giving a gift to Jesus this Christmas!

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