The Houston Texans,
Luv Ya' Blue, Bum Phillips, & God

"Something Happened" Sunday night at Reliant Stadium during the Houston Texan's game against the Indianapolis Colts. It's one of those rare pastoral moments I have when "I hope you were watching".


There was a carnival atmosphere in Reliant going into halftime that was obvious even watching it on television. The Texans were up 21-3 over the division leading Colts. New quarterback Case Keenum was igniting the team to what looked like a season-saving turn-a-round from what was a disastrous start. Former president George Bush and wife Barbara were viewing from the luxury boxes. "Houston no longer had a problem!" It reminded one of the Luv Ya Blue era of the late 1970's, when Coach Bum Phillips led the Houston Oilers to the door of the Super Bowl twice in a row, and the city went nuts. Literally. 


But "something happened". Those were the same words the statewide Texas Methodist Newspaper used to describe the incredible move of the Holy Spirit that happened at the summer church camp where I first encountered the power of God when I was in high school. None of us knew what it was, we just knew that something happened. Well, Sunday night, there was a similar strange event.  


I'm not saying God struck the Texans! I am saying: pay attention.


As the teams were running to their locker rooms at halftime, Houston head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field. Carnival over. The life was sucked out of Reliant Stadium like the wind through its open roof. The game became meaningless to most people. Hearts sank. The tide shifted. So did the season. Football and sports took their proper place in the backseat. Real-life was driving again. Reality check.


Oh the irony of it all. Wade Phillips took over the head coaching job of the Texans for the rest of the game. Wade...that's Bum's son. But I wonder where his thoughts were? They weren't back in the days of Luv Ya Blue. You see, Wade buried his dad this past week. I wonder how difficult it was to focus on the game with his good friend Gary Kubiak on the way to the hospital in an unknown condition, his dad having just passed away, and life's reality screaming like that?


I hope you caught the incredibly moving memorial service for Bum Phillips broadcast on Daystar Television. It was all about Jesus. You see, "Bum" got saved a few years ago and became a powerful man of God. His response to what took him so long to get saved? "No one ever told me it was so easy!"


The Texans lost. Who cares?


The carnival balloon burst. Good!  


Divine health and recovery to Gary Kubiak.   


Let's all step back, take a breath and realize what is truly important.

It is not those things we try to distract ourselves with everyday.

It is our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.



  Thank you!Thank you!
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