In this LIFELINE...
Times, Seasons, & Preparations
We have entered a new "Time" unlike anything most of us have ever experienced before. There is no "opt-out" clause. It has begun and there's no going back.
Please read this Lifeline prayerfully, meditating on its message. Together we will thrive with the Favor of God while the world rapidly darkens!

Yeah. Your part's Important.
the Widow's 2 copper coins (Luke 21:1-4)

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We Have Entered a New Normal 
This One isn't for the Faint of Heart 

Sunrise on October 1st turned the page of the calendar and a new "Dimension of Time" in the realm of the Spirit began. This one is not for sissies. How do I know this is true? If you are skeptical, I understand. Simply pay attention to the things that unfold, and don't discard this encouragement.

Some of you may recall that in September of 2008 we spoke about "a new normal" beginning. Many things that had been the status quo before, would  be no longer. You can judge if that was true or not.

Now we have entered another "new normal". "Wanna take a ride?" (Contact ) Buckle your seat belt, because we're going on one. The destination hasn't changed: Seeing Jesus face to face. Neither has the method:  faith and trust in Him as we walk straight along the pathway of the Highway of Holiness. Even if some preacher writes a Lifeline and tells you we are in a new time or season, those Truths never change. That being said, here is the beginning of what you need to know... (that steady clicking noise you hear...We are approaching the first hill).

1) You have been in training.
    I hope you have been cooperating with the Lord     in the last several months and are spiritually fit       in the circumstances you find yourself.
2) Draw on Recent Lessons Learned.
    As heart-testing events unfold in the world, draw     on the lessons you've learned in these last             several months as your faith has been tried
    by fire.
3) Buy Gold!   
   Not that Kind! Stay in Faith, anchored in the          
Word of God, (the Scriptures) and the things the    Lord has Promised you. 

(Keep your notebooks with you, and...take notes.)

More to come...